4 Responses to “Britain’s coming out”

  1. NPP says:

    Hey TAP…. you have heard worse? Keep it to yourself then please.

    Awfully funny!

    I want out. No vague unsure iffy thoughts, just OUT!

  2. Mark says:

    Perhaps, The upshot of all this, will be the increase in political-like interest – period? The out-ers, particularly open to looking for new info. Truther-talk. Tap etc. Heartening here to see – having-a-go. The big-ship-tanker, can’t turn ‘till it’s moving analogy, comes to mind. Outers… come-out. On… This should be an ideal opp for repeat-play, fresh versions – and related matters on; The secret-histories of the EU. Vids/write-ups. Bridges…

  3. ian says:

    We were lied to, to get us in
    We were lied to to keep us in.
    We’ll be lied to again, to try to keep us in, the people want out, but as we know, the people don’t matter. They’re easily brought into line with TV.

    • The person that lied to us, and played a major instrumental role getting us into the EEC. Was a practicing Satanist who loved nothing better than trips out on Morning Cloud, his yacht. Less children crew returni.g ashore than went out.

      It is said he was truly possessed by a demon, and appearance changed during the satanic ritual during the frequency special chants, at the point of sacrifice in the pentagram.

      Nice bloke who got ius into the EU

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