Britain quitting the EU would be Russia’s lucky break

But the precise American interest in Britain’s relationship with the rest of Europe was made more explicit in a recent article by Richard Haas, who was formerly a policy director at the State Department and is the president of the influential Council on Foreign Relations. Haas wrote: «From my perspective (and that of many other Americans), a decision by the United Kingdom to exit the EU would be undesirable – indeed, highly undesirable».

He went on to explain: «One reason why the US values its ties to the UK as much as it does is the UK’s role in Europe. Britain is important not just as a bilateral partner, but because more often than not it can be counted on to argue for and support positions in Brussels consistent with, or at least not far from, those of the US».

In short, Britain is Washington’s gopher in Europe. Or to put it another way: without Britain, Washington would not be able to control European policies as much as it has done up to now. This has huge implications for both economic and foreign policies.


Boris Johnson is talking of opening Britain up to the world.  It’s time to be brave, he says.

Imagine for a moment the European Union without Britain’s unswerving pro-Washington agenda. There is a fair chance that the EU would not have indulged the American regime change policies in the Middle East and North Africa, which have resulted in a refugee crisis tearing EU members apart at the seams. If it were not for Britain’s bullish advocacy of Washington’s anti-Russian sanctions and pro-NATO militarism generally, there is a fair chance that the current standoff between Europe and Moscow would not have transpired.

British inclusion in Europe is of paramount geopolitical advantage to Washington. Britain is crucial for driving the American wedge between Europe – especially Germany – and Russia. That’s what Richard Haas was referring to in his angst over a possible Brexit.

A socialist European Union independent from American foreign policy and one where normal relations with Russia are allowed to prevail is a preferred objective. But is that realistically achievable as long as Uncle Sam’s British bulldog remains snapping at everyone’s heels?

Perhaps the most expedient way forward is for Britain to leave the EU. From Russia’s point of view, a Brexit could be a lucky break.


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  1. Dublinmick says:

    Lawdy, Britain can’t quit the EU. Their city of London as well as the vatican and the DC district of Columbia are the EU.

    It is the Roman empire. It is a bit like the masons tell their members, you can’t quit the masons, nobody just quits!

    Yes Europeans are so deluded to allow this as are Americans. Europeans are also deluded to allow what has been transpiring in Europe for several hundred years.

    The 13 banking familes which own the majority of the world’s central banks print the money that finances ISIS. The US is 19 trillion in debt to these banking families. So if you believe the US runs ISIS then you are pretty naive. Actually Israel and Saudi Arabia finance the lions share of ISIS. The united states is order to provide them with weapons of course.
    Delusion is being ordered around by this crew for decades, fighting wars for them, just as Germany and the US did, just as Russia did under 80 years of communism. The worst part of it however is still not being able to figure out who is behind it after all this time. That does not bode well for the US, Europe or Russia.

    These banking families (Rothschild) are worth 500 trillion dollars. The are the bankers from the vatican which in turn is the richest corporation on earth. In fact they own the City of London through the edict of 1233 and it cannot be revoked without vatican approval. The District of Colombia, Washingto DC is a City state, just as London and the Vatican are. They are corporations and have little to do with the countries in which they are found other than ruling them through corruption.
    DC handles the military wing, City of London the finance and the vatican religious propaganda. The Russian central bank is still in their hands also by the way. It does seem to be more restricted but there have been some disagreements.

    If you think obama, Hillary and Nuland are in the kitchen dreaming up these wars you are seriously naive.

    Yes the thrust in the middle east was to control oil routes. Another major goal has been to crown the pope in Jerusalem, just so you know. Rants about US Americans this or that won’t change much. The criminals in the EU will still be printing the money and only they have guns. In fact in Germany the police are told to disregard rapefugee crimes and slapped around the Pegida protesters pretty hard from what I read. Yes only the real criminals have guns in the EU.

    • Aldous says:

      “If you think obama, Hillary and Nuland are in the kitchen dreaming up these wars you are seriously naive.”

      Dublinmick, there are tens of millions of the dumb fcuks out there believe you me.

      We need rid of such flotsam who are a danger to Humanity.

      Anyone who thinks that vaccinations are good, chemo is good, big pharama is good, etc are not worth worrying about or saving. Ignorance is a choice in the internet age.

      • Latest Cobra / Rob Potter inteview excerpt. Will post other very intriguing things a
        nd link when i can

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  2. Dublinmick says:

    Hell yes, in the age of information, ignorance is a choice!

    • Advanced technologies being used to stabilise California tectonic plates!

      Next question. (A little background here.) “There’s a story by some gentlemen that gives us an article that tells us the administration of Obama in convening it’s first earthquake resiliency summit and talk of the California-Oregon-Washington state on the front lines of a potential devastating earthquake. They talk about the Cascadia subduction zone and also Obama has by executive order established a Federal earthquake management standard. Do they know something that we don’t know?”

      COBRA – Actually, they know many things that the general population does not know, but I would say that this fear of a California Earthquake is exaggerated. People have been predicting a mega earthquake in California since the 1960’s. And there are very strong light forces, the Galactic Confederation, the Ashtar Command, that are stabilizing the tectonic plates, especially in that area. And the light forces are not expecting any major catastrophic earthquake in that region.

      Rob – Good. Anything a government…….

  3. salty says:

    *the US values its ties to the UK*

    The US values its ties to Israel ten times as much.
    Tell the American/Israeli neocons to take a hike.

    The UK can easily be pals with Russia.

  4. Lynn says:

    They all fell from the ugly tree. Ugly on the outside even worse on the inside. No wonder they encourage plastic surgery. These creeps secrete uglyness. It will devour them.

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