Brexit means Britain’s exit from the EU. Now’s our chance.

Have you seen and heard about the Brexit Movie?
Film maker Martin Durkin will be writing and directing the feature length documentary to be produced by WAG TV. Brexit the movie will show why Britain should vote to Leave the EU!
The feature documentary will spell out the choice and makes the case for an independent self governing Britain. Brexit the movie will be rigorous, illuminating and entertaining. It will forcefully and compellingly argue the case for an independent, outward looking Britain. The movie unlike the IN campaign will be funded by the people, Leave.EU is supporting this initiative and we ask you to get involved too, find out how you can support the initiative and in return receive film memorabilia or even the chance to attend the film premiere,

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SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Nigel Farage MEP, Kate Hoey MP, David Davis MP, Tom Pursglove MP, Peter Bone MP, Ruth Lea – Economic Commentator, Sir Bill Cash MP and David Campbell Bannerman MEP as well as additional surprise speakers.

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12 Responses to “Brexit means Britain’s exit from the EU. Now’s our chance.”

  1. Aldous says:

    Don’t fall for it! YOUR vote will count for NOTHING! It’s all a Jew Democracy SCAM! The Result has already been determined!

    The GRASSROOTS OUT Outfit looks like a Rogues Gallery. EUSSR Controlled Opposition – ‘the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves’. Never forget that Lenin quote.

    Strewth! Get a Member’s Pin Badge! Unbelievable. And Jesus Wept.

      Mustering the Emotional and Spiritual Maturity to Face the Satanic Cult

      If we want to heal the world, humanity has to muster the courage & spiritual maturity to confront the Satanic cult and get the Satanists out of power.

      Spiritual maturity is what is needed most right now by humanity en masse to deal with the predicament we are in. We are in the midst of an unspeakable and horrific evil, but rather than evil, I suggest we use the term unconsciousness (as Eckhart Tolle author of Power of Now advises). We have allowed deeply unconscious individuals and groups to infiltrate and seize the power centers of our societies.

      The “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” that JFK referred to is, in fact, a Satanic cult that rules through black magic. Many whistleblowers have affirmed this such as the most recent one from Australia, Fiona Barrett. This international Satanic cult is composed of some of the most famous and respected people in the world. It is the dark heart of the New World Order. There is only one way out of this for mankind: to muster up the courage, in terms of both emotional maturitynand spiritual maturity, to face this Satanic cult head on, expose its crimes and get these Satanists out of power, so they can no longer continue their lying, thieving, raping and killing ways.
      Continued at hyperlink must read

  2. Dublinmick says:

    The UK won’t leave the EU until Rome says you can leave the EU. And DC won’t launch an invasion until the City of London tells them to launch an invasion.

    It is all a circus act, if you want to know what is going on, get the pope on speed dial.

  3. Aldous says:

    I can’t understand why they’ve got a beautiful White lady ‘flying the flag’ in the Tower Bridge image.
    Obviously (and very poorly) cobbled together for PR purposes but why on earth haven’t they got some fugly ethnic fatty freak like Diane Abbott or some other ape-like looking entity purporting to be English flying the blood-soaked Union Flag/Jack? After all, Whites are in the minority in Britain’s capital?
    Just a thought.

    • LOL fugly ethinc fatty she has always irritated me, your September comment made me laugh too, the woman has no place in our public life. Envy was obviously behind her objection to blonde Finnish nurses. She is the worst type, a chip on her shoulder and some power and a voice

      Is that a wig that Fatty Abbott is wearing? No Black person has natural hair like that. She looks weird and not a hint of grey either. A total fraud who is clearly not that proud of her Black heritage and appearance. She’ll be trying to ‘whiten up’ next or even go blonde. Go blonde? Maybe not…

      Diane Abbott’s Finnish Nurses Controversy

      A BLACK Labour MP triggered a furious backlash last night after attacking her local hospital for employing `blonde, blue-eyed’ [and no doubt beautiful] Finnish nurses.

      How Dianne Abbott REALLY looks (warning – graphic images for some but better than the fake hairdo which is surely the bad hair day equivalent of the Trout Pout)

      • beLIEve says:

        Abbot was, I believe the HYPO-crit who was in favour of state education but, sent her son to an independent school.

        Also, RATs-child Rockefella and Co: have been very active…….ah hem… the biblical sense ……..amongst the ladies of the Dark Continent…and as a consequence there are said to be …….MANY………a……DARK…..RATs-childs….Rockefella …..etc!

        And the “dark” progeny are said to get a “leg up” in Western societies……assisting in the a$hkeNAZI AGENDAs.

    • Given me a laugh tonight Aldous. fwded that comment on to parents and sister who equally dislike fatty Abbott
      unmoderated to come

    • Ape like looking entity purporting to be English LOL

      • Aldous says:

        Adam, the malevolent Jew Spielberg of Swindler’s List infamy is already working on a new Jewrassic Park movie depicting the White Race’s annihilation and extinction.
        It’s called “6 Million Years In The Making”

        Apparently it has the lot: Gas Chambers that never existed; Auschwitz plaques on ‘death mounds’ stating 4 Million reduced to 1 Million (or thereabouts) but the 6 Million MYTH being perpetrated.

        You couldn’t make it up. Actually, Spielberg and his freakish genetically deficient ilk did make it up.

    • LOL. Still laughing this morning. Thanks for this mood lift
      Fugly ethnic fatty freak LOL

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