Bitter truth: Sugar may be as harmful as stress – study

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A group of researchers from Australia and India released a study suggesting that sugar consumption may cause not only diabetes and obesity, but also brain defects comparable to those caused by stress or abuse.

The study published in the Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience journal focused on whether and how the diet may influence the brain compared to to stress and other psychological loads during infancy.

The scientists paid special attention to the hippocampus, a brain region responsible for long-term memories, stress regulation and behavioral patterns.

The tests involved female Sprague-Dawley rats (“as females are more likely to experience adverse life events,” the scientists explained) from one litter with half of them being exposed to artificial stressful conditions such as limited nest material for the first days of their life. The other half lived normal rat lives free from stress and anxiety.

During the next stage there were four groups of rodents: a no-stress group drinking water, a no-stress group drinking sugar solution, a stress group drinking water and a stress group drinking sugar solution.

The experiment took 15 weeks and ended with a check of the rats’ brains. The autopsy showed similar anomalies in the hippocampus regions both in the rats that were stressed but drank water and the non-stressed rats that drank sugar. The receptor hindering the stress hormone cortisol was found impaired which means coping with stress for those rats wouldn’t be that easy.

“The novelty of this study lies in the finding that chronic consumption of sugar produced equivalent hippocampal molecular deficits as early life stress exposure,” the study said.

Both sugar and stress also messed with a gene, called Neurod1 that is accountable for the growth of nerves. Other similar genes were affected only by sugar, the study noted.

However, it’s still not clear whether similar processes take place in human bodies as well, and so further research is required, the scientists said.

The results raise a major issue since the diet of an average modern human often includes sugary soft drinks.

“If similar processes are at play in humans, manipulating the later environment of those exposed to early life adversity, and controlling the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages across the community may be an effective way to curtail the burden of psychiatric disorders,” the study explained.


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  1. Amongst many other questions to ask re our Lyme exchange yesterday MS. Sweetened filtered (distilled?) water.
    I have read in many places (though not Ray Peat. )
    Sugar is bad. It does this that and the other. It disrupts calcium metabolism and stresses the adrenal glands, and causes cascades of undesirable metabolic changes.
    – So could you say why sweetened water is desirable when we see almost everywhere sugar is bad
    – I read too that taking distilled water for long periods demineralises vital minerals from the body. I read distilled water does have a place, but a limited on. I read it can be good to get over healing reactions, and yes detox. but ive read strong warnings too about it, definitely not to drink it longer than 12 weeks.

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Hi ya Adam my fault I meant sweet as in fresh or distilled water, no connection with sweetened or sugared water. Correction if that was a bit confusing. I don’t trust tap water too many impurities
    I take your point re distilled water in practice what is relied upon most often is good quality bottled water which though far from ideal is better than tap.
    Don’t have them on distilled for weeks and weeks as you say it demineralizes.
    Also the herbal teas can if other water sources are scarce or too expensive can be done using tap water if necessary as the patient just pees the water out continually so the overall effect is still detoxifying.

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      Blogger William Wildblood said…
      There is the idea that the demons, having cut themselves off from God and lost spiritual life thereby, need to ‘feed’ in some way and this they can only do by absorbing energy from corrupted human beings. The energy must be corrupted, i.e. lowered in its spiritual quality, because if it is not then they cannot access it, such is their own corrupt state. This explains why they seek to foster, anger, hatred and vice in general. Blood letting and sexual activity devoid of love are probably also fruitful fields for them. A horrible thought (so sorry for bringing it up!), but it does help to explain a lot, especially the motive for their actions in this world, though that does not rule out the perverse delights they gain from spoiling innocence and goodness you mention in the post. Doesn’t Screwtape eat his useless nephew? I think this is referring to the same idea.

      17 February 2016 at 12:13

      Blogger Bruce Charlton said…
      @William – It depends on one’s understanding of demons – I take mine from Mormon theology where they are unincarnated spirits who never can incarnate – so I presume they do not need any material intakes – whether of energy or food.

      Tuesday, 16 February 2016

      Where is the evil, where is the good?

      Well we know where the evil is – up at the top, the very top; and almost everywhere near it, and spreading down and out. But where is the good?

      Sorry, I can’t locate it – but then maybe that is to be expected (if it could be located, it wouldn’t be allowed to exist).

      But if the good cannot be located, then how do I know it is there at all? The answer is that it must be – because things are nothing like as bad as they would be if evil was unopposed – if evil had a free rein.

      OK – so we are faced with a situation of invisible goo; but then how does it communicate? We know that all the channels we know of are blocked against it. But maybe good communicates in code? It goes via the mass media etc – but encrypted, so the mass media cannot recognize it but the other good can.

      However, on the whole, I think the situation is that the good is invisible, and its channels of communication are also invisible. It does no go via the senses but appears in the mind asif from nowhere (provenance unknown): it appears in The Imagination.

      Posted by Bruce Charlton at Tuesday, February 16, 2016
      1 comment:

      Anonymous said…
      Yes, which is why I think a voyage into the mystical is the way forward. It seems right to learn it and then teach it to those who question the nihilism of now, and want more.

      This may not seem like a mass Christian revival, but think how Christianity spread in the years after Christ. It was by a few men who worked long and hard to spreaad the message.

    • Am i correct, ive read somewhere the Mormons in Utah , such as Mitt Romney etc, has CIA links, and was it Aang or elsewhere satanism within?

      Does this mean Charltons thinking on demons from mormonism is flawed? Or could mormon thought on demons be as good as any other denomination under God . But the infiltration of bad forces occurred after, mormon doctrines and thinking got laid down.

      I mean, as Rabbit mentioned. Demonic entities can sit on your chest and drain Qi etheric energy off us. He was in a house where this occured, once

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Filtered water is better than Bottled which is better than Tap (water ;-))
    is my understanding and best guide. But really a lot depends on the diet and mineral balance of the patient to begin with. Also how much detox is required?

    • See water comment below
      Ill get to inner/flat/spinning/geocentric vs heliocentric/ do the heavens move round us or are we a speck in the universe…..ill chat about those burning issues at some point.

      Now I know MS David Wilcock, has an agenda as Rabbit pointed out, some kind of NWO agenda fair enough. Truths it seems are coming out even from here, mixed in.
      The earth may not be flat Men Scryfa. And in the absence of any other info, I think I was right to then assume its a supermassive sphere.
      – But why is, as often gets said, UNLESS its supermassive. Why is the oblate spheoid squashed earth such a secret. Why aren’t nasa honest about it?

      – Yes its odd IF OBLATE SPHEROIDS THE CASE WHICH IM STARTING TO DOUBT, why mars Jupiter venus Saturn all appear (if we can trust those images as genuine) to be perfectly spherical. And we are unique on a squashed obllate spheroid? Somethings wrong.

      – and then I remembered your comment a few days ago, could be Supermassive, could be a part sphere. part sphere I wondered? That didn’t make sense. I considered recently part sphere, like… irregular asteroid we could be on with an atmosphere. But due to confusion I stayed with supermassive earth, spherical earth
      – Bearing in mind all ive said, look at this. Ive nlt had time to research this article. Discenrment advised due to sutble NWO deceptions. But you might have a point about part sphere lookmat this MS
      Corey Goode SSP Whistleblower talking about Inner Earth etc

      DW: All right. Well, one of the other things Sitchin says . . . Let’s just get our hands dirty here. He said that he surmised that there was a super Earth that he said the Sumerian tablets called Tiamet that was destroyed and became the asteroid belt. and you did say that this priestess told you, and others in the Alliance told you, that there were surviving human civilizations from planets that were destroyed in our solar system.
      CG: It was not matching up, and it was working out exactly like the scholars were saying on the Internet it would. And there was no talk at all of mining gold.

      Cosmic Disclosure, Season 3, Episode 7, TRANSCRIPT… “Inner Earth: Into the Hall of Records”

      Posted on 2016/02/16


    • CG: Yes. There was a planet, according to also them, that at one time that was a super Earth that existed in the area of the asteroid belt.

    • And considering that…..

      One can really start to imagine……there is a possibly complex, craggy, very different landscaped BACKSIDE TO THIS ‘EARTH’ WEARE ON that is actually the blown away underside from what used to be a sphere.


      Old legends. Such as Aboriginal ones saying their ancestors could at one time physically walk to heaven. Our imaginations start to play with a very alien landscape possibly to what we know beyond Antarctica.

      Maybe in constant darkness? (analysis of the sun , if dubays lying about the sun too, is needed, to make that call).

      I think that it is. It certainly is possible the earth and solar system (assuming heliocentrisms true) has had civilisations, humanoid ones, for millions of years. And some fierce battles. Im starting to feel this

      Therefore MS ‘Inner Earth’. Whatever that is. I really do keep an open mind about still existent ancient origin civilisations living elsewhere on this ‘part sphere’.

      3 months ago a Daily Mirror UFO article with an agenda of course. Interestingly said the wife (who happened to have a Mayan dictionary to hand), looked up and saw Mayan markings underneath it.

      This may mean nothing. It might just be illuminati people trying to deceive us theyre Mayans, or might, like Christina Figueres UN all round weirdo who leads rituals and prayers to Mayan gods before UN meetings, might be worshipping them on the underside of cabal UFOs

      The burning question remains. Whats beyond Antarctica?

      Does the film Logans Run hold any clues?

  4. Wilson may have it wrong. I do not put 100% blind faith in anything. Your experiences might have more value than what hes saying. But always healthy to discuss and compare, and analyse
    . Pure water processed only by nature is a type of “whole food”. It not only flushes toxins from the body and supplies many needed minerals, but impacts the body in many other subtle ways. Like other whole foods, when it is tampered with, water loses most of its precious healing properties. Water is tampered with any time one adds anything to it, filters it using anything except carbon or sand, spins it, alkalinizes it, and perhaps does other things to it. All of these manipulations tend to ruin it, in my experience.

    Oddly, packaging it in plastic jugs, even the cloudy type of plastic water containers found in the supermarket, does not ruin its properties, although it will add a little contamination to it. I know this runs counter to what many people claim, but it is my experience with thousands of people.

    Also, I find that running water through copper or steel pipes also does not ruin it, as many health authorities contend.

    Disadvantages of reverse osmosis water. Unfortunately, RO water has many disadvantages:

    1. RO water, in general, does not hydrate the body well. This is its worst aspect. It is unfortunate, but we see it over and over again. The plastic membrane must damage the water in some subtle way that I do not understand.

    3. The water is extremely yin in Chinese medical terms. This may be because it lacks minerals and because it is contaminated with plastic from the RO membrane. The yin quality is harmful and best avoided.

    4. There is evidence from a few clients that RO water damages the third energy center or chakra.


    Multi-stage home filtering units. These are heavily advertised today as being superior to carbon filtration. It is true that these units will remove some fluoride, more toxic chemicals and some toxic metals as well. Popular brands include Multi-pure, Zero Water and many others.

    These units all contain several types of filters to remove different contaminants. Many contain KDF, along with plasticized beads and other methods, and carbon, to remove fluoride and toxic metals.

    Unfortunately, all the multi-stage filters that I have seen damage the water and make it less usable by the body. As a result, it does not hydrate the body well. I am not sure which filter medium is causing the problem at this time. Stay away from these more costly and heavily advertised units at this time.

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