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  1. Yet more fantastic posts from Tap/Gordon. Is there no end to all this

    I will search hard through them for threads of optimism and interest. One below suggests geocentrism?


    On other news. Skynews at 22.42 reported how asian.pakistani child abusers who are dual citizens, passports. Should have british citizenship and passport stripped and repatriated. Hmmm interesting.

    So what does this mean for UK/Israel dual citizens in.the bbc and westminster and.beyond?
    Ill personally help refuel the heathrow tel aviv flight if it can.please be true?

  2. Moon Update

    Having studied it with my own eyes this full moon. And having noticed an hour before sunset, approx, the sunlight hitting the edges, sides of clouds. I then extrapolated that observation.upto the moon and thought……yes its conceivable. That during our nighttime, the moon could be illuminated by the sun.

    Ive been concerned by eric dubay assertions the moon has its own lightsource. A convincing paragraph, dubay says, the moon coukdnt reflect sunlight like this, if it was lit by the sun.
    So im unsure.

    I think we must wonder why jesuits and others worship the black sun. It might give us better understanding, what the hells.going on.

    Id very much like us here at the Tap, to start collectively analysing, poling our brain CPU processing power, about geocentrism. There are Divine Divine Special implications for us if what dubay says is true. Geocentrism and stationary earth are two separate issues.

    Yes, atlanteanconspiracy blog was created to f*ck with our minds.

  3. Dublinmick says:

    I just linked a Zen piece myself. I like his site.


    Just notice that along with Zen and Taps I have been listed among the “mainstream alternative news” LOL


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