A One World Religion to Rule Them All? [Video]




A Vatican video released this month, in which the Pope calls on the world to pray for interfaith unity, has sparked concerns that plans for a one world religious authority may be accelerating. A video by TruthStreamMedia examines the video production and its implications.

Many theorists suggest that there are plans for a one world political organisation which may be accompanied by an overarching religious body dictating the spiritual practice and beliefs of the masses. Previously on The Conscious Reporter we have examined the possible formation of a one world religious authority with the Pope at its head and what such an authority might mean for alternative spirituality. A recent video of the Pope released on the 5th of January, has led many to speculate that these plans might be progressing at an increasingly accelerated rate.

In the following analysis Melissa Dykes of TruthStreamMedia explains how the Pope has asked his followers to pray for everyone to unite under a one world religion (not to mention otherwise calling for a “world political authority”), highlighting what could be seen as marketing material for a one world religious authority that involves Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but is suspiciously lacking any references to Hinduism, Paganism, Taoism, or non-mainstream beliefs. Does the Pope’s video indicate that plans to establish a one world religious authority are actively being pursued?



To learn more about this issue watch the video and read TruthStreamMedia’s article The Pope Wants you to Pray for a One World Religion and our previous article Spirituality in the New World Order: Is a One World Religious Authority in Formation?

Source: http://consciousreporter.com/global-agendas/one-world-religion-rule-video/



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  1. RabbiT says:

    The smallest perfect number.
    The atomic number of calcium.
    The fourth power of two.

    • Hi Rabbit
      whats the significance above, that Francis wants to integrate Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam. But Hinduism and Taoism is left out of his Unification plans?

      |Due to stuff on Dublinmicks sites, and other stuff ive read. The ancient Vedics, I do not think were Satanic. They were simply pioneers of truth and seemed to live in a less Tyrannical time. Than now.
      Taosim too, I do not feel is Satanic. I think Veda and Taosim have nothing Satanic about them, and the essence, intention, truth they try to get to is totally compatible with THE REAL JESUS CHRIST.

      And on the other hand what do we see inFrancis’ choices above?
      Well I assumed Buddhism was a good religion, and lots of physics texts and knowledge and truths etc that aren’t Satanic (dkblue will know more on this)
      Yet the Dalai Lama being a CIA agent concerns me
      However the point im driving at is
      – Judaism. Well need I say more we know whats going on with that crew. Anf Francis wants that part of the OWR
      – Christianity. As well, as we discuss often. Welby is an evil crook. Very close in with janners Rabbi daughter. The Vatican is an apostate church, all the cardinals wearing red. No blue garments worn. Paganism and the worship of gods like Jupiter in Rome, its all there. Forgive my lack of precision in this analysis , im no theologian.
      – Islam. As Aangirfan and others tell us, its history, as one of the other Abrahamic faiths. Is dodgy. This is leaving aside the jew initiated Wahabi movement putting the crypto jew Saud family in power in Riyadh

      So whats my point.

      I just find it interesting Hinduism, taosim, and paganism are being left out of Francis’ plans. Esp paganism. Why?

      And in view of Dublinicks article. Shintoism should be included in Francis’ unifying of religion plan since the Babylonian Pharisee Khazar blood group haplotype fled across Asia and penetrated into Japan

      And largesegments of Japan including the Shinto religion is crypto Ashkenazi Khazar fake jewish.
      – Star of david at Shinto shrines
      – A similar device is worn I think to the Tefillin. (Is the tefillin inherently \satanic? Could it be just a prayer/meditation aid? )
      To end Rabbit, this is interesting worth pointing out

      Eckhart Toll ‘The Power of Now’ and similar New Age stuff

      ”Both ‘A Course in Miracles’ and ‘The Power of Now’ – both of which are strongly promoted by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey – are profoundly occult. However,their occult content is very cleverly disguised. Many Christians mistakenly believethey can ‘study’ these works and not be adversely affected. What is more, they are being told that such works are compatible with Christianity. The truth is that they arenot. The ‘god’ of both ‘A Course in Miracles’ and ‘The Power of Now’ is Lucifer.”

      ” The Great Work has been very successful. It has got millions of decent people toaccept a range of beliefs and practices which draw them away from the all-powerful protection of Christ. The most zealous followers, who practice meditation,contemplation, creative visualization or ‘spiritual’ healing, are going even further andexposing themselves to supernatural influences which are demonic in origin and potentially very dangerous.”

      ”The Force

      It might be helpful at this stage to make some additional points of a general nature regarding the occult. By various arcane means, all of its practitioners are trying tomanipulate The Force. Those who work at ‘white’ magic, as they call it, are focusing on the Luciferian or light side of the Force, while those who practice black magic areworking with the darker, Satanic element.

      However, spiritually it is all magic and all harmful. There is no such thing as ‘white’ magic, just magic. The Force is a single entity, thus everything to do with the Force is completely within Satan’s domain. Some Wiccans claim that they never cast evil spells or work with Satan. However,any practising Wiccan who sincerely believes this is a fool.

      They forget that every spell is a product of darkness or the dark light of Lucifer.

      All claims upon The Forcemust be paid for and Satan will exact his toll in full measure at his leisure. Remember,his ultimate objective is to enslave all who practice magic, in any form, white or black. ”
      Eighteen New Age Lies – An Occult Attack an Christianity


      Adam Spiritualwarrior Exposing the Secret Space Programme says:
      February 8, 2016 at 10:04 am

      However Dublinmick. Id be grateful for your opinion on this comment ‘The Force is a single entity, thus everything to do with the Force is completely within Satan’s domain.’

      Is this true? It is true that Star Wars, esp the 2015 release, has occult undertones. Taken over by Disney. Leaving star wars aside.

      Is ‘The Force’ in Satans and demonic entities domain? Is any dabbling/accessing the other realms accessing Satans domain? its simpler for me if it is the case, ive no desire or intention to be learning magic. Magicians do seem to be evil. Janner is a member of the magic circle. Note IS not WAS

      Your OM article. And all the very interesting stuff Capt Ajit discusses. This is not ‘The Force’ that the writer above alludes to is it? The Ancient Vedas aren’t Satanic are they, all their teachings and Gods and understanding of the other Planes and Realms? I don’t think so. But the writer of the book above, I sense is hitting the truth right on as well. Discuss

    • Because I thought, I assumed, benevolent spiritual forces on our side, Gods side, the side of Good.
      Were also battling in the other realms, and interdimensionally, to attempt to nanosecond by nanosecond, influence and steer us.

      With all this competing interdimensional maelstrom going on around us. (perhaps each one of us is at the eye of an interdimensional hurricane, our own personal one)

      And we know positive powerful help us always there for us. Theres Spiritual War going on as we speak, and always has been and THE BATTLE IS REACHING DECISIVE PHASE NOW

      My point here is Rabbit. The Force. So does this mean it ISNT another dimension inhabited by both demonic and good forces? Is it true the Force is instead Satans domain?

      – Does this mean Consciousness energy, isn’t the Force?
      – The Force to me sounds very similar if not the same to Qi/etheric energy? Yet those aren’t Satanic
      – The Force, and the Holy Spirit, are they 2 very different things?


      And perhaps all of us, whether in this 3D realm, and those fighters in the higher Realms/Planes of existence, ALL ARE USING THIS FORCE/QI/HOLYSPIRIT /IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

    • Sorry for so many comments Rabbit

      GORDON LOGAN says
      ” Instead of wasting their time with ETs, people would be better of focussing on God and the Devil, since they are ultimately the managers of the whole show, and laid down the rules a long time ago. Whether one is religious or not, these rules make a lot of evolutionary sense ”

      ” There is a very interesting video on youtube about a recent international conference on exorcism in Rome. It was attended by 150 of the Catholic Church’s most experienced exorcists. They sent a letter to Pope Benedict asking to be allowed to join the crowd at a public audience in St Peter’s Square. A cardinal told them that the Pope had refused the request. Why would Ratzinger be frightened of a few exorcists in a crowd of thousands?!

      I spoke recently to a Catholic Bishop about exorcism and he explained that evil spirits don’t like exorcists, because they don’t want to have to go back to hell! Listen to the top Vatican exorcist, Father Amorth, talking about the Devil in the Vatican ”

      ” This is the ‘Satan in the Vatican’ video with Father Gabriele Amorth


      Tap, theres some content about this comment the Enemy makes it just vanish sent to Rabbit. When this happens I think it is revealing. Ill try splitting it

    • So it is clear Rabbit we have very very strong grounds to be suspicious and question the long decades in the making Alien Narrative possibly conceived at the time of Roswell.

      Re the above. Fr Amorth Exorcist. Will have been accessing The Force will he not? Using it, by invoking the Power Of Jesus Christ to drive out Demons?

      The Force is a neutral tool then surely? That skilled |Exorcists can harness

    • A one on one personal relationship with God, as an ANCHOR and NAVIGATION AID for us in this interdimensional maelstrom we find ourselves at the heart of……..I will leave my developing relationship with God for another day

      Interesting how practicing Satanist Benedict was scared of a few Exorcists in the crowd so had them barred

    • Sorry final comment. I sense a flaw in the otherwise very honest feeling writer below.

      ” ”Both ‘A Course in Miracles’ and ‘The Power of Now’ – both of which are strongly promoted by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey – are profoundly occult. However,their occult content is very cleverly disguised. Many Christians mistakenly believethey can ‘study’ these works and not be adversely affected. What is more, they are being told that such works are compatible with Christianity. The truth is that they arenot. The ‘god’ of both ‘A Course in Miracles’ and ‘The Power of Now’ is Lucifer.”

      ” The Great Work has been very successful. It has got millions of decent people toaccept a range of beliefs and practices which draw them away from the all-powerful protection of Christ. The most zealous followers, who practice meditation,contemplation, creative visualization or ‘spiritual’ healing, are going even further andexposing themselves to supernatural influences which are demonic in origin and potentially very dangerous.” ”
      Eighteen New Age Lies – An Occult Attack an Christianity
      This Rabbit above is all very well. But what of the Aborigines before Christianity reached Australia, or the red Indians? What about Kalahari tribes who have never heard of Christianity. \Does that make them Satanic?

      Of course not. And I say this in now way to diminish THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST because something certainly is very powerful about Him, and those words. The Son of God.

      But those good people in the Kalahari practicing their spiritual traditions, and shamans, are surely not worshipping Lucifer? So it seems to me that JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD has a presence and some form to the Aborigines, the Kalahari men, the Red Indians. These tribes love and care for nature and their wives and families. They are not |Satanic. Discuss

      This point is perhaps poorly made but I hope you can get what im on about

    • Hi Rabbit, interesting comment ill add to this thread, so these kinds of issues of burning interest, can be considered in one place, hope youre well

      adamspiritualwarrior says:
      hi Nicky
      Amazing comment.
      – I saw the jew NDE. I didn’t think it could be a psyop. Very observant of you. I thought what the boy was saying, was an honest mentioning of….what its like up there. Seeing the room of jews. I couldn’t imagine that they all, including the rabbi sitting with him. Were all into kabala ancient ritual sacrifice Talmud based, every week.
      – But youre saying the boy was coached, looked sideways, and it was a psyop? I applaud your sharp eyes and sense.
      – So whats the implication of all this? The Jews were trying to…..dictate to the whole world, what the afterlifes like? Does this mean if we accept and have something in our minds to expect, when death comes. if we expect a jew deception version…..we will somehow…..be slaves in the higher realms too?
      – Has this got anything to do with, our suspicions here on the Tap, about dr Eben Alexander and his NDE? Oprah is a New Age occultist Luciferian. This is clear. She gave alexander and his tale loads of exposure. Is this the same thing going on as with the Jewish 15 yr old?
      – This is very exciting as it seems we might be onto something
      – Whats the significance Nicky, of the halfway house the 15 yr old was so determined to make us think, was there in the afterlife? he made it sound nice. I did find it peculiar, the place with the great smell, they were all reading the Torah.

      • Nicky says:

        Three days there (in there time scale) In jew heaven and you cannot go back to reincarnate on Earth and get even closer to the light of God. Very telling.
        Supreme Yoga, (Yog vashishta) has a tale in which Brahma loka gets a visit and whilst the visitor is there for what appears a very short while all his relatives have passed away due to the time difference.
        There is even a passage where a certain Yogi makes requirements of the main Gods/forces of nature and get’s his knickers in a twist as no reply came from Brahma. This apparently led to most temples to Brahma being removed so I gather. Given the time difference in Brahma loka this would be the reason why no reply was forthcoming and a bit of a pissy response from the said Yogi.
        My point here is at some point as Ajit has described an altercation occured where some migration out of Bharat took place including Some Brahmin.
        Given that Dharma has it’s opposite Adharma one could draw the conclusion one of the Brahm or the Brahmin who left India may be or became Abraham.
        And through knowledge of the machine code if you like of nature created Judaism and Jew heaven. With it’s same time differential as Brahma loka. either way man having acces to knowledge and missusing it due to immaturity and or arrogance has lead to many a huge cock up. Fukushima. Nuking holes in the upper atmosphere etc etc.
        The wise decision to bury past knowledge of the same technologies as mentioned in vedic scripts. Till oppenheimer and ther ilk went and uncovered it once agin. Not so bright really these geniuses. I have become destroyer of worlds comment he made. Spot on, What a knob. Nothing new under the sun. Indeed.

        Then there is the simple path of being still and knowing God. I would stick with that one. I personally found the tm technique does exactly that. No begging prayers or ort like that. Just silent. Being still on a regular basis. Some knowledge worthy of employing.
        It is a great pity the Biblical be still and know that one is/I am God statement is not fully appreciated for what it is.
        How sad is it that one can see higher realms and be stuck. Unable to reach it. See it feel it but not reach it. Very sad indeed. “Tend to your own evolution Nicky” was the advice one of the Maharishi’s purusa gave me during a past turbulent period.
        I made the mistake of taking on evil/ignorance head on with the Hampstead whistleblowers case and am paying the price. I now believe with my whole being it would have served me and the case much better if I had tended to my own evolution as advised and not got caught up in the mess directly.
        My intention is to do just that from now on in. I would advise the same course of action.




      The writer i sense, means well, is genuine speaking from the heart. Some powerful things he says.
      Yet MS im concerned what he says about chakras. Directly contradicts my recent tap lawrence wilson postings which ring true powerfully to me.

      It is possible, this writer above, has somewhere perhaps in youth, been taught a few deceptions in religious/metaphysics teachings, and like i sense with dublinmick on nibiru planet x……is causing the truthseeker to go off course. One lie or untruth is all it takes. Either that, or lawrence wilson is a clever deceitful satanist.

      I go into this very topic in questions to rabbit in the world religion recent post. When you can, yr comments on there would be good.
      – the aborigines, kalahari men, red indians. Going back many thousands of years. Good decent loving people. Never heard of the bible or Jesus Christ
      – does that make these people in.league with Satan? Of course not MS.
      – ive no doubt a powerful, humble, Jesus Christ figure existed , disgusted with the priests and moneylenders and depravity. Im sure this figure walked with the common man, helping them defeat tyranny. Im sure this real Jesus, not the roman/ khazar pharisee spin doctor version. Knew about astrology, leylines, and
      Im sure MS Christs halo is his open 7th chakra.
      Im sure thats why governments round the world, are spraying chemtrails, gmos, smartmetering, vaccinating.

      I think theres a lot of powerful stuff above from a man who seems to mean well. Lets tread carefully and not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Though ive no doubt loads he says is right

      Point im trying to make – i think the kalahari, red indians, aborigines. Vedics from many thousands of years ago. Wernt talking and working for Satan AT ALL

      I think a Jesus Christ like very important figure has come here, to help all these groups. There might be several Jesus Christs who have visited at different periods, sent by God. To provide badly needed help against Tyranny.

      I think the truth of matters might be less simplistic than the writer above says, in light of my points above

      Glad ive got that out!

    • Hi, another comment to MS this evening


      Im at work. Its on my mind. Again the writer above means well. But let us remember theres no better way to get a particular version of events disseminated, truth and deception exquisitely interwoven. Than someone who genuinely believes with all his heart its true. We know this is how Lucifer, the master of Deception, operates in this world.
      Therefore ms im itching to address this document soon.
      But heres a first clue on my line of thinking – going by this mans reasoning and logic. This means acupuncture and qi gong and reflexology, that do things with Qi, is satanic. This line of thinking.hes on is wrong and muddled. We must try and unpick whats what if we can.
      Therell still be tremendous truths inthere too


    • Hi again Rabbit. I know youre not the person whod want to read this. But this link below in view contradicts nothing, from what you know and believe and knowing Him.
      As we discuss often, the current setup with Welby, the Vatican, and many others, they are an evil debauched satanic shower. And this has been going on 2000+ years. Yours and mine Christianity Rabbit are not what these people pretend and say it is.

      And in view of all the points ive raised below on various matters. And I still have to properly analyse the 18 lies article to say some more.

      I think it is very important Rabbit, we consider the following article, what ken says, as we explore.


      Debunking the Christian Myth :My Journey Out of Christianity


      In all the annals of medical practice, you’ll not find a single recorded case of a baby being born with a Torah, Bible or Koran tethered around his neck. And why is that so? Because God does not give us those books, men do. This does not mean we are born without guidance from God, though, because every baby ever born in a properly formed body came with the gifts of intellect, intuition, emotion and common sense pre-installed. God gives all humans these gifts so we’ll be able to find our way through this world of deception and confusion. God’s gifts are our homing beacon to Truth. This being so…

      I encourage you to set aside the doctrines of men and all of the mental and emotional programming they have instilled in you and start listening to the gifts God gave you.

      If you are currently a Christian, you probably believe that people in all the other religions, such as Hinduism for example, are embracing false doctrines. So let me ask you this…

      What if you had been born in India instead of here?

      What would you believe if all the authority figures around you had brought you up with the Hindu writings and all the associated mental and emotional programming of that religion? Being a person who strives for a relationship with God, you probably would have accepted what they told you and embraced their “false doctrine,” is that not so? Now look at that Hindu you from your current Christian perspective – how would you find your way out of their “false doctrine” to embrace “salvation in Jesus Christ”? You would have to question everything they taught you and consider something new, wouldn’t you?

      Well here I am standing beyond the maze of Christian thought telling you that you have embraced false doctrine. Do you care enough about the Truth – do you care enough about God – to find out if I might be right? If you are standing in Truth right now, you have nothing to fear by using God’s gifts to question it. It would only be affirmed by such questioning. But if you are standing in falsehood, wouldn’t you want to know? Do you care enough about your relationship with God to do the work and find out? Or will you hide in the Land of “Just Have Faith”?

    • I am under spiritual attack tonight Rabbit. For reasons you may or may not be aware of. My natural response is to come and say hello to you.
      You prayed for me before with others, which I was very touched by.

      I ask you to please pray to the lord Jesus Christ tonight for me. YOU TOO MEN SCRYFA

      • Nicky says:

        Hi Adam. My apologies for not replying to the comment re NDE’s. Been out of service for a bit. Not 100%. Rather foolishly got caught up in the whole Hampstead whistleblowers issue, i maybe wrong but feel inside some negativity has come my way as a result.

        I tried to read and get to grips with the free Bible we where all given at school. I actually stole one, Ooer. Anyhoo It just confused the crap out of me, so abandonded it.
        Decades later after learning a very simple and highly popular meditation technique I came to the realisation of one truth from that confusing book. Silence really is Golden. Be still and know that I am (or one is) God.
        Nature made it so simple. It took an technique of Vedic origin to get to grips with the semite version.
        It has to be a gentle process as well, To much to quickly can be stressfull in it’s self if we have been kept distracted most of our developing years.
        In that simplest of states. In the stillness we all have within, One can most definately wash away all that troubles us, Just by being at peace. Being still. No expectations. Just being at one with the silence. The eventual outcome for me was during one settled meditation everything settled to such a wonderous degree I found myself in the One pure field of love, God. God is love. Nothing to be afraid of there. Home.
        May I become many was born of the desire to expand that happiness, that contentment. A benefic wish.
        Take heart Adam. There is nothing to fear as has been written but fear itself.
        A little of this dharma does indeed remove great fear. Many a written passage I really did not have a full grasp on, In an instant made total sense. God Bless. Nicky.
        ps. Oprah practices the same technique so I wouldn’t swallow any of the crud being levelled at her of late, It was kept quiet by her till free of the network’s that controlled her.
        Over the years I have watched many a celeb get hung out for persecution after making appearances at say the Fairfield Domes or coming out in the open about there love of the same technique. Including the Beatles, and of late Russel Brand. It is gaining acceptance stateside as so many top directors have pitched in with there love of the same. Scorcesee, David lynch etc etc etc.
        Even Clint Eastwood I recall had run ins with born agains at one stage.
        Shame thay have no knowledge of our shared heritage. Brahm/ Abraham.

      • Nicky says:


      • Nicky says:

        One quick addittion, I do not consider myself a Christian but I do respect Jesus and here is why.

        I watched a video once where the Maharishi was asked a question by an obviously staunch Christain, (with what i perceived as an attempt to cause some distress).
        His reply in an instant. “I love him very much”.

        Best answer I have ever heard to any question. Totally disarmed and eased what had the potential to be an awkward moment in a flash. From the Heart as well.
        Hope this will bring some comfort as it did me. Made me rethink my views on the Issa Jesus, The Christ..
        Not so keen on the guilt trippy crucifix symbol, Or the religions that came about after his passing, Much prefer the symbol of the fish from his time here on Earth. Or the “there is now way except through me/I ” misinterpretation. “Others shall do greater works than I ” statement kind of negates that when you think on it.

    • Hi, note the interesting cmments from Nicky and men Scryfa recently Rabbit.

      In view of the recent ‘situation’ ive gone on about lately. it happened again. And it gives clear insight wheres sensitive, where to steer clear from. Where not to spell out and hammer out basic truths. it is revealing. I accnot say much. But maybe this link, amongst such other trains of thought I hope you can imagine I would have included, will help you imagine matters. But they are watching. let us be in no doubt

  2. Nicky says:

    I forgot to add the question.
    The question asked was ” What do you think of Jesus Maharishi ? “. To which the Maharishi replied, ” I love him very much “.

    My apologies Adam, Very tiring being here of late. I stopped meditating shortly after getting caught up in the Hampstead whistleblower’s thing and it is taking it’s toll on me.
    I simply must get back into a good routine again.
    Missuse of yagya between certain folk in the past has done much harm and continues to do so.
    Easy to overcome with a little self discipline though.

  3. salty says:

    Christian author: Jesus was killed for being Jewish!

    Posted on March 16, 2016.


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