One Response to “A 6 year old girl gives her mom a wake up call”

  1. Nicky says:

    What a super wise Lass. Wishes everyone to be settled.
    Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence (Yoga sutras of Patanjali).
    Be still and know that I am (One is) God (The Bible).
    That simple, None of the rest of the teachings in Patanjali’s Yoga sutras (or the Bible) will manifest till that simple oneness and knowing that divinity within us has been accessed.
    Those seeking the powers may as well not bother for those unhealthy desires are a stress and an activity that will keep you from reaching that simple state of being still. A safeguard built into the fabric of reality to keep the imbalanced from gaining powers that would bring nort but harm without that fundamental recognition of our cor divnity.
    Love first. The prime directive one may call it. The rest are just flowery words.
    The Ved is like a well surrounded on all sides with water to the enlightened Brahmin. Indeed.
    All the crap about Kundalini going up and down I have been reading on here is just a distraction by the ignorant and uneducated with little grasp of the truth herein.
    This Child is smarter by far being free of the conditioning we get exposed to here by those malcontents whom wish to enslave you and mislead you.
    Nicky …… and No. I am not a lizzard.

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