50-Year-Old Man Cures Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil, Stuns CBS News

Jeb Bush Blatantly Lies And Says Marijuana Causes Brain Damage


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    • There is something wrong with the tappost above. I am not happy, I am concerned.
      – Whats Jeb Bushes game? There is a double, triple, or quadruple bluff going on here
      – Notice the man above took it in conjunction with chemo. That’s suspicious
      – Why does this whole thing above have an eric dubay like feel to it? This has the aura of Big Pharma acting in a covert alternative media guise.
      – I am not saying that cannabis isn’t to be considered. I am glad if it cures things.
      – But there is something wrong, something wrong. it might be the type of strains. I think this fantastic cure is being presented as wonderful bait. That might destroy our brain centres for physical development and ultimately, let the State, control us all more easily – and of course smartmeters and GMOs and all the rest converge together in a similar way
      – I want to believe in cannabis. Maybe it is just the smoking of it is bad. Maybe juiced or made into a ghee, is ok. I don’t know. Or maybe the key might be finding certain natural strains (hemp?) that are old with clear lineage, or those that have no psychoactive chemical in? Could the cannabis above be specially Bioengineered to have different ratios of cannabis phytonutrients, that are toxic yet (as usual), its all done in a sly hidden way which is their MO?

      Jeb Bush. Can anyone please say whats going on with his comments? Whats the motivation, the deception. I cant work it out

      • Dublinmick says:

        Jeb must be smoking a lot of it then.

        Adam order you some copper mesh from amazon and make a faraday cage around your smart meter. That will take care of 90% of it.

      • beLIEve says:

        Wasn’t ……snake Oil salesman…Rockerfella in South America recently….talking Cannabis.

        I assume his …GAME….is to corrupt it with …TOXINS…..just as they have done with tobacco.

        So, I think you may be right Adam to question its ..INTEGRITY…and …NATURAL..properties versus…..INTERFERENCE ?

        Jeb Bush…..
        I don’t know what he has recently said but, a new book has just been published reference Jeb and family, authors name is …Stone.
        The book was previewed on RTs “Watching The Hawks”.

        Looks like an interesting read…..if you like Mafia stories.

  1. bow says:

    I think you already hit the nail on the head. If we’re all stoned, then we can’t be arsed to fight back, let alone work out what’s going on in the first place.

    However I think there’s something in the consumption of the hemp seed. Considering, as soon as Abe promoted it, as a substitute to human blood. Due to it having a remarkable similar makeup, to blood. It was rushed of all the supermarket shelfs. Even health food stores.

    Most suspiciously, schools band them as snacks after bothering to suggest them, as a healthy alternative.

    But this oil cures all. Well I don’t know about that. I do know the spray is said to have had a huge impact on paint. In ms sufferers. Then they had it taken away as it was more costly, than the 32 tablets a day. That the patent was previously on. Prior to spray. So they resorted to smoking.

    So pharmakiller’s could end up the heaviest in the pocket.

    • Youre right
      believe it or not, im glad of your attention and company. Now I have some understaning, of whats going on. The extremity of it all. And my desire for some kind of quiet life
      I want a quiet life
      I want to do all I can
      Yet I still want a quiet life
      A happty life
      Until the Kali Yuga comes
      Sountil then I understand the rules. I kow whats going on and understand the boundaries
      TBH, I will be very glad if the planet X thing, can be illuminati crap
      Please tell your masters however you can, we need free energy devices. The world needs it
      Are you Christian? Are you Good?
      Free energy devices are neededto withstand whatevers coming, gtoodnight

  2. bow says:

    I mentioned pain in my sufferer’s

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