Welcome 2016, when Britain restores her independence

Lets make 2016 a great year to rank alongside 1660 and 1688 when our freedoms were increased by political actions. Let’s make this the year we vote to leave the EU


Let the fireworks continue for an independent Britain

John Redwood MP
On 1 January 2016 12:02

You are here at last, and most welcome. It’s 2016, and we want a new beginning. We want to restore our democracy, and to change it for the better.

It is fitting that many of us have boundless ambition for our country. We know that independent the UK can be richer, freer, and more of a force for good.

Restored to our rightful place at the top tables and councils of the world, the UK will have more capacity to help shape the future. Able to make our own decisions about who to welcome here, we can be fair to people from all round the world and no longer have to discriminate against the non Europeans.

Lets make 2016 a great year to rank alongside 1660 and 1688 when our freedoms were increased by political actions.

Bruised and battered the old year goes out amidst war, floods and the usual political recriminations about the role and cost of the state. All was not lost, as 2015 at least broached some of the big issues that we need to confront to restore our democracy and find justice for England.

It is true that on offering England her voice, it was muffled badly by the  Hague reforms. Our devolution settlement remains too lop sided as well as under continuous pressure from the SNP.

2015 has usefully highlighted some of the ways the British people and their Parliament have lost control. The inability to change our VAT on tampons exploded the  myth that we can still choose our taxes.

The failure to restrict benefits to economic migrants show how one  of Labour’s red lines with the EU has been wiped out. The powerlessness to achieve the very popular government target for net  inward migration stands as a prime example of our lack of power and authority as a country.

These matters roll into this year in search of a solution. 2015 will not have been in vain if we decide to leave the EU, the cause of so much damage to our democracy.

Mr. Redwood’s writing is re-posted here by his kind permission. This and other articles are available at  johnredwoodsdiary.com



3 Responses to “Welcome 2016, when Britain restores her independence”

  1. beLIEve says:

    Like the picture.

    It is evocative of the occasion Guy Fawkes attempted to reform BRITISH “governance”.

  2. Lynn says:

    Don’t trust this Tory Elite…they all speak double talk..they want a revolution and will try anything to get it. We need the Elites out of power full stop.

  3. Tom74 says:

    When are we going to have a referendum on the domination of our country by America and Israel? They have the power to send our people to war, after all.
    I’m afraid voting to leave the EU would achieve nothing – indeed would probably be counterproductive as there would be a power vacuum. The only way to be independent as a nation is for the current political leadership at Westminster to be swept away so that honest and patriotic people can start governing the country. I’m afraid John Redwood has achieved nothing as a ‘eurosceptic’ except remove votes from people who could have changed things.

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