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  1. Gordon says:

    The Way home or face The Fire

    People are saying this is the MOST important book on the planet. Is it? You decide.


    • RabbiT says:

      That’s the work of A. John Hill who rearranged his name to make it JAH. Took him 40 days to write he says drawing comparison to Jesus 40 days in the wilderness.

      I recall it reads like an Illuminati manual, surprised TPTB did not give him a job instead of incarcerating him for sending his videos (7/7 Ripple Effect) to the court.

      The video is worthy though.

      • RabbiT says:

        I forgot to add that at the end of the video (possibly edited out now) John Hill calls upon TPTB to make him world ruler.

  2. bangonit says:

    The flat lie royal queen elizabeth 2 used this quote in a speech when last in Australia.
    And Greg Hallett believes she abdicated when she said it live on Tel-lie-vision.
    Love peace harmonies.

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