UK local council votes to back Brexit (Britain’s EU exit) in referendum

UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage addresses guests during the launch of the "Grassroots Out", a new cross-party group that will campaign for the UK to leave the European Union
UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage addresses guests during the launch of the “Grassroots Out”, a new cross-party group that will campaign for the UK to leave the European Union (AFP Photo/Leon Neal)

London (AFP) – A local council in London became the first in Britain to endorse leaving the European Union in a vote.

Havering Council in east London voted by 30 to 15 in favour of a motion tabled by a councillor from the eurosceptic UK Independence Party (UKIP), led by Nigel Farage.

“It is a fantastic result,” said the UKIP councillor, Lawrence Webb. “We as local councillors have to make decisions on rules and regulations that come out of the EU. They have a direct impact on local services.”

Havering Council is controlled by the Conservatives.

Prime Minister David Cameron called a referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union after winning last year’s general election.

The vote is expected to be held this year and opinion polls currently point to a small lead for those who want out of the EU.

Councils are not obliged to take a position on whether they want to remain in the EU ahead of the referendum and votes will only take place where individual councillors table motions on the issue.

TAP – My brother sells for a UK manufacturer in Scandinavia.  He says he does OK in Sweden and Finland as they’re in the EU, while Norway is near impossible.  He’s very worried about Britain quitting the EU, as it will hurt business.  He actually stays in Norway and says Norwegians advise him, ‘Don’t leave the EU.  You’ll regret it as so many things will become out of reach to you.’

That said, the UK market buys from EU-based suppliers, especially the cities, and they might find it easier to source in the UK again, so his UK business might surge.

Politically we would be able to control borders, one would imagine, and stop millions of rapists from arriving one morning, shipped in by the NWO.   Councils are sick of being controlled by EU Rules, as are the people.

As for racism, a friend of ours works in a local bar/restaurant and is very happy greeting guests at the door and making them feel welcome.  She’s a Filipina married to a Brit, as is often the case – ahem!  Last night a white British customer at the bar decided she was jealous of her for being so popular, and assaulted her, fracturing her ring finger.  The attack came out of the blue, and shocked the whole place.

Another of our Filipino friends attended the UKIP conference with her husband last year, and was spontaneously embraced in the lobby by Nigel Farage on camera.  It’s love, and hate with human beings.  Try to get the love and leave the hate.  If there was no government of any kind, we’d all do far better with each other, establishing our own rule-making bodies.  It suits the parasites that we all fall out with each other, so they can divide and rule.  It doesn’t suit us.  That’s why they manufacture religions in the first place, hijacking our spiritual being and redirecting it towards evil outcomes.   If left alone, we would all find peace with each other.


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  1. peugeott says:

    It suits the parasites that we all fall out with each other, so they can divide and rule………………………………….yes just like you do when you state ‘millions of rapists arriving ONE mornig’ they’ve certainly taken your tiny mind over haven’t they.

    • Tapestry says:

      Just look at what’s happening across Europe. My mind is open and aware. The human beings that are coming in have been programmed to believe that rape is a good thing. On one level it’s not their fault that their minds have been taken over in such a way, but we have to defend our selves from their violence. Other human beings are programmed to bring peace and harmony with them. Choose those, and try to undo the programming of the aggressors without the need for war. Defence against the governments and powers that are deliberately attempting to destroy our communities has to come first.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Some wise words there Tap. The difficulty is that the really cunning architects of this evil are trying to keep us so busy with incoming zombified products and agents of their evil designs that we have no time left over after trying desperately to defend what there is. Or otherwise it is done by the creation of distrations and diversions and divisions.

        These rapists are mind controlled and pre programmed. The question which group is responsible for that programming?

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Meanwhile David Cameron is concerned about one thing and one thing of utmost importance only:

    • RabbiT says:

      And as ever he misses the far greater Soviet/ Jewish led democide in Russia comprising 62 Million people as well as the 77 Million victims of The Peoples Republic of China but then again Mr Cameron must act in the interests of those he serves.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Thank you RabbiT. The atrocities by Mao – yes some of the worst barbarity ever seen.

  3. Men Scryfa says:

    Immediate constructive intellectual responses to the current attacks on the Aryan nations are to expose the following:

    1) the Truth about the so-called Holocaust and thereby to blow the lid off who the real deceivers and perpetrators are

    2) the Truth about 9/11 and thereby who really seeks to gain from it and why

    3) link those connected to the above to the ongoing Child Abuse cover ups

    Thus quickly building mass support for inevitable bombing of the state of ‘Israel’ and its eventual destruction.

    • sepeltura says:

      Here here

    • Your steady, persistent, surgical, incisive, targeted comments. Like a sledgehammer on an anvil. Even if its only ten new Tap readers perday who stray on there and read yr comments. They will penetrate and start cracks in the dyke of their minds men scryfa
      Youre doing great comments like the one above.
      I think everydayasleepman who strays onto your comments needs to see…..a very clear link and spelling out…..of the migrant muslim situation….and the jewish hands engineering it
      Too many still believe the.jews are innocent.bystanders. yes i know the Conspiracy goes.higher than the jews and israel. I think Dublinmicks right Vatican
      But the Old Testament judaism Talmud etc with sacrifice and hideous double standard ‘laws’ . Judaic Power is certainly the major hydra head threatening the UK now

      George soros according to.Dublinmick is on record, saying hes using migrants into europe to further his one world agenda.
      Soros and family are.behind, big enthusiasts of, Esperanto made up language. Is that part of soros’ sick totalitarian dream, our grandchildren will all be speaking esperanto?
      PS Kids Company totally exonerated of any wrong doing, according to BBCNews24. It was all that Batmandijelgh womans fault!

      Shalom Shabat to the above!

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Adam great to see you back my friend!
        Sorry I am not too good with the emails (understatement!). Thanks for the compliment that is kind of you pal!

        As we know there is a cost to these kind of things but we fight on.
        Did you see the letter Michael Murrin put together about Kids Company recently?
        It tells a lot of the real story. Bill Maloney told me what happened and I told Michael. Michael then went to see Batmangelidjh and basically he then wrote that letter. The letter does not give the full story but gives a pretty good picture of what has happened. They will close down any webpage that posts it. I reckon they are going to start taking people out soon like Michael. That will be the next step.

        ps I am going to check out your blog next. I knew you were going take things to the next level. Good for you mate.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Shalom Shabat Lol!

        “George soros according to.Dublinmick is on record, saying hes using migrants into europe to further his one world agenda.”

        i better get over to Dubs place and find that. It is just so blatant in your face. It is now totally open. There is not even any denial as to what is happening. But Soros should be careful as it will be no surprise if he and his own end up getting killed. It can happen.

        He has a house in London off a large square. Many leading Nazis died after WWII in strange circumstances. Uninvestigated murders etc. I wonder if a similar phenomenon will occur after WWIII only this time it will not be German Aryans who are the victims of uninvestigated and unresolved murders.

        “Soros and family are.behind, big enthusiasts of, Esperanto made up language. Is that part of soros’ sick totalitarian dream, our grandchildren will all be speaking esperanto?”

        Yes I read the supposed memoir of his father. That was interesting but obviously left out the bits about getting his own kind to queue up and get in line for the railway trucks while the Soros’s continued to live in the lap of luxury relatively speaking in the midst of WWII.

        It is interesting that it was Jews were again behind the production or adoption of a made up language or rather the adoption of a language under fraudulent circumstances. Hebrew being used in ‘Israel’ being a great example of this.

        A people who are not what they say they are speaking a language that belongs to someone else living on land stolen from another group of people. Liars.

        Lovely, nice people. Cameron’s kind of people.

        “PS Kids Company totally exonerated of any wrong doing, according to BBCNews24. It was all that Batmandijelgh womans fault!”

        Cameron has had to shut this one down. A messy operation lots of leaks all over the place on that one. Still they brought down Kids Co to be fair and the press is there on hand to back them up to the hilt

        Maybe in 20 years the truth will come out or maybe sooner if any accidents happen

    • Hi there Men Scryfa
      Thankyou for all your kind comments, and also helping getting me reinstated to tapblog
      I didn’t see the Michael Murrin letter, I will look it up
      The fine machinations, of all this, including Hampstead. Arent ,my strong point. Im out of my depth. I get my understanding from the Tap,, and Aanirfan

      I don’t explore much beyond that. Chris Spivey is interesting esp on 40 questions Kate McCann

      OK ill be honest. Some of it is fear too, and repercussions , bad ones, invarious ways. I could push and push and get really involved. We all have strengths to offer, and various indications to me, at this time at least. The tremendous front line interesting battles you do. That involve youusing the New Testament as Spiritual protection. And talking with Bill Maloney [I was very interested and impressed how he was escorted out of Dimblebys Marrano Jew question time, by security. For asking about institutional establishment paedophile rings. Very revealing

      My point is, im not, for whatever reason, at this point in time, as brave, fearless, and spiritually protecrted, as you are. In the future, I hope and want to do more. I do feel like I could and should, be doing more, always.
      To spend one on one face to face time with someone, advising me how to be spiritually protected
      How to attack the Satanic Demonic forces in this Interdimensional Superhighway that’s all around us

      So im not a spectator. But I realise my limitations. I cannot imagine what you emailed to the Russians, that caused some Russian Jew faction to necessitate, an Agent to accost you in Waitrose. Allvery impressive
      And youre operating doing Gods Work, on a level higher than I can do.
      At least for now

      • Men Scryfa says:

        No thanks needed. You are doing a fantastic job on here and elsewhere.

        Each of us has a blessing or a gift or more than one. You are a popular guy as well as being wise intelligent and having a highly inquiring mind
        I was never really that popular so believe me you are doing good pal!

        The Big Man is in control, he always was , he always will be. He has Big things in store for you and this Blog too. I am sure of it. The Hampstead business was just a foretaste. Henry is going to go down in History as one of the people in the UK who stood up for himself along with that Coleman guy, Spivey many others too. Though many they know not. You are in the next rank coming forward knowing more and learning more than the rank in front being bettered armoured, better prepared. Getting closer, conforming more to the image that God wants (ask Him, don’t ask me!)

        Your enemies are going to have real trouble fighting you and will not actually want to fight you as the truth shines through from you. Remember it is what is in the heart that matters most.

        If the Heart is with God and that means His Son, then you possess the gates of your enemies.

        Weakness is our strength. Their strength is weakness.

        And Your Time is Coming Now.

  4. Lynn says:

    They have been told to rape to mongralise the nations..brown people are their preference now. The white man and Christianity stands in their way. This has been a long term plan. Multicultural was another Nafarious cover. Fronts always have a back. We are fully aware of what they are trying to achieve. The exact opposite of what they say.
    Tap our communities were broken up long ago and so were our traditions. Now we see why. Safety in numbers and that’s their biggest fear.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Lynn can I ask this question – it is difficult to raise this kind of question male to female for lots of reasons which I am sure are evident to most readers, but obviously as we both know what is going on we both have an insight which helps us because we see that there is an agenda at play.

      The question is how do White European/ British women feel about the media propaganda that has been constantly pushing mixed race or inter-racial relationships on white people and specifically white women for years now?

      I know that most men don’t really talk about or acknowledge this, which I have always put down to shame (tbh the rest will not discuss it because of the large amount of denial about the fact there is a wider more general conspiracy etc). There are very few men who I think will discuss this subject openly but I suspect that this is not so much the case for women?

      For the record: I am not saying all mixed race relationships are bad or are good. I am just against genocide of indigenous White Europeans by other groups. This is the reason that I would like to begin an open and honest debate about the truth of what is really going on and why. Anyone who wants to jump in please go ahead.

      • A wider more general conspiracy. There sure is one

        Manys the evening ive been relaxing after work, watching TV (to see what the Enemys upto) . And felt convulsions and repulsion at the insidiously sly programming going on. I find myself reaching for my phone to email Henry and Gordon in protest as an outlet

        – Halifax bank is one example, a black man , and at the end of the ad his pregnant white blonde wife
        – Santander bank I think ive seen something similar
        – Vodaphone too

        In fact examples are so numerous in advertisements. I do worry for the forming young minds now watching such things, that aren’t aware of matters and situations that get discussed on the Tap

        I feel revulsion and find this Trojan horse mental programming extremely offensive, in view of what Soros and all the rest are engineering with their migrant Superwaves now sweeping |Europe.

        As things get worse, it will become easier and more justifiable to speak assertively and directly to people, stating the Truth. For example I told work colleagues if what happened in Cologne at the New Year starts being commonplace here in the UK. I am no longer going to hold my tongue and withhold speaking the truth like I do now simply to avoid offending people and causing cognitive dissonance (HolocaustTM being ne example)

        I too have nothing against, mixed race relationships. Under natural organic societal circumstances. Except we are not living in these circumstances. Instead, there is a concerted, underhanded sly covert GENOCIDAL AGENDA at play in our society now.

        And under such circumstances, the matter of mixed race relationships should be considered a problem, generally. If we do not wake up then within 50 years or less UK and western European societies will all look coffee coloured in a huge interbred NWO racial soup. All speaking Esperanto

        If Soros gets his way

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Adam that was an excellent comment!

        You speak for a lot of people I am certain. Yes I had years of that watching the TV and by turns being disgusted by the tripe being pushed all the time and then being amazed at how almost everyone around me in so-called real life was lapping it up without a word or actively pushing it themselves (to no actual personal long term benefit to them or their families or friends).

        I used to go around most of the time feeling like I was an alien walking around among the crazy. Then at a certain point (about 10 years ago) I turned off the TV. I woke up to the potential of the Internet and then as they say Bob’s your uncle. Or rather

        Nowadays I can see that in fact what we are presented with is a test:
        1. Either one can be deceived into believing that the Race Mixing Genocidal Dictatorial Hell planned for the West is a Niravana and represents the highest state of Aryan development (not); or

        2. One can reject this as the obvious lie that it is and then decide what strategy best suits oneself or what beliefs one does actually have.

        At that stage one can decide either to go FIGHT, FLIGHT or ALLY. So one could say well this is obviously a lie but I am going to push the lie in order to save my own skin (so tell everyone that something is true, i.e. race mixing = nirvana, when you know that is not true).
        Or one could go I am getting out of here or I am going to lie low, which is flight. Or one can fight it in the hope and belief this will make a difference.

        One of the problems is that the propaganda, programming and mk is at saturation levels among the population out there, particularly the more easily influenced which (previously) at a spiritual level in reality means females and non-white males who are basically in the main, but not exclusively the cheerleaders for this genocide, because they believe it is good for them and humanity when in fact the opposite is true and it will be too late when they find this out. So they are in actual fact being used as the agents for rebellion.

        In essence it could be argued that the core of race-mixing stems from evil. The
        argument is based on these as motivations for race mixing:
        1. hatred or dislike of one’s own race (but who created the races of man?)
        2. unhealthy fetishised obsessive interest in a certain type of flesh or sex different to ones own
        3. a lack of mates from within ones own group largely due to reasons beyond ones control
        4. rebellion against a cultural racial or familial power structure traditionally found within ones own racial group
        5. invasion, genocide, slavery where ones choice of mate is forced on oneself

        None of these possibilities seems to fit with the ideal peaceful sinless state that was envisioned by the Lord of the New Testament for us as a species. Therefore either that is a fairytale or the motivations for race mixing are not exactly on all fours with what the Christian God wants. Which begs the question then who is pushing it and why?

      • Men Scryfa says:

        “As things get worse, it will become easier and more justifiable to speak assertively and directly to people, stating the Truth.”

        Yes this is right definitely true Adam and it is probably why they are going to have to shut down blogs like this and start jailing people for no reason other than thought crime in order to keep the system running for as long as possible in order to kill or stop from breeding as many White Males as possible as that is the main enemy of Satan’s powers on earth.

        I am sorry if writing this offends some of the female readers here, many of whom I have a lot of respect for as they know, but there is growing truth to this. As the West slides further from view it is clearer and clearer that it is under evil attack. And just as we hear nothing from the Imams and Muslim leaders decrying the Muslim rapists and fundamentalists so we have heard precious little or nothing from the good Women telling the rest of their kind to get a grip and wake up to the genocide that many of them are helping now to perpetuate. No its silence

        On a personal level in terms of my own view, just to clarify this one, I am not in favour of race mixing but I am not saying that it will always lead to evil or that it always always can be or should be prevented. There has always been an amount of race mixing and probably always will be. What I am against is untruth and the destruction or weakening of an entire Race. The races were created for a reason (unless one does not believe in God and so is an atheist – i.e. it all happened by accident/chance/ coincidence… lol!) therefore one has to be certain that the complete destruction of a Race is an act of God or if not then it must be an act of evil (perhaps one which is tolerated by God for a higher purpose…? But then it would be that God created an entirely evil race, but Whites have not always in every way been evil)

        In a nutshell I suspect that the Big Man is undertaking a thinning out exercise. He is sifting the wheat from the chaff.

        There is a lot of chaff to get rid of. Make sure you recognize the secret of a good grain and then endure to the End.

        As the same shall be SAVED!


    The Political scene is about to start to change, with the EU referendum, being the starting gun for this change. The headlines, Ukip will mount its strongest campaign to date, to try to win the hearts and minds of the British Electorate (Leave EU). The UK electorate will vote to remain within the EU, The UK Government will call an early General Election (having lost its majority), Corbyn will secure a landslide victory for Labour and repair the political damage in Scotland, thus, securing the future of the UK union. Tory Euro sceptics (having resigned), will try and fail to infiltrate UKIP and Carswell to leave UKIP, and stand as an independent at the next General Elections.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Sounds like you are reading (or writing) the script. Stephen I agree with you that the referendum will not succeed but I suspect even if the majority vote to leave the powers will not accept this so the vote will be rigged as a matter of course.
      With the amount of non-White immigration into Britain over the years the destruction of Britain and its absorption into a colored European superstate becomes an ever more likely outcome. In view of that fact I am shocked and amazed that anyone is really bothered what happens to labour, tory or ukip. It will be like Nero while Rome burns (after him and his mates’ arson)

      • Anonymous3 February 2016 at 01:32

        The notion that the eye RE-creates reality by essentially taking pictures of objects ‘out there’ has been thoroughly debunked, though it’s still widely held. Object permanence is a stubborn myth. In fact the eye gathers the rawest materials (light and electromagnetic waves) and even then, only the tiniest sliver of that wave spectrum, then delivers it to the brain where 1/3 of the cortex creates the movie we ‘see’.

        Thus what the eye begins with (what’s really ‘out there’) is completely, perhaps radically, transformed by brain function. Indeed the brain is itself an object-myth. The real engine of reality is ‘within’: mind/consciousness.

        It stands to reason that those determined trandsetters in our culture and society who seem to migrate to the front of the pack to instruct and tell us what we see are worthy of the keenest scrutiny.

        The Bible’s ‘principalities of the air’ work their effects between the wave spectrum and the human eye. (‘at the center of it all, your eyes’ –David Bowie, Blackstar)

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Great comment. Yes they are literally outside our field of normal vision!

        It puts a completely different complexion on the stories of small children who report seeing strange things. Vision and the visible light spectrum is ‘seeing’ a small window of the energy field.

  6. salty says:

    UK poll gives “Brexit” campaign 4 point lead, biggest since Oct 2014

    January 31st, 2016.

    The campaign for Britain to leave the European Union opened up its biggest lead in more than a year over the rival ‘in’ campaign, according to a poll conducted by YouGov to gauge public opinion ahead of a referendum.

    The survey of 1,735 people showed 42 percent of Britons would vote to leave the bloc compared to 38 percent who wanted to stay – a 4 percentage point gap that is the largest in favour of a British exit seen in a YouGov poll since October 2014.

    The gap widened as support for remaining within the bloc dipped to 38 percent from 41 percent in December. The proportion backing an exit was unchanged since its last poll while those who were undecided rose 3 percentage points to 18 percent.

    Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to hold a referendum on Britain’s EU membership by the end of 2017 after attempting to negotiate reforms to address voter concerns about issues such as sovereignty and immigration.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Useful stats. I suspect Salty you are likely to agree with this one: if only 42 per cent of Britons want to leave the EU after just the past 12 months has seen unprecedented waves of immigrants marching into Europe and engage unfettered in a Rape and molestation wave across Europe then the majority of voters deserve to be destroyed by Europe and are actually consenting or acquiescing to the destruction of the British Nation.

      In other words basically by their actions the British people by and large have allowed and accepted the New World Order. This was something I took a stand against and so if it all goes wrong for Britain later then those SOBs cannot come running to me to complain. Likewise if they want help later they will have to ask – will they deserve it? Answer: NO.

      • salty says:

        This recent huge refugee invasion of Europe was a planned operation.

        British politicians are not bright enough to see it.

      • At some point, whether on here or on email, I really need to discuss, all you’ve said about crystals and yang to dkblue abi
        I have no idea about any of this.
        I have many questions not just about crystals but how on earth you know all this Men Scryfa
        it is all interesting, more than interesting. Crystals and etheric Qi energy and yin and yang and everything else. Should and need to be taught from primary school right upto university and adulthood classes
        Instead no. We have secret societies Freemasonic high levels keeping these things to themselves
        I took note when Francis gave or was it Benedict. francis I think. Lapis Lazuli to HM and Phil in Rome a few years ago. It seemed fishy to me, and now I read somewhere Lapis Lazuli is a very powerful psychic thing. But that as far as I know
        On these matters

  7. emm jay says:

    Re Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ that Adam refers to above (thanks for that and the other link you sent me Adam, I did reply and message you back on 1 Feb on the UK Teachers Holocaust thread but you may have missed it, no worries.)

    Uuggh! I feel for certain that there is an ever deeper subliminal dark/macabre message underlying that ‘song’. For me, it sure ain’t no song at all. To me, it felt like he was imposing some weird kind of ritual on the viewer/listener. So that, even by just listening/looking at it, that would be, to them, and from their perpective, perceived as us ‘consenting’ to their ‘NLP/program/ritual’ or whatever shite it was. To be honest, I personally found it deeply disturbing and sinister to say the least, and to say I felt uncomfortable watching and listening to it is an understatement. It just felt sooo ‘wrong’ on so many levels to me. That weird feeling stayed with me long after I’d clicked it off. So, for me, well, he can have it right back, I am staying in the Light thank you very much … I refuse consent.

    • ” I feel for certain that there is an ever deeper subliminal dark/macabre message underlying that ‘song’ ” I agree

      I mean look no further from the logo and name BLACKSTAR. Somethings going on. Yes the vibrations I felt from that song, seemed to be having an effect on my brain. That’s why I made the EWS organist Kubrick connection.

      Therefore Emmjay heres my thoughts
      – Since the 1960s or 1970s, Bowie has been MKUltra trauma based Mind Controlled. With split personalities, ‘Alters’. Who knows his different personas from stardust, to the thin white duke, etc etc. Might even be a clue to this

      – I was never a big fan. Most of his output before I could even listen to it all, bored me. But yes, still some great songs. Plus an intriguing actor, an artist. Very funny in Extras here
      I mean I really like him here, complex interesting guy with humour and intelligence, and talent, talking about his ‘jokes’ to gervais.

      Some other interviews hes a very warm interesting likeable guy like kin the 1980s. Other interviews in the 90s, a very different guy.

      So its possible Bowie had severl/many Alter personalities, he must have had an MKultra Handler. His agent maybe? who knows.

      The point im driving at is. I think Bowies handler brought forth a definite NWO agenda Alter forth in his last years. Blackstar seems to reflect this.

      Blackstar, its creepy sinister pulsing chords and sounds, it really could be the freemason NWO/Jew/Zion/whatever else/Satanists using Bowies final album, to broadcast Satanic messages, and Mind Control programming. I think so, and your reaction shows this

      The lyrics on this song, as ive posted in recent days, are interesting and revealing. I also find the song, even though it has dark tones, somehow is still an urgent, inspiring song. Perhaps ive naively felt Bowie was trying to help us wake up with this song, but I could have that wrong now in view of Blackstar

      ” Waiting for the first move
      Satyrs and their child wives
      Waiting for the last move
      Soaking up this primitive world ”

      ” Stars are never sleeping
      Dead ones and the living ”

      Good guitar riffs though

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