Too many UK history teachers need Holocaust education, say MPs

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According to a new government report too many UK teachers need proper training and support to teach the Holocaust Getty Images


A new government report has said that too few of the UK’s teachers are receiving the support they need to teach children about the Holocaust correctly. The Commons Education Committee has said that the Department for Education (DoE) could do more to ensure that the history of the horrific genocide is taught to a higher standard.

They add that the topic is so important that it should extend beyond history lessons and could be taught in drama and English classes too. The report, which has been published ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January, warns that when schools transform into academies that control their own curriculum it is crucial teaching about the World War II genocide does not become “patchy”.

According to data in the report 6,000 UK teachers have embarked on training programmes with the UCL Centre of Holocaust Education. But there could be up to 30,000 history teachers in 4,000 secondary schools who teach the atrocity as part of their school’s curriculum.

Historians estimate that around six million Jewish men and women died in the Holocaust, many died in squalid ghettos, brutal mass shootings and grim concentration camps at the hands of the German Nazi party. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said earlier this month that learning about the Holocaust can help children understand “the dangers of prejudice, bigotry and intolerance” and possibly prevent extremism.

Auschwitz trainHundreds of Jews from Carpathian Ruthenia arrive at Auschwitz in 1944.Wikipedia

The report concludes: “Too few teachers – particularly history teachers – are being trained to teach the Holocaust. While much of the training for teachers is of a high standard, more needs to be done to extend its reach to subjects other than history.

The Holocaust should remain part of the core history curriculum, and we believe that the teaching of the Holocaust would be strengthened by the adoption of a deliberately cross-curricular approach.”

Dr Andy Pearce, from the UCL, has researched the way that the Holocaust is taught in UK schools. He said to Sky News: “In the instance of the Holocaust, it was found through our research that teachers were very much relying on their subject knowledge from popular culture – from films, books, novels and so forth. All of these are very valuable in themselves but not necessarily reliable sources of historical information and knowledge.”

The DoE said they provide over £2m each year to schemes which improve teacher knowledge and further young people’s understanding of the atrocity. A spokesperson said: “Every young person should learn about the Holocaust and the lessons it teaches us today, which is why it is unique in being the only subject named as a compulsory part of the history curriculum.”






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  1. Lynn says:

    We have been fed a pack of bare faced lies..people know the true history and this crap isn’t washing any more. Too many have the full story. Propaganda is dead in the water. Back to the drawing board Zion’s.

  2. ian says:

    teachers were very much relying on their subject knowledge from popular culture – from films, books, novels and so forth. All of these are very valuable in themselves but not necessarily reliable sources of historical information and knowledge.”

    The BBC is a Holocaust myth perpetrator. as are MP’s 80% of whom are friends of Israel. Now and then, I remind them that Israel is a foreign country.

    The vast majority of deaths in the camps were due to typhus and starvation brought on by the allied destruction of the supply routes leading to them. More and more are aware of this. I have recently closed my facebook account for the possibly tenth time. Because of my comments and the subject of my comments, I had acquired many new friends. Many from Arab countries, but also from India, Pakistan, and non Arab African regions. Many are really outspoken regarding Israel, to such a degree that I suspect the comments could have been deemed illegal, under incitement laws, though I was careful myself in my choice of words. It is common knowledge world wide that the Holocaust is a hoax of the very worst kind. Over 60 million died in Russia under Stalin, 50 million native Americans, and many more similar figures are out there yet only the Holohoax matters. My grandchildren get taught Holocaust at school by a teacher who cries in the class as she reads from books, so presumably, she’ll be educated enough. Lynn is correct.

  3. beLIEve says:

    Yup !

    The Russian Holocaust….

    Armenian Holocaust….

    White Holocaust……

    African Holocaust…..

    South American holocaust…..

    Christian Holocaust….


  4. Men Scryfa says:

    Cameron has announced that he has got a new erection – pushing the Holohoax gets this guy seriously aroused

    I wonder what gets Sammy turned on, mmm…

  5. Nollidge says:

    Cameron is a Jew as are so many others in Parliament – SORRY!- “Friends of Israel”,so what else do you expect him to support.Gotta stick with the tribe,right?.
    Because if he doesn’t he becomes a “self hating Jew”,& that’s the end of his career in just about anything.So,fire up the Holohoax & brainwash another generation of goyim – SORRY! – “gentiles”.
    “Ve are the Jews,ve are always der victims,oy oy oy.Ve ain’t neffer done nuffting wrong but the goyim alvays PERSECUTE us”.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      “Ve are the Jews,ve are always der victims,oy oy oy.Ve ain’t neffer done nuffting wrong but the goyim alvays PERSECUTE us”.


  6. emm jay says:

    Regrettably, I caught a glimpse of a trailer for a soon to be aired tv ‘documentary’ (if not already, I didn’t catch the title or the channel it was on) about holocaust survivors. In it, a guy tracks down and talks to an old guy who had survived the ‘holocaust’. This frail looking old guy was stood upright and holding on to a walking frame. My jaw dropped in total disbelief and the gag reflex kicked in hard as I witnessed the guy who was ‘interviewing’ him, kissed this old guy’s hand, then to further illustrate and drive home harder the depth of his homage to him, he physically knelt down and actually kissed his feet! To say it was repulsive and vulgar doesn’t even touch the sides. Is the veil becoming more transparent?

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Don’t worry Emm they are well into overreach territory already. This kind of TV fiction is just manna from heaven for the truth seekers out there as it now just reeks of total overkill and desperation.

      Never miss an opportunity to quietly raise doubts about this chapter of ‘history’ in private with the right audience. A careful word spoken here and a quiet joke there. That is the kind of thing which destroys this Commie/Zio propaganda. Don’t expect thanks though from the ppl that do listen…

      As Lynn said sending links to that song “6 million, 6 million…” is a good place to start

      • emm jay says:

        Re above Men Scryfa ‘overreach territory’ … I think it’s fair to say they are well into ‘over retch’ territory already! Ah well, I’m off to listen to that song …

    • Hello |Emmjay
      Theres a comment ive tried on several posts now, to send to you. James Bond TPTB in their Freemason lodges and video rooms of |Evil seem to be blocking it. Which is a shame as it has interesting things in.
      Anyway thankyou for your kind comments. I am ok. Hope you are too Emmjay
      Ill try and send it to you from elsewhere

    • Hello Emm Jay
      Thankyou for thinking about me and your kind comments. I am ok, hope you are as well
      I will submit an Antarctica/Inner Earth/Parallel civilisation/Huge oblate spheroid planet much bigger than they’ve told us, article I hope the Tap will consider posting, quite soon.

      its a valid point Emmjay, some might raise. Why think and obsess over this when we have far more immediate urgent distressing worrying threats right here in our faces now? In this realm?

      Yes good point. And I try to do my bit to focus on the immediate relevant topics. Like the Superwaves of Elite Pharisee Freemasonic Khazarian Jew (or fake jew? My history research needs work). Theyre Satanic anyway. Superwaves of the migrant invasion now into Europe

      However nevertheless. Im a firm believer Emmjay in cracking open Achilles Heels, exposing the massive matrix of lies all around. That’s what the Inbred Controllers don’t want. Antarcitcas a major part of this

      • emm jay says:

        Hi there Adam, so good to see you back here and to know that you are ok! Thanks for your determination to get the link through … as only a ‘warrior’ would eh, ? I’ll take a look at that later. Take care Adam

    • only half the comment reached you. Theres something the PTB don’t like about the second half. I divided the comment up to send.
      Ill give you a clue its to do with DMT

    • Once you’ve broken through and come back you see the World for what is truly is and your role within it. No longer are there any controls, fears, labels, separation. You are free from the Matrix

    • Governments have known about

    • stopped outlawed it
      it because they know what it shows you

    • EmmJay I hope all that’s made sense
      Look at the crazy lengths ive had to goto, to split the comment up.
      Ive emailed the entire POWERFUL article to Tap. Tap please consider this as a post. It will get right up their noses

    • Hi Emmjay
      my mind and energies are all over the place at times. Theres so much to do, to read through, thoughts to think. And everyday life to attend to too. Its mad.
      I appreciate all your warm comments.
      I found it striking,
      GCHQ or whoever they are, didn’t like the words X, X, X, in a comment. I feel we really hit a nerve and got a clue where to attack. Now ive typed those words im going to copy this before sending. We might go thru the whole charade again tonight!
      Holocaust Survivors
      Im going to submit a kind of ABC guide, from my best intuiton, how to phrase things and what to say, when telling the Truth about this.
      Saying bluntly that the Holocaust TM didn’t happen, causes massive cognitive dissonance upset, as I found with my family a few months ago. But there are ways to soften the blow and act like a Trojan Horse, getting past the complex Tavistock mental barriers have been constructed in everyone, by the BBC, by school, by Spielberg. etc

      I have a feeling when I click submit comment this is going to vanish but maybe not, lets see..

  7. Lynn says:

    Millions are waking up to this slight of hand these tricksters use. History is no longer exclusive to them. The controllers are losing their control of information. We are fully aware of how this world was hijacked by a barbaric tribe. Who have hidden behind all the nice benevolent fronts. Creeps the lot of them. We are going to see them destroyed.

  8. Lynn says:

    The truth is their biggest enemy…nowhere to hide now.

  9. salty says:

    No Polish death camps!

    Posted on February 17, 2016.

    Poland’s pro-Israel Law and Justice ruling party is planning to introduce a law making it a crime to imply the country cooperated with Nazis in running the so-called Jewish death camps during its occupation (1939-1945).

    The bill introduced by Poland’s justice minister Zbigniew Ziobro has called for a regulation to punish the use of the phrase of Polish death camps when referring to dozens of Nazi labor (aka concentration) camps including the Holy Auschwitz. A similar bill was introduced in 2013, after US president Barack Obama used the phrase, Polish death camps in a 2012 speech. The bill was rejected in the parliament.

    People could face up to five years in jail if found in believing in the conspiracy theory that Polish Catholic majority was somehow involved in murdering their biblical “Chosen People”.

    In November 2015, Poland’s new defense minister Antoni Macierewicz was accused of antisemitism for believing that World Organized Jewry is on its way to dominate the world as mentioned in The Protocols of Zion. The European Jewish Lobby claimed: “In 2002 Antoni Macierewicz had told Radio Maryjua that he read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

    In September 2015, Polish Jewish pr

  10. salty says:

    Before and after the “Holocaust”:
    Jewish population numbers in 1933 and 1948

    The world population of Jews increased between 1933 and 1948.


    US District Judge Goldberg has ruled that Philadelphia buses must run anti-Islam ads.

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