Tony Benn – 10 Minute History Lesson for One-Party-State ‘Moderates’



A little history lesson.  Rich and powerful men run this country.  The only wealth is land, the resources that lie under it, and the people.  In WW1 and WW2, 105 million people died in support of imperial ambition.  Too much power in the hands of the very few.

Thatcher destroyed democratic power by putting everyone in debt so they couldn’t go on strike.

Wealth doesn’t trickle down.  It doubles up.

Privatisation was another way of concentrating wealth into the hands of the rich.

All the banks should be publicly owned.  No more bankers’ bonuses.  Make sure the money gets to the businesses.  All utilities should be publicly owned.


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  1. Aldous says:

    Tony Benn was a decent man who used his aristocratic independence wisely. Calling his son Hillary was a bitch and just one of his many mistakes that we all make in this journey through Hell called Life.

    He hit the nail on the head in that 10 minute video. To my knowledge, Canadian actor Keanu Reeves has never owned a property in his life, preferring to rent as I do. I couldn’t buy where I choose to live (for donkey’s years) anyway, as the owner says he doesn’t wish to sell it until I’ve popped my clogs.

    I paid 10+ year’s rent in advance some years ago when he had some serious cash-flow problems and he muted he might have to sell up – which didn’t suit me/us at all at the time or even now as we like it here.

    I told him that if he survived me in those 10+ years starting from day one (an ascending risk seeing as tomorrow is promised to no one) the rest of the money was his but that if I survived him, I expected a certain percentage of the house.
    The contract is legal and binding and drawn up by those sharks called lawyers. Where money begins, friends, family and especially landlords end.

    Someone once said to me that if you have to borrow even $10,000 to buy something you want, then you cannot afford that something. Wise words if you ask me.
    It puzzles me as to why anyone would want to in-debt themselves for eye-watering sums of funny money/fiat currency at interest for 25 years just to live in a house that they will probably never own anyway as they will probably move anyway. They never actually live in their own house because the bank or mortgage provider has first charge on it and very often takes it.

    • RabbiT says:

      As someone who worked and trained in government for many years as well as being involved in the trade union movement I can see there are two equally valid sides to this.

      Local government has proven itself to be a very poor landlord having to demolish much of its stock. The right to buy allowed a mixing of tenure giving tenants an opportunity to carry out their own improvements knowing they were investing in themselves. I see much evidence of stability being brought to council estates as a result.

      There were sizable discounts allowing those choosing to buy to get a bargain given they had paid rent all these years. Once their mortgage was paid off (and protection was there if becoming unemployed) they were now rent FREE. Hooray! No longer a SLAVE, contrary to what Tony is suggesting.

      My friend bought a semi at the same time I chose to rent. Ten years later my landlord wanted to sell and I was evicted. I faced homelessness while my friend now owned his property. It was a risk I choose to take albeit my home over the period was vastly superior to his.

      Having now being made to rent a smaller place, I chose to buy, as at least I was investing in myself.

      I like building societies and the ability to borrow to buy one’s home. What I hate are private banks lending to governments money they never had, at interest, stolen from the people.

      British Rail was a disaster and needed sold off, like getting rid of a broken down car but the utilities etc should have remained in the hands of the state as the family silver so to speak.

      At least I know that if I become an OAP, rent/mortgage is something I should not have to worry about having exercised a degree of financial prudence in the past.

      Where people are becoming slaves is falling for the must have – must have an expensive car, latest phone, tv, kitchen, holidays etc and max themselves into debt. With the exception of a motorcycle needed to get me to college (with the help of a family member) I have never borrowed except to buy property and having done so I reap the rewards as I get older.

      When my second hand CRT finally packs up I’ll go enjoy a 40in telly for all of £80 so long as the programs I occasionally watch remain free. Becoming financially independent was the important thing and achieved that in my early 30’s.

  2. peugeott says:

    Hillary is a name suited to the bitch he is

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