They Tell Us Nothing But Lies — Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts


Paul Craig Roberts

A British governmental inquiry has concluded that Russian President Putin “probably approved” the killing of Alexander Litvinenko by polonium poisoning.

As no evidence is provided for the surmise, we can conclude that this report on an unresolved event that happened a decade ago is part of the lies being used by the West to demonize Putin, just as the lies about MH-17 and “the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

Litvinenko’s brother and father say that they “are sure that the Russian authorities are not involved. It’s all a set-up to put pressure on the Russian government.” Maksim Litvinenko dismisses the British report as a smear on Putin.

And that is what it is.

“Our” government not only lies to us about the economy and the wars, it also lies about literally everything. For example, do you remember the Rwanda genocide? The story we were told is the exact opposite of the truth. Today the perpetrator of the genocide, Paul Kagame, is the President of Rwanda.

Western governments and media have covered up his crimes and praise him as a great humanitarian who has healed Rwanda and is totally supported by the people. The truth is that Kagame has proved himself a worse totalitarian that Hitler, Stalin, and Poll Pot combined. He has turned Rwanda into a fear-ridden psychological prison. Anjan Sundaram, a journalist who ran a journalism training school in Rwanda, describes in detail Kagame’s destruction of all truth and all independent thought in Rwanda. In his just published book by Doubleday, Bad News: Last Journalists In A Dictatorship, Sundaram gives the gruesome details of how Rwandans, with the complicity of the West, have been brought more psychologically under control than Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984.

Kagame used murder, fear, and bribes and purges of his own supporters in order to eliminate all expression of independent thought in Rwanda. Indeed, in Rwanda the individual has disappeared. People have been merged into the state. Sundaram reports his conversation with a Rwandan who is being reconstructed along the lines of Winston Smith. This person tells Sundaram: “In this kind of country we don’t know where the state ends and where we begin. And if I don’t know where I begin I’m worth nothing. I don’t have any rights. We are not individuals, we are agents of the state.”

None of the totalitarianisms that the West ranted against during the 20th century ever got this far. There was resistance everywhere. Hitler’s own top generals plotted against him. In the Soviet Union and Mao’s China, there were dissidents, including highly placed members of the Communist Party. But in Rwanda even the concept of opposition has been erased.

Reading Bad News brings to mind parallels to the US. In Rwanda sentences result not from law but from “the word of authority. Simple words had attained such power.” This reminds us of simple words from the US president that result in indefinite detention and assassination of US citizens without trials and conviction. The subservience of Western journalism has been obtained by the state similar to the suppression of independent journalism in Rwanda. Bribes are used, both monetary and access. Fear of being fired and rendered unemployable as a journalist is used. Occasionally, perhaps even murder is used as in the unresolved case of the US journalist whose car suddenly accelerated and crashed at high speed. Other American journalists have been threatened with prison sentences.

The disturbing fact that the Anglo-Zionist Empire has supported Kagame, a genocidist who “has killed more than five times as many people as Idi Amin,” is perhps an indication of what the Anglo-Zionist Empire has in mind for the rest of us.



And…. on the same theme –

In hindsight, would we be deemed conspiracy theorists to consider that perhaps all these events have adroitly navigated us to this point of utter news blackout but for that which serves our government’s globalist objectives?

Are we seeing the placing of the cherry on the regime change cake? Soros has apparently officialised the co-opting of the BBC into the Soros owned and orchestrated Syria propaganda ring and is funnelling their news source outreach operation into his perfectly constructed network of lies and multi headed anti Assad narrative generators.


5 Responses to “They Tell Us Nothing But Lies — Paul Craig Roberts”

  1. Tom74 says:

    Yes, a pack of lies to further the American and Israeli agenda in the Middle East.
    And when Parliament isn’t discussing the death of a Russian 10 years ago, it is trying to ban an American politician because he might blow the whistle on the CIA.

  2. Gordon says:

    High Court judge Sir Robert Owen’s Litvinenko Inquiry is nothing less than a travesty of British justice, if that amounts to anything these days.

    A man is innocent until proven guilty is lacking in this case based wholly on the hypotheses of “Probability”, “Might Have”, “Could Have,” and “May Have,” used 34, 32, 33 and 52 times consecutively throughout the report.

    The report portrays Mr Putin as likely cause of Litvinenko death, while on the same token Tony Blair escapes justice for the death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly.

    Putin bashers have wasted no time in mouthing their two penny bit in Parliament while David Cameron considers further Russian sanctions.

    Let’s face it, it is only an “Inquiry” and not a court case

  3. Tapestry says:

    Marina LItvinenko started off blaming Putin too, as she was told to do by trusted British authorities. She soon realised that Putin had nothing to do with her husband’s untimely death.

  4. Lynn says:

    If’s and maybe’s are our justice system now..there is no law in the UK. They can make up evidence to suit the agenda. Framing people and destroying reputations is their game. It is becoming obvious now.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    Notice the hidden hand in the photo behind “Washington” Roberts. Paul Craig thinks every plan is hatched in Washington. He has apparently never heard of the 13 banking families, the vatican and the P2 lodges.

    He is called a limited hang out.

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