The NAZIs were never defeated. They just moved on.

Martin Bormann, Hitler’s 2nd in command,
escaped to Argentina starting 750 companies
run by wealthy war criminals.

TAP – Borman was not 2nd in Command.  He was Hitler’s controller, as Victor Rothschild was Churchill’s, and Averil Harriman controlled Stalin.  The cabal ran all sides to the war.

Destroying nations and empires and then running away from the wreckage with all the loot is the norm for the Satanic cult that runs the world, and no doubt has been so for a very long time.   What Tony Gosling is describing here is nothing unusual.  Build up, and then crash and burn is what we see going on now in the United States, and Europe, while China and the BRICS are pushing ahead.  The loot will no doubt be moved on again.  When does the Satanic game run out of places to run to, and the victims awaken?   Only the very few at the top are saved and get away with control of the cash.  99.9% of the rest of us, including all their prostitute politicians are sent to the dogs.



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