The Criminals in Charge Are Becoming More Desperate by the Day – Assassination Attempt of Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage’s car wheels ‘were sabotaged in an assassination attempt’: Ukip leader lost control of Volvo when wheel fell off on motorway… and police confirm foul play

Nigel Farage fears he has been the victim of an assassination attempt after his car was sabotaged, causing a terrifying motorway crash.

The Ukip leader careered off a French road after a wheel on his Volvo came loose while he was driving from Brussels back to his home in Kent.

When the police arrived at the scene, they told him that the nuts on all of the wheels had been deliberately unscrewed, The Mail on Sunday has established.

'Target': Nigel Farage (pictured today) claims he was the victim of an assassination attempt, after he careered off a French road when a wheel on his Volvo came loose while he was driving back to his home in Kent 

Mr Farage, who has received death threats during his tumultuous time as leader, last night spoke about the ‘frightening’ incident, which took place near Dunkirk.

‘It was the middle of bloody nowhere, and I was caught in a very bad position,’ he said.

‘There was a huge section of roadworks with cars going back and forth on the same side of the carriageway. I suddenly realised I was losing steering but there was no hard shoulder to pull on to.

‘I slowed down, put the hazards on and then one of the wheels came off. I jumped over the wall as quickly as I bloody well could to get away from lorries and everything.’

Mr Farage's Volvo, which was involved in the incident. When the emergency services arrived, they told a shaken Mr Farage that he had been the victim of a malicious act  

When the emergency services arrived, they told a shaken Mr Farage that he had been the victim of a malicious act. ‘The French police looked at it and said that sometimes nuts on one wheel can come a bit loose – but not on all four,’ Mr Farage said.

When he was asked who he thought might have been responsible, Mr Farage replied: ‘I haven’t got a clue. Quite frankly, the way my life’s been over the past two-and-a-half years, nothing surprises me.’

Quite frankly, the way my life’s been over the past two-and-a-half years, nothing surprises me.
Ukip leader Nigel Farage

The crash, which took place in daylight at the end of October, has been kept under wraps by Mr Farage until now. He agreed to talk about it this weekend after being contacted by this newspaper.

Mr Farage’s Volvo V70 comes with a single locking nut on each wheel, which should be immune from interference. But if the other four nuts are loosened, then the remaining one is likely to sheer off as soon as the car is travelling at speed.

The Ukip leader has been embroiled in a series of poisonous feuds within his party over recent years, both in London and in the European Parliament, where he sits as an MEP.

The Parliament splits its operations between the Belgian capital Brussels and the French city of Strasbourg. Mr Farage frequently drives himself to his offices in the parliament buildings from Kent because he says it is the easiest way to juggle his ‘mad’ schedule. For security reasons, Mr Farage would not say where he parks his vehicle in Brussels.

Mr Farage said he had not asked police to pursue the investigation because he didn’t want to ‘make anything of it’. When asked if he had received death threats, Mr Farage said: ‘Of course. It’s not a particularly easy game, this.’

He added: ‘The French police and mechanics looked at it but I have made no formal report in this country. The mechanics were absolutely certain of [foul play] but I have decided to take no further action.’

Mr Farage has endured a torrid time recently, with senior Ukip figures expressing concern that the party is losing momentum in the wake of its disappointing Election result, when it won only Douglas Carswell’s Clacton seat. Last month, Mr Carswell said the party needed a ‘fresh face’ as leader – only to be told to ‘put up or shut up’ by Mr Farage.

Last night, Eric Fouard, the prosecutor for Dunkirk, said he was not aware of any investigation into the accident involving Mr Farage.

No wonder he’s considering a TV career move…

The Ukip leader is considering a new career as a television presenter if he leaves politics after the EU referendum.

Mr Farage has been involved in discussions with production companies about fronting a three-part series on military strategy, including a history of the First World War. News of Mr Farage’s talks has been spread with glee by his growing number of critics in the party, who argue that Ukip needs a fresh leader to reinvigorate it.

Last night, a spokesman for Mr Farage said that the idea of him fronting programmes had been ‘bubbling away’ since early last year – when the TV companies were first contacted – but no deals had yet been struck.

Last night, ex-Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom, who once shared a flat with Mr Farage in Brussels, said he could see why the party leader would be interested in presenting a military history series.

Mr Bloom said: ‘We have done military tours together. Nigel is a very good raconteur, “Corporal Snoops manning the machine-gun at the bridge… here’s the spot he won his VC”, that sort of thing.’

A spokesman for Mr Farage said: ‘The TV thing is an idea that has been bubbling away for a while. He’d be bloody good at it – and it was discussed last year. But no deal has been done.’



8 Responses to “The Criminals in Charge Are Becoming More Desperate by the Day – Assassination Attempt of Nigel Farage”

  1. Tom74 says:

    Clearly there have been major problems with Farage’s personal security, which I hope have now been addressed. This incident actually looks more like a warning than an actual assassination attempt. I have a lot of time for Farage but he has been made, again, to look rather naive.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Loosening a wheel is often enough to kill. Marc Bolan.

  3. Lynn says:

    They never give up..inspire of public awareness now. Nigel is a considerable threat to these vile scum. Play nicley children or you will be taught a lesson.

  4. Aldous says:

    Sorry Tap/Gordon and Tappers, I’m not convinced by this story, just as I wasn’t convinced with his light plane crash. Staged event if you ask me. It has ‘fabrication’ written all over it.

    Is his ‘minder’/umbrella holder taking the piss [undated image] by sticking his tongue out at us? Cheeky bugger. And why show some of the car’s reg in the second image which clearly shows LV and probably a 5 when it is blurred out in the first? A clue perhaps?

    It took place in broad daylight at the end of October – near Dunkirk, where else? Just got to keep that WW2 meme in the sheeple’s minds what?

    Remember the Auschwitz stolen artifacts ‘story’ recently, where the ‘perpetrators’ are looking at 10 years in nick – allegedly.

    Watch for ‘story drift’ on this one, especially where Nigel has now been prevented from making his planned trip to said museum for fear of losing his alloys and steel belted radials to those nasty Nazi tourists ever on the prowl at Auschwitz.

  5. Aldous says:

    Another point is that you can’t even tamper with one of the five wheel nuts on each wheel because of the anti-theft nut which prevents removal or loosening without the proper gizmo.

    I’m not convinced that control would be lost with the rear wheel coming off as indicated in the image. Admittedly not a nice experience – but how convenient for it to come off in a roadwork’s contraflow reduced to two lanes?

    Let’s face it, people break down all the time in such contraflows and it’s no big deal. The speed limit is always reduced, often with speed cameras/average speed cameras in operation.
    By far the most dangerous breakdown – bar none – is to be a ‘stranded vehicle’ in Lane 3 or 4 (or the outside lane) of a normal running motorway.
    To be a stranded vehicle in a restricted speed contraflow reduced to two lanes because of roadworks is absolutely no big deal.

    Is this where TPTB have again shot themselves in the foot and left/made loads of holes in their pathetic hoax event? Didn’t that truck have brakes and why did it have to be a truck bearing down on him?

    I’m assuming it was a right hand drive car – it certainly appears to be in that third image with the blurred out number plate – so WTF was he doing crossing into the path of traffic anyway, when he has to get out of the right hand door? There’s perfect safety just to his right (door) and even if that driver’s door is blocked by the concrete blocks/wall, the worst possible option is to cross the line of flowing traffic – assuming all such traffic didn’t have any brakes.

  6. Lynn says:

    Well spotted Aldous..crime fighters are a lost cause these days.. A critical eye can indeed call them out. It’s all pantomime. He would not have lived to tell any tales if they meant business. 2 near misses hey. No such luck these guys do not miss.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Lynn, no loosened wheel nuts for Labour’s Robin Cook or John Smith – even David Kelly or Princess Diana for that matter. No, just engineered heart attacks or impossible suicides and car crashes that actually kill – even though Princess Diana appears to have been finally ‘seen off’ during the ambulance journey that passed numerous capable hospitals in it’s hour-long journey.

      Either way, the assassination attempt on Farage has either got to be bogus, or MI6/Mossad/CIA have been infiltrated by the Teletubbies.

  7. Jackson says:

    This is interesting.

    Farage Assassination Hoax Busted

    It seems his Volvo V70 should have been recalled due a fault with the wheel securing bolts.

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