7 Responses to “The crimes of the mother-frackers – Ian Crane”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Ian Crane and the Tap. It is a bit like those glamour models who get their PR to pay the Mailonline to make sure their phot always appears.

    Good work btw on fracking and other subjects but tbf these are the second rank subjects that need to be pushed after the following subject which are in the first tier:

    1. White Genocide
    2. WWIII
    3. Organized Elite Child Abuse Rings
    4. Cultural Genocide & Mind Control
    5. Waking Up the Populace to the Cabal and the False Flags & ‘Big Lies’

    Food, Nutrition, ‘Advanced Conspiracy Studies’, Fracking, Environmental Causes have to take second billing (They are Very Important true – but honestly time is now running too short)

    If you fearlessly pushed it then the viewing figures would go up through the roof. Especially if it led to demonstrations and organization including mass non-cooperation etc by ordinary Brits.

    Now is the time to push it before the arrests and lockdowns start.

    • Tom74 says:

      I’d argue that fracking is an extremely important issue.
      Fracking is the rape of our land by foreign companies, with the complicity of our political elites, who in turn frighten, demonise and crush the British people who naturally oppose it.
      Fracking represents all that is wrong with the way the country is being run at the moment.

  2. Tom74 says:

    Talking of Michael Fallon, he’s been stirring things about Lord Bramall again today – apparently Scotland Yard need to apologise. What an odious creep he is.

  3. Bardon58 says:

    MoS, yes perhaps other issues are more important, but as Ian has pointed out, many people are getting into the anti-fracking cause and from there going much further down the rabbit hole. To hope that your average joe bloggs would ever be able to grasp the significance of the issues you mentioned ‘from cold’ is madness. I’m afraid that the softly softly approach is the only way, with fracking as good an entry point as any, as much as us awakened ones would like it to be otherwise.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Hiya Bardon
      I take your point, which is a good one, on fracking being a useful entry level to the ‘conspiracy’ field (i.e. the search for Truth rather than the promotion of lies).

      Your point is valid and is one that I tend to overlook as I suppose I like to be out on the barricades as it were
      yet my fear is that if people are not awake already given the amount that this internet movement and others before have been able to bring to light about the lies of history, false flag attacks, the reality of mass immigration and perhaps worst of all organized child abuse – then I really have to wonder when are the dozy idiots going to wake up.

      When it is too late?

      • Lynn says:

        You are so right MS….it is going to take fracking them up the Jacket before they will cotton on. Until this affects them they won’t admit things are as bad as they can get. They are going to wake up fast once the food ain’t in the shops.

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