Telford MP Lucy Allan’s Commons debate on child ‘care’

As it happened: Telford MP Lucy Allan’s Commons debate on child ‘care’
Telford MP Lucy Allan introduced a three-hour debate in the House of Commons on the numbers of children going into ‘care’.
The backbench business debate was started by Ms Allan and former Home Secretary Alan Johnson, the debate’s other lead member.


The debate, which lasted more than three hours, required Ms Allan to secure cross-party support for her motion which then needed to be approved by the Backbench Business Committee.

Lisa O’Brien reported live on the debate below.
Ms Allan introduced the motion, calling on Government to do more to help families stay together, by providing the support to enable children to stay safely at home.

Speaking ahead of the debate, she said: “I’m delighted to have secured this debate to discuss this important issue. The rising number of children entering the care system is a real concern with a permanent impact on children and families.

“The Prime Minister has recently spoken of his desire to see fewer children in care and spoken of how the plight of children in care shames our country.”

PUBLISHED: January 7, 2016 07:59 LAST UPDATED: January 7, 2016 17:21

TAP – Maybe this is why Lucy Allan’s character has been extensively trashed in the media.  Good luck to her.


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