2 Responses to “Support Ian Crane at his court hearing in London tomorrow”

  1. Aldous says:

    I sincerely hope Ian Crane exercises his Freeman rights to refuse to acknowledge his STRAWMAN – IAN CRANE.

    I notice the court document (Restricted/Secret when completed) is intentionally illegible but that Rathlin Energy and Ian Crane are not capitalised. This cannot be correct as the real and living Ian Crane (uncapitalised) cannot appear on court documents.

    Also, it is, and has been my long time understanding that ‘Secret’ is never used for such documents and the security classification after Restricted would be Confidential/Staff in Confidence – when completed. ‘Restricted’ is a very low security classification and you do not skip from that to Secret which is very high.
    I cannot recall one instance of Restricted and Secret being used on ANY form together and Secret would NEVER be used on any such blank form anyway. The notion is ridiculous.

    ‘Staff in Confidence’ when completed would be the norm imho.

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