Social media brings landslide election win in Taiwan

Taiwan elects first female President in epic electoral bitch slap to communist China… govt. bullying of 16-year-old Taiwanese girl delivers election landslide

Taiwan elections

(NaturalNews) Communist China, an evil police state regime that outlaws free speech and democracy, just got bitch slapped into the history books by an epic landslide election in Taiwan.

Due in part to China’s attempt to bully a 16-year-old Taiwanese singer, yesterday’s election in Taiwan was an epic landslide for liberty and sovereignty, ushering in a wave of D.P.P. representatives who ultimately support national sovereignty from China (and are tired of being bullied by an evil communist regime).

Along with the landslide, Taiwan got a new President: A courageous, determined woman named Tsai Ing-Wen who is already thumbing her nose at communist China and supporting the notion that Taiwan is a sovereign nation with strong self-governance.

What if the UK still claimed to own America?

For those not familiar with the China / Taiwan situation, communist China has claimed to own Taiwan ever since 1949 when pro-democratic forces fled communism on the mainland, establishing their own sovereign nation in the island of Taiwan (now with a population of 23 million people).

Over the past few decades, Taiwan has become a steady showcase of democracy and free enterprise, hosting free elections, demonstrating remarkable innovation in manufacturing and invention, and even giving rise to a well-informed nation of critical thinkers who fiercely debate concepts like freedom and independence across social media and the internet. But communist China claims to own the entire island and has long threatened a military invasion to take it over by force. This is nearly equivalent to the UK still claiming it owns the United States and threatening to invade America to place it under the control of the King of England.

Taiwan has operated as an independent, free nation since 1949, and its democratic process is a beautiful demonstration of how an informed population can vote corruption out of office and usher in a new era of visionary political leadership (President Tsai).

Taiwan citizens just bitch slapped communist China

China’s intense bullying of Taiwan citizens reared its ugly head just one day before the elections when a 16-year-old Taiwanese singer shared an innocent photo of herself holding a tiny Taiwan flag to indicate her national pride. (See photo below.)

China’s communist regime went ballistic and demanded the girl issue a recorded video apology and publicly admit that “there is only one China” and that Taiwan is a territory of communist China… all while apologizing for her “irresponsible” choice of words. (This action smacks of the P.C. language police we now see operating in America, by the way…)

The girl’s talent agents were threatened into submission, and she recorded this reprehensible video that looks like the taped confession of a kidnapping victim, reading from a script the communist Chinese government had prepared for her, “confessing” that Taiwan is ruled by China and apologizing for her “irresponsible act” of waving the Taiwan flag…

This video instantly went viral all across Taiwan, where Taiwanese citizens erupted into outrage over China’s bullying of a 16-year-old girl and the attempted hijacking of her young singing career. This outrage ultimately sent millions of young voters to the polls the very next day where they almost unanimously voted for the D.P.P. opposition party that opposes China and supports Taiwan sovereignty and self-governance.

The result? A landslide election where the shamed, pro-China KMT political party just got its guts ripped out tossed to the birds… it was a stunning defeat, with the KMT losing the vast majority of the political power it held in Taiwan the day before.

Indeed, the photo and “apology” of a 16-year-old girl who was bullied by mainland China just changed the course of history for Taiwan and Asia.

Here’s the photo where she committed the “sin” of holding a tiny Taiwan flag. Note that this act is considered a crime by the government of mainland China:

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