Saudi Arabia – ‘the white ISIS’

Calls for violence against the Shia by Saudi scholars and the official religious authority have continued. The fatwas are always the same: “Either pick the correct path of belief or be killed or exiled.” Official comments labeling the Shia as “the greatest enemy of the Muslims,” “perverts,” or “deviants,” are common.

If you consider the Wahhabi approach to law and order, takfir practices and views on women, Saudi Arabia is really just another version of ISIS but as a nation-state recognized by the United Nations — and the number one ally of the U.S. in the Gulf. Following the execution of Nimr, many people compared the two: the “white ISIS” and the “black ISIS.” Maybe “gray ISIS” is the term that fits best.


Wahhabism is the official sect of Saudi Arabia and it considers the Shia as being “more dangerous perverts than the Christians and the Jews.” The state policy and the shared mentality are shaped according to this. Animals slaughtered by the Shia can’t be eaten because they are dirty; Shia women are not to be married because they are not Muslims; the Shia cannot testify in court because they would lie, and so on.

Since 1979, driven by the fear that the Iranian revolution would spread, the eastern Saudi city of Qatif is treated as “the traitors’ zone” where the war against the dynasty will be fought.


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