Saudi Arabia military setbacks prompt increasingly desperate measures

Saudi’s provoking a regional bloodbath

From the Saudi point of view, one way of trying to salvage their losses in Syria and ongoing setbacks in Yemen would be to blow up the region with an explosion in sectarian conflicts. For many people, of course, such a gambit is insane. But if the House of Saud can provoke a firestorm between Sunnis and Shiites, that would in turn polarize relations between Washington and Moscow, leading to a wider war across the region.

Saudi Arabia is on such a losing streak over Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere that its autocratic rulers probably figure that they don’t have much else to lose by going for broke – and thus provoking a regional bloodbath.


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  1. Aldous says:

    Saudi M1 Abrams Tank Cook Off After Houthi [Yemen] ATGM Hit 1:37

    A ‘Tankie’s’ life in war is usually a short one – although the most modern tanks can immediately detect when they are being targeted by such TOW (Tube-launched Optically-tracked Wire-guided) weapons as in the video – and its computer system automatically traverse the turret and elevate the gun, then fire a shell precisely at the would be ‘shooter’ who has to keep the cross-hairs of his sight exactly on the target until impact. This of course is a great ‘put me off’ to keeping one’s nerve (and firing position) and those cross-hairs centered on the target while the TOW missile lumbers its way towards the target.

    Hence, we now have the ‘Fire and Forget’ missile. Once released from its tube, the shooter can get the hell out of it as fast as his legs will take him or her and onto the next target. Simple!

    Saudi M1 Abrams Tank Cook Off After Houthi ATGM Hit 1:37

    Not much defense against this though:

    [Syrian] Tank Gets Hit by Rocket Launcher and Explodes from Inside – Syrian War 2:54

  2. Lynn says:

    The Saud’s have really done it now..they have executed an Iranian Cleric. This is going to kick off big style now. Shias and Sunnis have been set up in the usual divide and rule. Killing each other..not the true perpetrators. Rinse repeat..!

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