Russian pride expressed in their national anthem

The Russian national anthem sounds way better than any of the others they play like the turgid British, or pompous German equivalents.  The Russian servicemen in Syria sorting out ISIS sang it at their New Year celebrations, after listening to Putin’s address.  This is what it means.   The words tell you why Russians won’t be caving into the NWO any time soon.  It’s not simply the best musically.  It’s an expression of hope for the future.  Never mind God save the Queen.  That’s a dead end philosophy.  The Queen abandoned her coronation oaths years ago.  Britons are slaves now.  It’s time they admitted it and did something about it – like the Russians are doing.

Get out of the EU.  Rebuild democracy and stop the Islamic takeover of Europe.  That would be for starters.


2 Responses to “Russian pride expressed in their national anthem”

  1. Nollidge says:

    Willing to be proved wrong but it sounds just like the old Soviet anthem with new words.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Guess that’s right. Still it’s a great piece of music. Have the words changed? It’s always been an inspiring listen.

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