Recon mission: Armed patriots swarm makeshift FBI compound in Oregon, present ‘Articles of Resolution’ to Special Agent in charge

FBI Special Agent and staff confronted by armed moderators, Recon conducted, Oregon occupation continues

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BURNS, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — The Pacific Patriots Network ran Recon on the FBI Saturday afternoon, showing up to the entrance of their makeshift compound, currently located at the Burns Airport, rolling nearly 20 deep, three to five men per vehicle, fully armed, to deliver three drafted Articles of Resolution on behalf of and for the safety of protesters currently occupying a public building at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

During the confrontation, which remained civil, leaders of PPN and the FBI opened an unofficial dialogue which PPN feels will help deescalate the situation.

“Why are you being so difficult,” PPN’s President Brandon Curtiss asked an FBI Special Agent in known only as “Doug”.

“Enough of this tough guy bullshit,” Curtiss said.

“If we leave there is an element coming to this town that you don’t want and you have no freaking idea. We are trying to stop that right now. There is an element coming here which you guys know is a fringe element, they are extreme, and we are trying to shut it down right now.”

“Guys, guys, guys, we are trying to meet you halfway here,” FBI agent Doug explained to the group.


The Articles of Resolution included a three part list for the FBI to investigate and, or, make happen, which included:

1. How the government has ignored a Redress Agreement previously submitted by the Committee of Safety to proper government channels prior to all of this taking place.

2 (a). How crucial witness testimony against the Bureau of Land Management was ignored which shows that a BLM agent actually lit the backfire which the Hammond’s were imprisoned for.

2 (b). Unconfirmed reports that documents are being destroyed at the local BLM office.

3. An open dialogue between the FBI and the protesters occupying the Refuge.

PPN’s President Brandon Curtiss also made it clear he wants to have a direct line to the superior who’s actually running the FBI’s operation.

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