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  1. Lynn says:

    Ain’t that the true picture…they have left a legacy of death and butchering in the wake of their criminal takeover. We have to bring an end to this Global sacrifice. What are we leaving our Children to face. These disgusting and deluded maniacs have got to be destroyed. In the name of goodness what the hell are we doing.

  2. Nicky says:

    The Salvation of mankind lies only in making everything the concern of all.

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Two Hundred Years Together: Russo-Jewish History, Vol. 1: 1795-1916.

    Chapter 1, To End of 18th Century, first installment (see contents).

    [G13] In this book the presence of the Jews in Russia prior to 1772 will not be discussed in detail. However, for a few pages we want to remember the older epochs.

    One could begin, that the paths of Russians and Jews first crossed in the wars between the Kiev Rus and the Khazars– but that isn’t completely right, since only the upper class of the Khazars were of Hebraic descent, the tribe itself being a branch of the Turks that had accepted the Jewish faith.

    • Tapestry says:

      Hebraic descent. Hebrew comes from the Ebro – the name for the Nile Delta. The Jews were the Egyptians – the Hyksos, the shepherd kings who guarded the pyramids at GIza and kept their money in The White House in a city called Avaris.

      • ian says:

        Cheers for that Tap’ any good links would be appreciated or perhaps even a book I could get. cheers ian.

  3. Nicky says:

    Yes. I to would like to know more about that period. Have come to realise that the Giza pyramid was multifunctional. As one commenter posited when I came to my conclusions and searched to see if others had reached similar conclusions, “Nothing that large was constructed as a monument alone, Function drives form”.
    The superconductor (The ark/arc of the covenant) fits right into the kings chambers empty container, The theft of this vital component being the cause of the disasters that befell Egypt after the Earth stabilising weather modifying Pyramid was shut down. The ancients who built this planet wide network most certainly had a better grasp of the nature of the electric universe model that todays scientists are slowly begining to accept.
    Laurence Gardner is one source that led me to the super conducting mono atomic powders found in that area and the need for those carrying it to be earthed (Bare footed) or fried on the spot, Also mentions a Sinai site in his books thathad large quantities of the exotic metal. I may be wrong but I think Flinders Petrie had done some work at the Hathor temple there. How is this connected, The removal of that vital component by usual suspect would explain the desertification of that area after it’s removal and the upheaval that occured in the Earth at that time. Coincidence. I think not.
    Encouraging That Mr Putin was so well thought of by Alexander. There is hope.

  4. Lynn says:

    So much we don’t know Tap.,but we are learning so much more now.
    The technology they have is what they were hoping for. We have caught up with so much, but so much more to come.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    I have mentioned here before the builders of the pyramids were the Nefilim sometimes referred to as Sumerians. In other words beings who came from the stars in flying ships who colonized earth and created the 12 tribes of humans in their own image.

    They used the wombs of primitives, some believe possible something along the lines of the yeti. There were some mistakes along the way resulting in beings such as the centaur of Greek mythology, half man half horse, etc.

    As for the pyramids the Enuma Elish/Sumerian Epic can reveal all you wish to know. Many of these clay tablets are found in the Berlin Museum.

    Here is an examply of what they reveal.

    “Going up the Ascending Passage, Ninurta reached its junction with the imposing Grand Gallery and a Horizontal Passage. Ninurta followed the Horizontal Passage first, reaching a large chamber with a corbelled roof. Called “vulva” in the Ninharsag poem, this chamber’s axis lay exactly on the east-west center line of the pyramid. Its emission (“an outpouring which is like a lion whom no one dares attack”) came from a stone fitted into a niche that was hollowed out in the east wall. It was the SHAM (“Destiny“) Stone. Emitting a red radiance which Ninurta “saw in the darkness,” it was the pulsating heart of the pyramid. But it was anathema to Ninurta, for during the battle, when he was aloft, this stone’s “strong power” was used ” to grab to kill me, with a tracking which kills to seize me.” He ordered it “pulled out… be taken apart… and to obliteration be destroyed.”

    Ninurta by the way is not only mentioned in the clay tablets but is also mention in the Indian epic known as the Mahabharata, which is 2300 years old and took 600 years to write. The information some here wish to know is all there if willing to explore.

    Unfortunately the Hebrews by power of the media manage to insert themselves into almost every narrative by virtue of media control and in most instances they were far less involved than you are lead to believe. They were only one of the 12 tribes. In fact the original Hebrews were the Falani of India who came to Palestine bringing their 6 pointed star which was simply a symbol of tantric sex used to enliven the pineal gland in the quest for enlightenment or cosmic consciousness.


    • Nicky says:

      Fascinating, Not for one minute saying I’ve taken on board everything. Made a start though.

      Googled Abraham Brahm not so long ago, Having dipped a toe into Devanagari Sanskrit and it’s root sounds and there meanings common to our own, Such as Sta. Sta roughly being the root for fixed. Static Stable Strong Standard eStablished etc etc… A far superior language to our/are own… get the picture? Ours is a funny language are’s is.

      Dharma to Adharma, Brahma Abrahma Abraham …came across the hermetics site I believe it was. And then their is the Captain. Ajit Vadakayil whom I know some of you are familiar with.
      Thinking back on it Captain Ajits Vimana tales of trips to Egypt planted the seed re the functional Pyramids alongside the Late L Gardner’s works.
      Wonder if the spanish word Vamanos (Let’s go) originated from Vimana (Lets Fly) , Soz wasting time here.

      On the subject of Dragons.
      Check this out if you have time. It is 4 neolithic sites in the south and west with three still containing earthworks of Dragons. Two of which are being dug up.
      Have pasted the whole as sent to whales online below this. Not a word back. Been a tad nieve. Rather that than a totally twisted knobhead anyday.
      I later chanced upon Messr’s Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett and crews persecutions for uncovering our own History so probably will not.
      How much of the media do they control? Reckon thar aint gonna be that many get’s let into the valleyo by the Maishiac, Green grow the bushes oh right among the lilley oh.
      I hope my real jew rabbi Mate Haim is the Maishiac, He cannot abide the racism in his religion.

      The article as posted to Wales online for their attention.

      Hi folks. This one will blow you away. This part is after all predominately Ancient Welsh History so It is fitting the story gets released by wales online.

      It is an extension of others works.
      Robin Heath and John Mitchell have covered the pythagorean triangle on the site Ancient wisdom.com. I am adding Elements as yet not currently known as far as I can make out.
      Your patrons will enjoy taking part in this little treasure hunt. X marks the spot.

      Right. Here we go. bring up google maps. sattelite is better than map for this. right click on the set of three sighting cairns/standing stones on the nearest hill to the left of Crymych.
      select “measure distance” from the menu. left click. you should get a way point on screen.
      You can drag it to site it by clicking and holding it.

      Then go to the neolithic cairn north of the old lighthouse on the southern part of Lundy isles and left click again. another waypoint should appear.
      Some Older maps of Lundy show it dominating the landscape.

      The next waypoint site is Stonehenge.

      Next find Condicote village hall. Find the Henge sited to the right of that and select that as the next point. (it is partially covered by houses but still visible). It also forms the nose of an still visible deers head earthwork extending north east. More on them later.
      Now return back to the first waypoint and mark a further point near the first. You should be looking at the first rectangle.
      Now to find the centre.
      Take a line down to Stonehenge (The hypotenuse of the gents pythagorean triangle mentioned above) and then back up to condicote, you get the picture? the last one goes to lundy.
      You should be looking at a rectangle with a cross marking the centre point of these four neolithic sites.

      Zoom in to the centre site. You will find that if you have accurately marked the sites out it hits bang on to ………..Caerphilly Castle…….. Bang On.

      Click on the markers and tweak the positions a tad if out slightly.

      I have searched for neolithic sites for that area and the only thing thus far I have come across was a tale an antiquites dealer (and historian/uni librarian at one time) related to me concerning a tale of the first attempts to build on the site failing. Each night the previous days efforts where undone. advice was sought from Merlin, Whom told of two dragons that come out each night and fight there, And that was the cause of the destruction. I have yet to verify this old tale. Still. It is some fascinating and a story worthy of further investigation. any readers familiar with this tale?

      Our much buried History/Dharmic record could do with reviving. It is far richer than we have been conditioned to believe. A Far richer culture than is given credit.
      Yours to publish and investigate as you see fit.
      some small credit would be appreciated though.
      There is more to be done with the sighting stones, for example on the Crymych hills, if you follow the three sighting stones on both hills you find a cairn. Carn Bica.
      Theres more.
      To the right of this rectangle sits Another to be uncovered.
      You could engage your readers to do a bit of research here to find more sighting stones and add to the picture. Make it a rolling article with reader input.
      Following the line east of the lundy stonehenge lattitude and equidistant, a site called Anvil green comes up. I bet there is another Henge or marker thereabouts.
      Anvil stone, Alter stone, and later Slaughter stones, interchangeable terms in distant times connected to the sword and stone legends of old.
      The iron detected at these “slaughter stones” is most likely due to just that, Iron working. Not Blood. I know. According to some toerags our ancestors where ignorant peasants with no knowledge and little metalworking skills (Total Bollox in my opinion).
      And as the knowledge of frequencies increases and of the benefic emissions from natures bounty, We will see that the stones we see today have been much altered as pieces of it where valued for medicinal purposes.
      Upper slaughter and lower slaughter place names are at one of the sites.

      Some slight cause for concern and a reason to get this out there, Your help on this would be appreciated. As I believe part of this has been figured out by others.
      At the dragon earthworks at Glogue and at the snake/wyvern earthwork near condicote, There is some digging taking place as can be seen on googlemaps, Right in the mouth areas of both. Look for the remains of the egg shape, the condicote snake sits right over it. Guarding it.
      Some lucky soul has an house right in the egg.
      I bet there is something below that if it has not already been robbed out during the build.
      Vedic scripture speaks of departed souls whom have buried treasure returning as a snake to guard there hoard if they remain attached and fail to move on after death. Yes there are earthworks with ancient starmaps in the landscape common to three of the sites. Much of Lundys has been obliterated, as has the centre of the right rectangle which sits over Harrow.
      This is a work in progress. I’ve a few leads to follow, A few sites, Some Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett reference in the video “Artorious rex Discovered”. I would love to get there take on this. One of my Dearest friends Is of the Cadwaladr line and he is of course impressed at these nuggets coming to light.
      Thanks must go to the fathers of the internet for the tools that allow us to access and share all this knowledge, A certain welshman being an early pioneer I do believe. Donald Watts Davies.

      Yours Mr Nicky Hayes. For my Uncle Billy and Auntie Maywin.

      I am sending this to you as a gift however some recognition would be appreciated and as I am off work and self employed awaiting a pacemaker a little gratuity if available. Your call folks, either way it is a fascinating find I think you will agree.

      ps. Steps are currently being made to alert the relevent bodies to accept and monitor the sites. (especially where digging is occuring) through my antiquities buddy. Your putting this in the public domain will help preserve what has not already been disturbed and/or possibly looted further. There is a small chance I will be asked to keep it quiet, but I have little trust for official bodies in isolation, as corruption and need are out there.
      Safer out in the open for sure.
      Caerphilly rectangle tours. I can see the right crew bringing much needed dosh to Wales if handled well. You could be the ones to bring this about folks.
      I reserve the right to pass this on to other outlets in the event nothing is published in good time but would prefer it if yourselves benefited from this.
      It could go viral if handled well. And lift the spirits during these interesting times.
      Would you be kind enough to email me any article if you go ahead and form one. Thank you.

      pps. I nearly did not send this, Are you aware your site has more scripts running on it than a yank news outlet. I’m off to clean out the crap from it directly.
      All the best. Nicky

    • Nicky says:

      I truly hope the coming storm prophesised can be averted dublinsmick. It is not loking very promising.

      • Dublinmick says:

        They heard about the pyramids from their British colonialists and Napoleon. Napoleon was said to be very shaken when he exited the pyramid.

        The future holds some very dark moments before the light will shine again. However the old must be thrown out before the new can set the course.

  6. Nollidge says:

    Here’s something you might all care to ponder.
    The ancient Egyptians venerated cats because they kept down the mice & rats,thus saving their grain.Cats were even mummified (an expensive process) .
    & of course the only reason to visit Egypt is to see the Pyramids.
    Now go through the whole of the old testament.You’ll find no mention of cats or pyramids.So were the Habiru ever in Egypt?. Where & from whom did they steal the story ?.

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