Putin and The Pale White Horse

Anonymous 2 January 2016 at 09:22

If you take a careful look at The Economist for 2016, you will see tucked down under Putin’s bear like chest is a globe, with a pale white horse atop that world. Does that ring any bells? I would guess that if you are Roman Catholic or Christian you would have an idea what that is about. Word on the street is that somehow, somewhere, Putin, or someone out of Russia, will claim descent from the Line of David, and therefore Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and claim to be the risen christ or a representative thereof. There has already been an allusion to the Greek Orthodoxy of Russia having had special powers transferred over to them from Rome and Russia has already been branded the ‘savior’ and protector of Christianity. Meanwhile, the West is slated for demonization.


There are no aliens.  It’s all a con, says the late William Cooper.  Abductions are mind control.  There are machines which can read your mind and insert thoughts and memories into your mind.   There’s a civil war coming in America.  Everyone’s being whipped up with hysteria.  There’s no hand of God.  These are the deceptions of man.

Can’t you see that it is all a play? I guess you would not be able to if you were wrapped up in the Christian fantasy. What with all of it’s intricate mind traps well written into the script itself? With nothing but thousands of years behind it to back it up. People just can’t wrap their head around the breadth of time these people have had to work on this plan. The entire Bible was written by them and implemented, slowly, over time by them! If you do not notice they are following a script and are duping MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Christians, Jews, and Muslims en masse by FAKING the second coming… very, very soon.

The West has been integrally demonized, deconstructed and villainized for the past 50 years and more, ever since WWII, because 3 wars are needed for their plan. The US and Britain along with other countries has been a breeding pit for criminals and crazies, intentionally created as an excuse to clean up the immoral West when the forces are meant to be posited. Obama, of course, will be exposed as the international spy that he is, the American Congress will be called out as the pedophiles they are, and the American public will be blamed for ushering all of these elements in by the rest of the world. The rest of the world will be told that America has been behind these terrorist atrocities for as long as 9/11, but we all know that the same elements have been doing this for CENTURIES.

Don’t be fooled by the short con, the short con is trying to get as many as possible within the TWO camps, the EVIL West, and the honest and benevolent Russian Christian East, so that 2/3rds of America can BE THE NEW SACRIFICE FOR YHWH, the IMPETUS that will clamor the world and make the world call for staunch change and a NEW ONE WORLD GOVERNING BODY (in a MUCH bigger Israel)THAT INCLUDES THE CHURCH AS ARBITER FOR AN OVERALL ‘CLEANSING’ OF ALL THE EVIL IN THE WORLD.

All Abrahamic religions are of the Nephilim, even Jesus is ‘in on it’ (Mr. Morning Star himself). Dont choose any of them. Don’t choose anything that calls itself religion and with all your might try and feel the real Prime Creator.

God Bless, God Speed



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