PRESS TV: UN SG Ban Ki Moon correct – Israeli settlements illegal says lawyer Alfred Webre

Published on Jan 26, 2016

PRESS TV: UN SG Ban Ki Moon correct – Israeli settlements in Palestine are illegal says international lawyer Alfred Webre

January 26, 2016
“Ban Ki-moon once again called on Israel to halt the construction. He said quote – progress towards peace requires a freeze of Israel’s construction of settler units. The UN chief spoke after Israel approved plans to build 153 new settler homes in the occupied West Bank. Ban described the move as a provocative act. Ban also said that it’s natural for Palestinians to resist against Israel because they are frustrated after half a century of occupation. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the UN chief’s comment, accusing him of – quote – encouraging terror. All Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.”


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  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Press TV are obviously the next bunch to be taken out by the Cabal that is applying the Lambremont Law of Coincidence…
    When Alfie pops up there is sure to be a hit job coming soon (Annett,Sabine…)


    Do you want your daughter or wife to end up like this. IF the answer is No then get off your fattened and weakened backside and get ready to do something and get your friends and family ready.


  2. salty says:

    The expansion of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land makes a mockery of the US commitment to self-determination for Kosovo, East Timor and Tibet.

  3. salty says:

    A long way from illegal Israeli settlements.

    Or maybe not.

    • Anything Lambremont webre is associated with Salty is to be dropped and avoided
      The mans a jesuit, jesuit educated as tapbligs explored in 2015.
      The man promotes the exopolitucs narrative. Lets wait and true all tge exopolitcs stuff is.
      Though the SSP is true. So i sense Jesuit Webre is helping the NWO stay abreast of unfolding events, to imprint and shape the narrative.
      Ban ki moon. Might be a good man deep inside, trapped and tricked and blackmailed before he knew what happened and deeply repents deep inside what hes done

      Make no mistake ban ki moon would never be in the top UN position if he wasnt totally controlled and blackmailed by EVIL ACTS. Therefore how can anything in this post be trusted?

      • salty says:

        What has anything you have said in this thread, got to do with ILLEGAL ISRAELI SETTLEMENTS ?

        You might just as well post in a foreign language.


      I am saying that not only is presstv cabal penetrated, but Webre and Moon teling us about Israeli settlements. You would have to be stupid not to take a step.back and wonder why such evil compromised people are choosing to tell us about israeli settlements?

      Even though its obvious israeli settlements are illegal. But why are such people casting themselves in a good light when theyre evil? Like the rest.

      I can only conclude the UN Lucis Trust Luciferians are playing us with a Good Cop Bad Cop Netanyahu routine. I dont know the full answers to everything and motivations

      I do know and sense, when not to trust the Webre jesuit and UN Moon messengers, somethings afoot

  4. salty says:

    Israeli group launches database on businesses located in the Jewish settlements

    28th March 2016.

    All Israeli settlements are illegal.

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