Piers Corbyn On Climate Change, Geo-engineering & The Media Treatment Of His Brother Jeremy

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After Piers Corbyn was on Radio shows  – LBC (6th) – John Gaunt (7th) – RichieAllen (7th) (see also @Piers_Corbyn twitter)

On LBC (and similar on others) Piers pointed that there was no evidence that CO2 levels let alone Man’s CO2 drives climate but the reality is that CO2 levels follow world temperatures and now we were dealing with data fraud on an intenational scale whereby temperatures are adjusted upwards recently to make it appear as if the world is warming in order to justify carbon taxes and various controls.

He said that recently 2010 had been declared warmer than 1998 whereas it used to be the other way around and that this was fraud to give the impression of continuous warming.

A meteorologist from the university of Reading appeared distressed by Piers and said it had been very mild in December there as if this was somehow proof it was down to mankind’s CO2. (Interestingly he didnt deny there had been ‘adjustments’ to data. So the fact is THE ‘ADJUSTMENTS’ ARE USED TO  “PROVE” THE CO2 STORY).  Piers said we are in an El Nino and Wild Jet Stream situation which makes these extremes and during the last Mini Ice Age there were some very warm spells while it was generally colder. He also said one needed to explain why the big storm (#StormFrank associated with the warmth) at the end of December (which WeatherAction predicted) coincided with intense solar activity (which WeatherAction also predicted and which caused the storm).

2016 will be a year of wild and wierd weather

#StormFrank (in WeatherAction TopRed, R5, period 28-31Dec) also known as Piers Corbyn’s #StormPiers2 (The 1st was 28Oct 2013 predicted 6m ahead) hit (details below) as predicted 10weeks ahead. This storm and associated extremes around the world such as a short mild event in the Arctic and extreme blizzards and cold blasts in New Mexico and East Europe are a foretaste of the extremes and contrasts coming in the year ahead!

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Published on Jan 8, 2016





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  1. salty says:

    Ouch! Jeremy Corbyn’s brother supports Palestinian

    Posted on April 8, 2016.

    On Thursday, Jonathan Arkush, president of UK’s Jewish Lobby, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, accused Piers Corbyn of supporting Israel’s enemies, such as, Hamas and Hizbullah.




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