One refugee’s story – Arash from Iran

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He was forced to flee Iran after being charged with serious offences as a result of his helping hungry Iranians.  He was jailed.  Tortured.  Suffered a mock execution with rope around his neck.  Was hung by his neck but resuscitated three times during two years.  He was released 21 days after he was supposed to be released.  He was then told he was going to be recharged and rearrested, but managed to escape to Torquay in England.

If you escape the Islamic Republic of Iran, they go after your family.  That law comes from the Quran.  They got his father and shot him dead in public.



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  1. Aldous says:

    Social Networking/Facebook again being used to (probably) spread lies, half truths and disinformation.
    What happens in Iran is Iran’s business as far as I’m concerned. Jews (genuine Semitic Jews NOT Zionists) are protected in Iran by Presidential Edict…

    …But Khomeini met with the Jewish community upon his return from exile in Paris and issued a ”fatwa” decreeing that the Jews were to be protected. Similar edicts also protect Iran’s tiny Christian minority.

    Just as it radically transformed Muslim society, the revolution changed the Jews. Families that had been secular in the 1970s started keeping kosher and strictly observing rules against driving on Shabbat. They stopped going to restaurants, cafes and cinemas – many such establishments were closed down – and the synagogue perforce became the focal point of their social lives.

    There must be dozens of ‘safe’ countries for ‘Arash from Iran’ to have fled to before he arrived at and sought asylum in Torquay, England – which must be about to sink under the weight of them all any day soon. Blimey, even the Truckers/Teamsters with their non Etonian education have spotted the danger! They’re not bothered about the ferries sinking but the Island UK sinking as they get within sight of it, then having to return and become French Citizens and force-fed a diet of frog’s legs and snails.

    France must deploy army to protect Calais truck drivers from migrants – UK haulage chief

  2. Aldous says:

    “They got his father and shot him dead in public.” Now that is something the ZOG West would never do?

    I really don’t get articles like this – and that’s not meant to be a criticism of the posting of such articles because this is not my blog and I am just a visitor/commenter.

    There seem to be so many far worse problems much closer to home than worrying about a (dubious) foreigner seeking political asylum in the UK – where he would be required to provide details of persecution in Iran, true or false – probably the latter or a variation thereof.

    On 22nd July 2005, 27 year old Jean Charles de Menezes was shot 7 times in the head by police officers at Stockwell tube station as part of a pre-planned anti-terrorism operation.

    No one has been held responsible for his death.


    The family of Jean Charles de Menezes will be unveiling a permanent memorial to Jean Charles at Stockwell tube station at 10:00am Thursday, 7 January 2010.

    This was premeditated UK STATE murder that actually happened a fortnight after the 7/7 False Flag atrocity.
    It does make one wonder why these asylum seekers/economic migrants flee to the ZOG West which is – or soon will be – little more than a fire/raging inferno after jumping from their real or imagined frying pan.

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