Before Paris attacks, Left Wing in France was preparing to adopt ‘Plan B’ i.e. disobedience to the EU

Vassalos reveals that Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his Leftist party, the second biggest component of the Leftist front in France, were preparing on 14 Nov. of 2015, a European conference with the participation of economists, politicians and movements, concerning the “plan B” i.e. “disobedience to the EU” and the possibility of democratizing euro.

The blockbuster conference was canceled because ISIS extremists “conveniently” spread the terror in Paris the night before.

After the attacks, the French Communist Party made a turn of 180 degrees for the sake of “national unity”, by voting for the three-month emergency situation which included the prohibition of protests.

Vassalos’ analysis reveals how the ruthless neoliberal establishment can methodically split the Left to prevent a unified Leftist front, which would set in great danger the plans for the new conditions in Europe and elsewhere, according to the Greek experiment.


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