Islamic sex attacks on Europeans covered up EU-wide for years

Following the revelation that German police suppressed the news of migrant sex assaults on New Year’s Eve for up to a week, it has now been revealed that Swedish police suppressed similar news for several years.

According to Stockholm police press officer Wolf Gyllander, failure to inform the public appeared “completely unacceptable”. He added that the police were obviously aware of the problem of migrant sex crime for some time, but had “failed to communicate it”.


Mr. Gyllander claimed there may have been “legitimate reasons” that he is not aware of for why police chose not to share the information, and he pledged to investigate.

The chief of police of Södermalm Peter Agren, reportedly suggested there were political reasons for the silence, because some thought the news would play into the hands of the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats party.

Prime Minister Stephen Löfven has described the matter as a “betrayal” against young women


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  1. beLIEve says:

    FORTY YEARS AGO……I was reading in British tabloids of sexual assaults on British girls by Asian “immigrants”

    As most of us know the …ashkeNAZIs…..plan to genocide the white races by means of …..IMMIGRATION.

    Fortunately the masses are waking up.

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