Ian Crane detention under Terrorism Act. Details.

Ian Crane describes his month’s experiences  –  which include being detained at Exeter airport under the Terrorism Act 2000, and interrogated.  They examined his phone for one hour, with all its details copied.   He has also been banned on Facebook.  His car also pranged during the month, but that was his own fault sliding on a wet road.

The methane gas leak in northern California is leeching at a phenomenal rate.  The pollution is the equivalent of 5 million cars running 24/7 in this area.  The problem is out of control.  2200 hundred families have been relocated.  Another 7000 are waiting to be relocated.  There are hundreds of others hoping to be relocated.   Negative health impacts can be severe, as methane affects the human nervous system, and other key parts of human health.  The problem at Porter’s Ranch is 8000 feet down.   SoCal (Southern California Gas) will face claims from the 9000 residents currently targeted for removal, and no doubt there will be many others to follow.  The health bill could run into billions of dollars more.

This is the danger of setting up gas caverns as has been proposed at Fylde in Lancashire, underneath a densely populated area.


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  1. Nicky says:

    Currently in the news. California methane leak.
    After the thought occured the cause may be fracking at the site of the methane leak in Porter ranch stateside, and after a bit of swiftdigging. I came across this artcicle. dated 27th of July 2014.
    and a more recent article.

    I searched the BBC sites article for the word “Fracking”. No hits. Not one. Says a great deal about the quality of our current state controlled journalism.
    On the upside we did get an article from the Beeb, So not quite completely sold out. Yet.

    I never cease to be taken aback at the levels of stupid that exists on Earth.

  2. Nicky says:

    oops. I did not read this article fully either. Assumed it was an advert for the fracking nightmare video and a storyon Ian Crane being subjected to persecution by the stupid for the stupid. The Porter ranch fracking link has been made already. ooer.

  3. Nicky says:

    Having now realised that the fracking nightmare comes in episodes and watching it, It is my hope others will take some time to watch it. Colud be a game changer.
    I to it seems suffer from a little of the stupid/lazy bug.
    Will in future read and watch in full any articles pre commenting. My apologies.

  4. Nicky says:

    Fracking has indeed been employed around Porter Ranch pre 2014. as alluded to in this article from Porter Ranch Neighbourhood Council.

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