Ian Crane describes the intimidation he’s facing. Porter Ranch catastrophe. Upton camp eviction – The Corporate Police.

The oil price is crashing worldwide, making frackers unviable.  Corporations like Raithlin Energy that are currently threatening him with court action are dead corporations, says Crane. Their assets are miniature compared to their liabilities.  They’re bust, getting desperate and trying to sue Crane with bankruptcy proceedings.  They’re selling up in Canada, and moving money to the UK.  The funds won’t nearly cover their debts.

Crane covers many other stories from around the globe relevant to his campaign to save the world from fracking.

The Porter Ranch gas leak in Southern California, and the eviction of the Upton anti-fracking camp, amongst his topics covered in this his latest report.

The behaviour of the CEO of SoCal in court is described.  He refused to answer many questions.  Susan describes his arrogance.  He said it would be ‘difficult’ to supply Los Angeles without the Porter Ranch gas storage facility.  He didn’t say ‘impossible’.  The local people want it closed down.  The awareness of how dangerous to health oil and gas facilities are, is growing.  SoCal had understated the number of readings taken in the past which showed that the levels of gas were already dangerous before the leak took place.  They’ve been misleading the government and the media as to the safety of the facility.  t’s a constant battle to get them to tell the truth.

Crane – The corporate lawyers make the CEOs look angelic.  The role of the corporate lawyer is to trample over anyone who has the audacity to question them.  The leak has been going three months now.  More and more academics are taking an interest now.  Methane measurements are being taken and ‘ findings are disturbing’.   The mix of gases is highly toxic as well as the methane.  Benzene, ziolene, toluene will be having huge impacts on the health of the local people.

The media tries to downplay any role in the catastrophe that’s been played by fracking.  There is the possibility that fracking so close to the storage caverns caused the catastrophe.  It was a disaster waiting to happen.  The frackers are still trying to carry on in the location.  It’s crazy.  Meantime more and more testers are moving in to help the community to get the true situation into the media.  The politicians are all siding with local residents (surprise surprise).

The situation seems to be worse than they’re saying.   The leak pluggers haven’t been able to plug the leak.  Everyone should be got out of there.  There are longterm effects.  They’re hiding the facts.



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