Human DNA Contains A Message From Extraterrestrials



A new study reveals how the human DNA was encoded using an extraterrestrial signal used by ancient aliens who visited Earth in the distant past.
The study is called “The “Wow! Signal” of the terrestrial genetic code”, and it is the work of two researchers from the Department of Mathematics, respectively Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The two authors of the study, researchers Vladimir I. shCherbak and Maxim A. Makukov, trust in the existence of a “Biological SETI” – a mathematical code residing inside the human DNA, and is something that cannot be explained via the course of evolution as traditional theories claim.

According to the study, science is a step closer to proving the Ancient Astronaut theory as well as the hypothesis of our species being engineered by advanced aliens through DNA manipulation. The scientific duo stated in the Icarus Journal that:
Once fixed, the code might stay unchanged over cosmological timescales. In fact, it is the most durable construct known. Therefore it represents an exceptionally reliable storage for an intelligent signature. Once the genome is appropriately rewritten, the new code with a signature will stay frozen in the cell and its progeny, which might then be delivered through space and time.

In other words, the human DNA is designed with such a precision that it reveals an “ensemble of arithmetical and ideographical patterns of symbolic language”.

As a result of this study, other researchers now discuss the probability of us humans being engineered outside of our solar system by our alien creators several billion years ago, a hypothesis strongly supported by the many ancient texts found on Earth that speak of the creation of mankind and the creator gods or deities.
However, the study also focuses on the idea that life on Earth emerged as a result of microbiological particles being carried throughout the cosmos on asteroids and comets, which behave as giant transportation devices that plant life on different planets capable of sustaining it. This theory differs from the classic evolution theory, as its supporters believe that we were not a random product of evolution, but a certain creation of our makers, designed and sent to Earth on purpose.
Cherbak and Makukov presented a detailed analysis of the human genome that shows a previously ignored precision-type method in the mapping between the DNA’s nucleotides and amino acids. The duo stated that:
Simple arrangements of the code reveal an ensemble of arithmetical and ideographical patterns of symbolic language. Accurate and systematic, these underlying patterns appear as a product of precision logic and nontrivial computing.
So is it possible that we were designed by advanced alien beings with extended knowledge of creating life through DNA manipulation? If so, is the human species a product originating from another planet in this vast universe? Or is it rather a product designed on Earth by an advanced race who anchored on this planet in the ancient past, as many timeworn texts suggests?
While we cannot deny the panspermia hypothesis claiming that life on the earth originated from microorganisms or chemical precursors of life present in outer space that were able to initiate life upon reaching a suitable environment, we find it likely that life on Earth is in fact a product of more intelligent species with the ability to create life. Whatever may be the case, the upcoming years will reveal more information regarding topics that were until now forbidden or ignored.

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  1. Gordon says:

    Some time ago I sat contemplating the meaning of the word Genesis and on researching I came across some rather remarkable facts which I’d like to share with you today.

    Genesis: The DNA of Life

    Word Origin & History

    Easton Bible Dictionary.

    The five books of Moses were collectively called the Pentateuch, a work of Greek origin meaning “the five-fold book.” The Jews called them the Torah, i.e., “the law.” It is possible that the division of the Torah into five books proceeded the Greek translators of the Old Testament. The names by which these several books are generally known are Greek. The first book of the Pentateuch (q.v.) is called by the Jews Bereshith, i.e., “creation” or “generation,” being the name given to it in the LXX. as designating its character, because it gives an account of the origins of all things. It contains, according to the usual computation, the history of about two thousand three hundred and sixty-nine years. Genesis is divided into two principal parts. The first part (1-11) gives a general history of mankind down to the time of the Dispersion. The second part presents the early history of Israel down to the death and burial of Joseph (12-50). There are five principal persons brought in succession under our notice in this book, and around these persons the history of the successive periods is grouped, viz., Adam (1-3), Noah (4-9), Abraham (10-25:18), Isaac (25:19-35:29), and Jacob (36-50). In this book we have several prophecies concerning Christ (3:15; 12:3; 18:18; 22:18; 26:4; 28:14; 49:10). The author of this book was Moses. Under divine guidance he may indeed have been led to make use of materials already existing in primeval documents, or even of traditions in a trustworthy form that had come down to his time, purifying them from all that was unworthy; but the hand of Moses is clearly seen throughout in its composition.

    Old English from Latin genesis, adopted as title of first book of Old Testament in Vulgate, from Gk. Genesis “origin, creation, generation,” from gignesthai “to be born,” related to genos “race, birth, descent”. As such, is translated from Heb. Bereshith, lit. “in the beginning,” which was the first word of the text, taken in error as its title. Extended sense of “origin, creation” first recorded in English c.1595-1605.

    Looking closely at the word Genesis notice that it is composed of 7 letters and 4 syllable; Gen, Gene, Genes (and) Is.

    Gen; Old English; Pronunciation; /je:n/ Adverb; still, yet again, further.
    Gen; A combining form meaning “that which produces.”
    Modern English slang; news, information.

    Gene; Noun

    A unit of hereditary; a segment of DNA or RNA that is transmitted from one generation to the next, and that carries genetic information such as the sequence of amino acids for a protein.

    Genes; Noun. Plural of gene.

    A gene is a locatable region of genomic sequence, corresponding to a unit of inheritance, which is associated with regulatory regions, transcribed regions and/or other functional sequence regions. The physical development and phenotype of organisms can be thought of as a product of genes interacting with each other and with the environment. A concise definition of a gene, taking into account complex patterns of regulation and transcription, genic conservation and non-coding RNA genes, has been proposed by Gerstein et al. “A gene is a union of genomic sequences encoding a coherent set of potentially overlapping functional products”.

    Colloquially, the term gene is often used to refer to an inheritable trait which is usually accompanied by a phenotype as in (“tall genes” or “bad genes”) — the proper scientific term for this is allele which is an abbreviation of the German word allelomorph borrowed from the Greek word allel which means “another one” + morphe “form.”

    In Hebrew the word all comes from the word kôl kôl ,which means; properly the whole; hence all, any or every (in the singular only, but often in a plural sense): – (in) all (manner, [ye]), altogether and its primitive root is kâlal:- to complete: – (make) perfect.
    Al is singular to God ie “al-together, the Al-mighty,” or the “Al-mighty (Almighty) one” while El can be singular or plural in reference to God or the family of God “el-o-heem’.”

    God: H410 אל ‘êl ale

    Shortened from H352; strength; as adjective mighty; especially the Almighty (but used also of any deity): – God (god), X goodly, X great, idol, might (-y one), power, strong. Compare names in “-el.”

    El in Hebrew means God:- ‘êl: Shortened from H352; strength; as adjective mighty; especially the Almighty (but used also of any deity): – God (god), X goodly, X great, idol, might (-y one), power, strong. Compare names in “-el.”

    H352 ‘ayil:

    From the same as H193; properly strength; hence anything strong; specifically a chief (politically); also a ram (from his strength).

    H193 ‘ûl
    From an unused root meaning to twist, that is, (by implication) be strong; the body (as being rolled together) also powerful: – mighty, strength.

    The word God from the Hebrew H430 el-o-heem’ which is a plural word describing more than one. Which can also be translated to mean a family name much like Smith and Jones and any other family name and therefore el-o-heem is the family name of God which has more than one member.

    H430 Plural of H433; gods in the ordinary sense; but specifically used (in the plural thus, especially with the article) of the supreme God; occasionally applied by way of deference to magistrates; and sometimes as a superlative: – angels, X exceeding, God (gods) (-dess, -ly), X (very) great, judges, X mighty.
    H433 Takes its root from H410 ‘ĕlôahh a deity or the deity.
    H410 Takes its root from H352 to H193 as described above

    The Greek for God is Theos which is of uncertain affinity; a deity, especially; the supreme Divinity; figuratively a magistrate; by Hebraism very: – X exceeding, God, god [-ly, -ward].

    I trust that some sort of a picture is emerging in the hidden meaning of Genesis which is more than just the origin and the beginning, but the deeper meaning pointing to the creation of life, DNA and Almighty God as complete; perfect; chief; strong; political; judge.

    In covering the first three syllables we now come to the fourth “Is”.

    “Is” is an abbreviation of the Strong’s Greek word G2424 Iēsous which means Jesus and its comparative in Strong’s Hebrew is H2424 chayûth pronounced khah-yooth’ which means life; living, literally or figuratively. This is remarkable when one considers Genesis 1:1.
    In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. and John 1:1 which reads;

    John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    John 1:2 The same was in the beginning with God.

    John 1:3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

    John 1:4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

    There is much more hidden in this Word Genesis, but for now this segment will suffice in the hope and trust that it has whetted your appetite.

    • Eternity says:

      Very good, in a biblical sense, thanks for taking the time. Although I feel the bibliology of genesis was to hide it and code it and make it unknown to the masses kept only by the ‘initiates’ of select ‘societies’.

      Genesis to me is the generation of the biological material encoded to reproduce everything that it is. The one thing that ‘outsiders’ trying the hand of God cannot do is manifest ‘genesis’ from the waters of the Universe so to speak and make it reproduce, to re-gen-erate.

      And thank heavens for that.

      • Eternity says:

        Grey’s could reproduce and have sexual organs… ewww, go figure….

        Will never happen.

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