Hollow Hoax denier vindicated in court


Ernst Zundel spent seven years in prison for openly questioning the Holohoax but it was not all in vain. Zundels trial brought in some of the top experts, who supported the Holocaust, and they had to openly admit, under oath, in a court of law three very important facts that have now made it possible to question the Holocaust, the three facts admitted by the Holocaust supporters in court are…

1. No specific record exists of what Hitler’s orders were regarding the Jews and whether in fact he had officially ordered them murdered.

2. There exists no single report that shows there were gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps.

3. No holocaust survivors ever could remember actually seeing smoke or smell burning flesh, they were all repeating what someone else had said.


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  1. NPP says:

    Very interesting.

    My friend, now passed on, wrote a book. He survived 5 WWII camps, volunteered for the typhus block:

  2. Lynn says:

    The holes are beginning to gape now…not long before this whole fairy story is destroyed. Far too many facts coming to light.

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