One Response to “Fracking Nightmare – Episode 77 : Californian Catastrophe”

  1. bluefeather says:

    The latest news here, showing methane levels 67 times of what is acceptable, what are the oxygen levels shown?is there benzene present?
    Looking through information on the longterm effects of exposure to methane, on government fact sheets it shows a specific protocol when dealing with exposure to methane. It took SoCal 6 weeks to acknowledge what was occurring, apparently – gross incompetence.
    SoCal Gas received state funding to carry out repairs to the subsurface valves – remedial work that was not carried out. Apparently they couldn’t find replacement parts for the safety valve, so they took it out. Gross negligence.
    Stop video at 18.00 – to hear this information.
    Another example of sociopathic corporatists destroying the life support for humanity and the earth.
    Seek out the individuals responsible and make them accountable.

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