Elites Spill BIG Intel In DAVOS: America’s Obsolete! Global Governance And NWO To Rule


The New World Order’s World Economic Forum hosted their annual Davos-Klosters meeting, in Switzerland where 2,500 politicians, celebrities, and business leaders from all over the world attended this “Bilderberg style” meeting. Their attendees include 53 people who own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world and over 1,000 of the world biggest multinational corporations all of whom have their eye set on The New World Order.

One of the biggest discussions held at this meeting is the fact that citizens are no longer trusting their governments:

“If this growing disconnect between governments and citizens is not fixed rapidly, there can be no legitimate, accountable and trusted global cooperation, problem solving or governance.” WEF Everybody’s Business Report

Their proposed solution includes getting rid of the voice from the average person, who in their words, are unfit to make decisions that need to be left to the globalists.

In a document called Global Redesign Initiative (GRI) put out in by the World Economic Forum they proposed a transition away from international government decision making body into a system of multinational-stakeholders governance. Simply put they are, by stealth, replacing our model of voting in governments who negotiate treaties which are then ratified by our elected representative, to a model where a self-selected group of ‘stake-holders’ make decisions on our behalf. This is a terrifying thought to anyone who values freedom.

Other topics of discussion at this meeting include: Middle East conflicts, the fact that Donald Trump is the front-runner for the Republican presidential candidate (which means the globalists don’t like him), technological innovation, Agenda 21, and other twisted details.

In the video below I cover all the above and more! You won’t believe some of the things at play in Davos, Switzerland…

To be frank, the wealth gap is quickly widening and the middle class is starting to fade into the distance. If we continue to allow these creeps to rule over us, then we can project that we will land head first into a Socialism/Communism style rule with once percent ruling over the rest.

For More Information See: 

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Davos- http://www.weforum.org/events/world-economic-forum-annual-meeting-2016


Paul Polman Comment (@42 minute mark): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AqSOfg21BY

Joe Biden Comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02AFIUA9igE

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Source: http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/elites-spill-big-intel-in-davos-americas-obsolete-global-governance-and-nwo-to-rule-video/


8 Responses to “Elites Spill BIG Intel In DAVOS: America’s Obsolete! Global Governance And NWO To Rule”

  1. Lynn says:

    Who is going to counteract this now..surely the people in the know can start to get support around the Globe. Millions know the agenda and know we have nowhere to go with this information. The laws are their to protect them from us. We need to see a movement building. This evil has to stop pronto.

  2. bluefeather says:

    If, on masse people state that they do not consent – to all that they are proposing in order to bring in their new world order, then THEY ( The Heirarchy Enslaving You ) cannot properly fulfil their mission, planet of free will and universal natural would dictate this. They still may pursue, but will get the opposite of their desires. What they have done, and what they do, from decisions made in the name of global control and governance, impacts on all Life. The factor they miss out, to their downfall, is that CREATOR, DIVINE SOURCE, is THE ONE whom they have to answer to, whether they like it or not. To make decisions, with the knowledge and intention, and willingness that the actioning of those decisions will cause harm, loss, damage to LIFE – is against CREATOR. The indigenous peoples of this earth know this. But THEY, the parasites, feeding off the energy of good people, monopolising everything on earth, believe that they are gods, and all powerful.
    An amazing evidence based documentary ” The Scole Experiment” should be enough proof, that even if THEY succeed in their depopulation agenda, our souls live on in another dimension. The force of good, is yet to be truly realised. Stand up for truth, justice, for LIFE.

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