DuPont’s Deadly Cover-up: Non-Stick Cookware Chemicals Caused Widespread Cancer for Decades

Photo: DuPont Washington Works plant on the Ohio River via

Photo: DuPont Washington Works plant on the Ohio River via




Much like Monsanto, DuPont has been widely involved in everything from chemical production to weapons production (Agent Orange) and yes, even food production.

The company has a huge stake in both the genetically engineered corn and soy markets, making it one of the leading producers of GMO seeds in the world (second only to Monsanto as these charts show).

One of DuPont’s biggest moneymakers is Teflon, the “most slippery material in existence” that was discovered accidentally in 1945. Teflon is useful for making non-stick cookware, but it’s also a hazardous chemical that has been linked to several diseases, and is it turns out the process of making it also ends up being disastrous for the environment, as well as human health; an inconvenient fact DuPont doesn’t want the general public to know about.

Now, the website Earth Island Journal has blown the lid off of a DuPont cover-up involving thousands of personal injury cases against the company, which attempted to cover-up mass poisonings in the Ohio River Valley that mostly affected Ohio and West Virginia residents. The article was published on and is now attracting widespread attention.

It all began in shocking fashion as a West Virginia cattle rancher named Wilburt Tennant along with four family members sued DuPont in 1998 claiming he lost hundreds of cattle due to pollution from a landfill next to his farm. DuPont purchased the land including a creek and said it would be used as a non-hazardous landfill, but soon the creek became polluted. About 280 cattle who drank from it had died, including one particular cow that was found with “neon green organs” on the inside of its body after Tennant began investigating what had happened.

Another West Virginia resident, Carla Bartlett, age 41, was able to prove that her drinking water was contaminated from Teflon and related chemicals including C8, which is used to make Teflon less lumpy. She suffered from cancer and has become another key case in exposing DuPont’s actions.

Bartlett is one of countless thousands of people who’ve been adversely affected by DuPont’s negligence and attempts to cover up their dumping of these chemicals over several decades, the article states.

Making matters even more complicated is that there is no mandatory, independent safety testing for these chemicals, making it difficult for proof of harm to be established in many cases, even when clear evidence is shown.

To read the blockbuster report from Earth Island Journal, you can click on this link (you can also click here to see how Monsanto has a similar history of poisoning people as well).



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  1. Lynn says:

    Yes never used the non stick Mum knew and made sure we only used stainless steel pots and pans. She died 27 years ago. Thanks mum.

  2. Lynn says:

    The Elite use copper and silver…wonder why..!!

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