17 Responses to “Do You Have Any Mental Illness In Your Family?”

  1. Dublinmick says:

    Thanks Gordon, I cooked that one up myself using gimp.

    I think redsilver did it again.

    Darkmoon is not too complimentary of opposing views, where I am referred to by her commenters/software as mumblingdick.



    • Men Scryfa says:

      Ah the haters, Dubs it would not be the same without them. Of course they are not jealous or insecure or cranky or anything like that..
      No never!
      Darkloon=where they all go when the moon is out lolol

      • Dublinmick says:

        Men Scrtyfa
        That is a different kind of site now. Several months ago I stumbled into that site and noticed their cadre were on the hero was a hero routine. Rykaert, I rtefer to as field marshall Rykaert and don’t think they saw the humor.

        I posted my bit him being a Rothschild and the moderator said why don’t you keep all this on your own blog.

        So it seems they are not too interested in the free flow of ideas over there, more about spinning the party line.

        I am especially entertained when Lasha goes into her dissertations on eastern metaphysics. Quite comical.

        It is funny she is carried on the “mainstream alternative news” sites.

      • Men Scryfa says:

        It is an interesting example of something in the AM which is actually unpleasant
        I agree with you as its right wing tendency (actually radical) might take me in and get me hooked into the site – But all of the strange stuff on there like the Montecristo blahblahblah and the strange set up with the moderators and the tall stories that go with it. Then the strange business of that ‘insider’ who claimed to be a Rothschild (if my memory serves me correctly) sending articles in to the blog.
        Plus then lots of articles which are dubious being posted up without proper health warnings or verification precautions
        – I thinking here about the one about the French Jewish Doctor claiming he was calling for the rape of all white women (that one might or might not be true) but which Darkloon did nothing to properly verify, or even worse the claim that a CNN reporter called for White Genocide on his Facebook and CNN brushed it off rather than fire him – I think that was a hoax story but the Darkmooners still lapped it up.

        I am not exactly a communist myself but the crowd over there is extremely argumentative always attacking each other for not being fascist or anti-semitic enough or being too Christian or not Hitlerian enough or vice versa.

        Crazy. Too crazy to be taken seriously.

  2. Dublinmick says:

    Did you know you can subscribe to the 15 day Rothschild weather report?


  3. Men Scryfa says:

    There is lots of it about apparently a bit like suicidal tendencies…


  4. Lynn says:

    It’s rife at the top….they call it inbreeding. The rest is drugs and perversions….oh and MK of course.

  5. Dublinmick says:

    “Then the strange business of that ‘insider’ who claimed to be a Rothschild (if my memory serves me correctly) sending articles in to the blog.”

    That was some of the best schtick over there. There was one recently where she claimed lady ‘Rothschild had threatened to kill her! LOL

    I check over there for purposed of comedy only once in a great while although I never post there any more. The mod told me once, so very informed it is pity. But she will have to block me if I keep on posting in “certain directions” I believe it was.

    The commenters continue on full steam ahead with their twist and new information has no effect on them whatsoever.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Comedy is the right word. Do you think it is another Tel Aviv job – it is just way too nuts

      • Dublinmick says:

        I think it is some outfit in the UK. They seem to know a lot about London where she is to meet lady Rothschild.

        Yeah Lasha doesn’t bother with the blog any more her brother Monte Cristo handles the show.

  6. Dublinmick says:

    Darkloon, I am bitter I did not think of that one. That is righteous.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Ha ha ha!

      Truth be told I think I saw that somewhere else one time, cannot remember where tho
      Let’s just call it common property. We can all use it as the perfect descriptor it is.

  7. Nicky says:

    Mental illness on the rise right here right now. So this is what it feels like to be on the precipise. Last time I felt anything close to the way I am today was watching the last few scenes of the last episode of Black Adder …… Captain Darling, Slack Bladder and the short feller from Time team. Stood Standing Still, The Big Guns stop and all settles down to silence ……
    Happy easter 🙂

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