Jakarta, 14 January 2016

On 14 January 2016, multiple explosions and gunfire were reported in central Jakarta, in Indonesia.

It is believed that the CIA, MOSSAD and their friends are behind the attack.

“A police spokesman said that the perpetrators were on foot and on motorcycles.

“A police officer said there were indications that some of the shots were fired by snipers in the office buildings in the area.”

Detik-detik Polisi Ditembak Dua Terduga Teroris Bom Sarinah.


Above, we see one of the attackers in Jakarta.

Above, we see a mystery man with a gun who may be one of the attackers or a security officer.
Mossad has a large base in Jakarta.

The Indonesian special forces Kopassus cooperate closely with Mossad.

Israel and Indonesia are close friends.

Above, we see General Luhut Panjaitan, the government minister in charge of security, and possibly the most powerful man in Indonesia.

He was educated at the USA’s George Washington University, a university associated with the CIA.

He was formerly in Kopassus.

The top generals in Indonesia have all been trained in the USA.

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  1. beLIEve says:


    At 5 seconds the video shows a puff of WHITE smoke.
    I read somewhere that white smoke is indicative of “recreational” pyrotechnics, rather than bombs.
    The other point reference the white smoke “explosion” is that, in the 2 seconds it takes for the smoke to be blown away, there is a……TOTAL ABSENCE of BOMB DAMAGE…….in the area of the so-called explosion.

    Finally this ….ACT…..of …TEWOWIZUM….in …Jakarta features a….THEATER …..aka the….. Paris FAKE tewowizum…….that did not happen.

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