Chris Spivey – Shoreham air display crash a hoax

Scathing in his condemnation of the British Government and steadfast in his convictions, Chris Spivey is currently working on his latest exposé of the Paris Attacks.
As he writes in his latest blog, ‘Much Ado About Nothing?’
with this picture his banner –
Predominantly, the Piss-Poor-Paris-Propaganda-Prank has dominated my week which would have been done days ago had I not have looked into something that is only sort of loosely related – or so I thought. Indeed, I was ‘umming & ahhing’ whether or not to bother, but having done so, everything literally came together.

This has led to a major re-write and I am going to bombard you with so much information that I think it best to split the exposé in two with a third to follow.”
With the nation now divided into those who believe that Satanist criminals rule the world and those who don’t, Chris Spivey defends his acertion that the Shoreham sir-crash was a hoax with this hard hitting statement:
If you have read my first two articles on the Shoreham Hawker Hunter Hoax – appropriately Shhh for short – then you should by now be in no doubt whatsoever that the airshow plane crash was exactly that – a hoax.
If on the other hand you have read those first two articles of mine and you still insist that the old fanny was a real event then I can only conclude one of three things about you:
  • You are a troll
  • You have not got the intellectual capacity to take on board the most basic of facts
  • You don’t want to step outside of your comfort zone.”
Its time to make your own mind up and its time for Sussex Police to defend themselves.
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22 Responses to “Chris Spivey – Shoreham air display crash a hoax”

  1. Men Scryfa says:

    Sussex police orchestrated the recent arrest of John Paterson

  2. Men Scryfa says:

    Got to admit it the Spiv really does get right up their nose.

  3. Lynn says:

    His latest on the Dianagate is very curious. Some of the footage is jaw dropping. Well worth a butchers.

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    Dear Gordon/Henry/Jeniffer/TapCollective
    Any chance you can allow Adam back on the comments if he agrees not to go too wild with the commenting? He is a good guy and we miss him.
    I am sure he has been more missed than I was LOL hehehe!!
    Any chance for a Second Chance???

    • dkblue says:

      Actually I did miss your comments Men Scryfa although I’m sure no-one missed mine when I changed computers and forgot my password! Anyway, your kindhearted request for Adam’s return has made me get off my *ss and get a new password so I can add my ‘Yes to Adam’s re-inclusion’ to yours! He really did have enough passion and knowledge to start his own blog but it just isn’t the same without him 🙂

      • Men Scryfa says:

        Great stuff dk!
        Maybe I am not quite as crackers as I think !!
        Yes let us put aside any bickering and go forward together in unity against the common enemy. Blog Readers need great Blogs and Bloggers like the Tap et al and Blogs need commenters too.

        Chris Spiv man’s blog (though personally I find it is written in almost alien language – no hard feelings Dogman,Chris et al) is a great example of an effective blog that has lots of comments and a community feel. It is no bad thing to have lively debate. Egos have to be left to one side and tactical differences and differences of opinion tolerated within reason. En Avant!!!

    • beLIEve says:

      I would like to add my name to the return of ….adamspiritualwarrior.

      Things are a bit quiet without him.

      Neither could I care where he posts his comments.

      I am however aware, comments may be of more lasting use, if they are posted under appropriate headings.

      Hope you are well Adam.

  5. bangonit says:

    I vote that Adam be reinstated whatever he did.
    Love peace harmonies.

  6. emm jay says:

    Good to see Chris Spivey’s article up here Tap. Hope you don’t mind me asking but given that it’s an older article, I’m just curious as to whether there is a particular reason for it appearing now?

    ps I too have thought about Adam … hope he’s ok. I’ll bet he’d have had plenty to say about the Antarctic explorer guy that has died just 30 miles away from his destination. I wish Adam well too …

    pps Oh, and Ian too … hope they’re both well.

    • Men Scryfa says:

      Yes Emm – I gather there was a bit of Hurly Burly…

      😉 LOL !

      • emm jay says:

        Hmmm … ‘a bit of Hurly Burly’ … as in chaos, confusion etc? I’m sensing a little bit of a more cryptic meaning there … takes me a bit longer to do cryptic Men Scryfa … but hey, I’m working on it!

  7. Nollidge says:

    So what’s Spivey saying – & no,I haven’t read his convoluted reasoning;is he saying there there was no Air-Show,or no Hawker Hunter jet,or that all the casualties are fake?. Nobody died?.
    Sorry Tap,I gave up on this guy a while back.I do not think he is “compos mentis”
    I’ve seen too many instances of him making a claim which was then proved to be wrong.E.G.The guy allegedly climbing out of Buckingham Palace window which was later proved to be false is just one.& after posting that nonsense,he attacked anyone who pointed out that he was wrong.Please Tap,don’t give space on your site to an IDIOT!.

  8. Lynn says:

    Yes I too have missed Adam..also Ian, they were regulars and contributors Tap. How could they offend anyone. We all need each other on here. At least we can be open and honest.

  9. RabbiT says:

    In the Spivey article I have to admit the media appear to have created some utterly fantastic photographs (so much so as to be unbelievable) to sell the story and some of the aftermath pics seem to show entirely different locations for the crash. That’s about all I could get from it and if Chris were to take that angle I think it would be easier to see what he is getting at. While I don’t like his style I admire his courage and desire to expose establishment lies which I think unites us all here.

    As for Adam, I didn’t know he was suspended. He took an interest in my words and I did try to keep up with his questions and was happy he took an interest even to want my email to discuss further although that never happened.

    I took his lead on interesting subject of flat earth, have looked at it further and gather Quantas are now doing direct flights to South America which seems to put the matter to rest.

    Or can someone suggest otherwise?

  10. Lynn says:

    The royal wedding pics are hilarious..complete with prince charming Cinderella – and the ugly sisters….what a Coup. See Spivs story.

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