Campbell’s Latest Move Has Destroyed Big Food’s United Front



Campbell’s Soup Company kicked off the New Year by rocking Big Food’s world with the bold announcement that the corporation will begin to label all ingredients that contain GMOs. While it’s not clear how specific the labels will be or if they will determine the kind of GMOs used, one thing is certain: Campbell’s believes consumers have the right to know what they are feeding their families.

Campbell’s, while a member of the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, has made it clear that they will no longer be a part of lobbying efforts to block labeling. In fact, Campbell’s has “switched sides”, now advocating for a national mandatory labeling law similar to the precedent set by Vermont and has pledged to support a push for federal legislation to require labels on all foods containing genetically modified ingredients. (The state of Vermont became the first state to mandate food companies to label GMOs, and that law will go into effect July 2016.)

Campbell’s latest move destroys an area of contention that many pro-GMO arguments are based on: the false claims that GMO disclosure would be too expensive for corporations who would then be forced to hike the price of food to off-set the cost. Campbell’s emphatically states that labeling is not an obscene cost and that consumers “have the right to know what’s in their food“. campbells-GMO-labels2

Hopefully, Campbell’s actions will resonate with the rest of the Big Food industry. Consumers are beginning to see through bad science and industry-funded safety claims. Food companies need to realize that profits are better spent providing transparency to consumers. Where there is transparency, there is freedom. When consumers are afforded the right to know, informed choices can be made allowing the marketplace to respond to what the majority demands. Consumers can vote with their dollars effectively, but only if they know what they are eating to begin with.

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