Cameron desperate to stop scandal as secret plans to sell the NHS are discovered

Cameron desperate to stop scandal as secret plans to sell the NHS are discovered


by James Wright


The Conservative government have blocked access to legal documents that may show the impact of a controversial ‘free trade’ agreement on the NHS.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, known as TTIP, is a US-EU trade deal currently under negotiation, and is avidly supported by the likes of David Cameron and Barack Obama.

The blocked legal documents, campaigners have cautioned, may contain the extent to which, under TTIP,  private NHS contractors could sue the government for introducing policies that negatively impact their profits.

The Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is the most controversial element of TTIP. It allows corporations to sue governments or public bodies before an arbitral tribunal, for policies that are perceived as harmful to their profits. An ‘arbitral tribunal’ is an international hearing, out of the courts and behind closed doors, which decides how much money these companies should get.

The supposed motive is to encourage foreign investment, despite there being no empirical evidence for this (there is no ISDS in any trade agreements Brazil has, or between the US and China).

ISDS is exclusive to foreign investment; US companies gain the right to these international arbitration tribunals, but EU companies must stick to national courts. Thus, ISDS can discriminate in favour of US companies.

The cost of legal proceedings is usually to the tune of millions of dollars, meaning it is only affordable for big business, despite medium to large companies amounting to only half the investors.

On the contrary, favouring American big business would disrupt free competition.

Furthermore, accrediting authority to international tribunals doesn’t fair well for democracy; should decisions about the constraints on national sovereignty take place behind closed doors? Governments have a transparency obligation to their citizens, especially when it’s private companies after public money.

To top it off, there can be a dubious selection of panel members by law firms who specialise in international arbitration. There is a possibility they would choose people who are not impartial. It’s hard to say how far multinational billion dollar US giants have disseminated their influence.

ISDS in Action:ISDS can

The El Salvadorian government is being sued for $300 million by OceanaGold for revoking permission for a gold mine, after public concern that it risked contaminating water supplies through an ISDS clause. They are being chastised for daring to put clean water before profit.

The Ecuadorian government has been ordered to pay $1.77bn for expropriating its oil reserves at a loss to American oil giant Oxy. This is after the indigenous people in the oil-rich Ecuadorian-Amazon region accused the company of exploiting the resources, with no benefit to the poor and local communities. The US group also sold a part of an oil field without proper authorisation to Canada’s Alberta Energy Corp. Shame on them for exercising sovereignty over their own resources for the good of the residents.

Argentina was sued by international utility companies for imposing a freeze on people’s energy and water bills. It was these companies’ large charges that had prompted the government to act in the first place.

Big tobacco – Phillip Morris – is  using a trade agreement between Australia and Hong Kong to sue Australia for replacing cigarette packet branding with gruesome anti-smoking images. In the UK, MPs voted in favour of bringing in standardised plain cigarette packaging for May this year. If TTIP had already been implemented, big tobacco would have been able to sue the UK taxpayer for millions, for the government putting public health before private profit.

TTIP and the removal of ‘red tape’

red tape

ISDS is just the tip of the iceberg. Currently, when updates of Cameron’s EU negotiations are broadcast on the BBC, they speak of the removal of ‘red tape’. What they are referring to is the abolition of regulations, often concerning the environment or public health. TTIP is the homogenisation of ‘non-tariff measures’ in the US and the EU, with the aim of economic growth; i.e. abolishing regulation so we adhere to American standards of ‘free-trade’.

For example, the ‘precautionary principle’: in the EU if there is a suspected risk that an action or policy can cause harm to the public or the environment, science must then say otherwise. There is no such regulation in the US.

Essentially, our governments have taken a look at the world and decided that less regulated capitalism is what we need. The idea that freedom means putting the profit of international corporations before things like public health, the environment and local business is ludicrous. Besides, transatlantic trade is already relatively free. There are not many regulations left.

Does ‘free-trade’ even correspond to economic growth? Who does this growth benefit? NAFTA is a trade deal between Mexico and the US that began in 1994. From 1994- 2014 the income per person increased only by 1% annually.

But, would it have done worse without NAFTA? From 1960-80 Mexico’s GDP per capita nearly doubled (before the neo-liberal handling of the 1980 debt crisis), if that had continued the country would have European living standards today. This is what happened in South Korea. Of course, Mexico is an entirely different scenario to the EU, but this does prove that ‘free-trade’ does not necessitate economic growth for citizens.


ISDS could cement present NHS privatisation, making it very costly to reverse, while proceedings are closed off from public scrutiny in kangaroo courts.

nhs image

And while the ISDS clause could stall the reverse of existing NHS privatisation, the TTIP agreement itself could open it up to further privatisation.

In response to a freedom of information request made to see the legal documents, business secretary Sajid Javid said civil servants need:

space in which to seek candid advice from their lawyers. They are less likely to seek such advice if there is an expectation that it will subsequently be disclosable.

The government also stated:

Transparency in the decision making process and access to the information upon which decisions have been made can enhance accountability particularly over significant trade deals such as this.

Yet, this decision is ultimately suspicious. If it weren’t for vast campaigning TTIP would not even be known to the public.

Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now, said:

If this trade deal is supposed to benefit all of us, why has it been so secretive? The documents we have seen so far have mostly come from Wikileaks or after intense pressure from campaign groups.

Like the kangaroo courts proposed under ISDS, the entirety of TTIP negotiations were supposed to occur away from the public eye.

With the government quietly proposing an inquiry into moving to a pay NHS, while also starving it of funding, it would be naive to think our public health service was safe in their hands. Given what we know of TTIP so far, surely transparency for the public trumps the needs of civil servants.

Get involved!

Pledge to take direct action here.Write to your MP asking them if it is now official government policy to consider moving to an insurance or pay based NHS.

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20 Responses to “Cameron desperate to stop scandal as secret plans to sell the NHS are discovered”

  1. 666 handsign
    This mans blackmailed and our political process we see on the news every night is not what you thought growing up. Its broken, a nonsense. A Truman Show now because of politicians being blackmailed, their souls destroyed, given to Satan. Im talking literally here, not in fairytales. This is a real physics phenomenon

    ‘ I am affiliated with people, that speaks to the spirits of the Dead’
    Roger Morneau – Satan’s Master Plan to Deceive the World and His Focus is Christians

    Roger Moreneau a trip into the |Supernatural full 3 hr film

    I think I might more ruthlessly prune away other distractions in my life, and start making more effort on the New Testament. This book is not like the Pharisee Old Testament which is not a nice book to read

    The New Testaments where its at I have it on good authority. But I want to study the older version, before the Pharisee spin doctors changed Jesus Christs True Words from ‘Do NOT forgive them, for they KNOW what they do’


    ‘ FORGIVE them, for they know NOT what they do’

    Im not sure but I think it was the KJV King James Bible where this messing about started, maybe earlier. My impression is its been an altering to disempower the common man, make him a helpless fool.

    Also, ‘Turn the other cheek’. Has that been altered too I wonder?

    With the George Soros Judaic NWO Migration Mega |Waves coming into Europe now, Germany, Calais, knocking on the UKs door, with Cameron (It wasn’t a pig Tapblog, something far far more appaling and Evil and disgusting, but that’s why the pig got mentioned as a red herring) Cameron pretending to resist migrants, but like Merkel, actually playing a ridiculous Punch and Judy show , where his Freemason Zionist Handlers are ensuring he changes the UK forever with migrant waves. Hes Blackmailed by unspeakable evil acts.

    I digress. Whats my point? ‘Turn the other Cheek’

    In the face of the onslaught Europe faces. I do not feel these are true Jesus Christ teachings. How can we turn the other cheek? We must go on the attack.

    Even if the Enemy must be put to death, we must not act out of hatred, insanity, with opportunist demonic entities hijacking us.

    Instead, the enemy must be put to death if need be, with Love in our hearts

    • RabbiT says:

      Hello Adam,

      Nice to hear you back and an encouraging post.

      You sure got a thing about the flat earth but “page not found”.

      Did you see my post:

      Thy thoughts young man?

      Jesus words were not changed as you suggest and will try to answer one point at a time if you can keep it constrained. I don’t answer to email so if I miss a question post again as I read daily.

      You did however beat me to it:

      “Cameron confirms commitment to Satan (666 system).”

      Here’s a quote to consider in your search:

      “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; therefore be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.” Mat.10.16

      If it was you were suspended, as a former DJ I have a track for you in the hope people can come to discover this amazing stuff – Genesis pre 1989, Been mad about it since I was 12.

      • Hello RabbiT
        Nice to speak to you again
        When I thought I was suspended permanently, I felt sadness, I would no longer have communication with your interesting mind, and as well many others.
        After the ordeal Genesis instrumental. Nice tune. I hope as many of us as possible good Souls, and 3D bodies on this |Earth, will be ok, and survive, after….whatever is coming. You made a good point last month on youtube was it 6th trumpet and 19901 gulf war comparisons. Whatever the 7th trumpet is, I feel we are on the verge of it

        I have much id like to chat about. I made a blog myself, when I was suspended. it might be a useful spillover to avoid the Taps comments getting overloaded, if passionate threads develop. Topics
        But Rabbit, it was very lonely, making my own blog, and suspended from tapblog. I stared at the screen and couldn’t thread a thought together for a blogpost. . It made me realise connecting, spiritually connecting with others. In the Blog world. Is what mkes it work and go round , at least for me. However heres my single one post. I might add more iff Tapblog stimulates me to . I need stimulation I think
        I might even, someday, convert its name, and mission, into an alternative medicine blog hub. Linked in with tapblog. But for now I have no energy. I just glad to chat on Tapblog again, goodnight Rabbit
        Please forgive this incoherent improperreply, im typing on overdrive having worked 18 + hours on adrenaline split shifts. So ive not replied properly. But nice to chat to you again and I look forward to many interesting exchanges goodnight

      • Coincedentally, its been a very relevant topic of conversation between me and my dad recently
        Rice bran oil has a 250 degree C smokepoint. If youre doing any deep frying of high heat, use that. Avocdo oil too apparently, is healthy, lus a 250 degree smoke point , but more expensive
        Yes coconuts good
        On the rare occasions I goto an indian restaurant, I loveindian food
        I ask them if they’ll expect butter ghee, and I say health reasons. The saag ghosht, and other dishes. made with butter ghee are much better than the cheap rubbish they use regulsrly the cheap veg oils which are harmful.
        tired sleeping now

      • Hi Rabbit
        But if its crayons or a stolen airplane. Is not in the same category as what happened in Cologne on New Years Even and happening across Europe now. Nor is the evil agenda by those pulling the strings, orchestrating it all. Like our pal Soros and many others.

        These offences , I do not think Jesus Christ would declare himself hands off, on a spiritually higher plane, not seeking revenge. These are serious pressing matters and like \Dublinmick showed recently the hundreds of Russian migrants in Germany taking matters into their own hands. With baseball bats amongst other things.
        Turning the other cheek, I do not think Jesus would be encouraging us to do this, if he was here now. Perhaps he is, perhaps we have some of Him in all of us

        Heres the interesting comments and debate unfolding on my blog, most recent one from MS. it would be great you add any thoughts, if any come

        On Flat Earth, interesting. Ill comment on all that at a later time

    • beLIEve says:

      The true words of Christ……

      “Forgive them not for, they know what they do”

      I first heard that statement a few months ago.
      The words are amazing whilst the deceit of those who changed the text is despicable.

      I will volunteer to help put the enemy, out of their misery.

      It is patently obvious they are deeply unhappy entities and, would be better off with their creator, Lucy-fur.

      • RabbiT says:

        Of course they are not going to be forgiven.

        The point is that Jesus was above revenge, operating on a higher spiritual level.

        Someone stole your crayons at school – do you want them eternally punished?

        Someone recently stole my aircraft. Am I forgiving them? Yes but if they get punished then they should have thought twice as I was friend to them.

      • I will Fight Too
        I want the original true words of Jesus Christ, before the Pharisee post Babylon, Old Testament Talmud, Child Sacrificing Freemason SICK HORRENDOUS WAYS NO HONEST DECENT MAN CAN OBSERVE AND TOLERATE.
        Im sorry ive lost my point. But im sure you sense the driving dissatisfaction, anger. Whats going on.

    • Aldous says:

      Actually Adam, I think you’ll find that the demonic Cameron is unwittingly(?) making the ‘Asshole’ finger spelling/sign language for the hard of hearing.
      There’s no question how a deaf/partially deaf person would interpret such an insulting finger gesture if ‘pointed’ towards them and would probably give the hapless and inbred Cameron a well deserved kick in the nether region.

      No damage or pain would be sustained of course – no sense no feeling – as the partially sighted Mohel at Cameron’s circumcision should have gone to specsavers as he ended up removing the full monty of tiny meat and two veg.

    • dkblue says:

      Hi Adam, welcome back – I really missed your input! I checked out your blog – congratulations 🙂 I am interested in alternative health so if you post info on that I would definitely participate and share with whom I can.
      Great to have an extended community of like minds and hearts such as we have here to cheer each other on…

      • Hi there Abi, thanks! Its nice to be back ive missed our chats. And thanks for persuading tap to let me return
        I finally overcame laziness and started a simple blog
        it would be great and motivate me a lot to make it into an alternative health blog if you were involved
        Theres loads ofgood info out there. But its still daunting and confusing and scattered.
        The alternative med way forward with a cancer diagnosis for example, must be much more clear, assertive, easy to see, to go down.
        Otherwise brainwashed loved ones will just end up getting sucked in thru fear into the chemo/radio Mafia pathway. I have realised its our loved ones own minds we are fighting, not just the Mafia Rockefeller Big Oil Pharma Cabal.

        I hope you have been keeping well.
        Heres a few cheering positive things from Laura Walker who I think is very very aware and accurate and knowlegable about Sabian Gnostic Electric \Universe astrology. Check her archives for the dates daily readings

        Thursday, January 21, 2016
        Bottom line: It’s on. The new world order is making its move – it’s final stand – because it has to. They can’t keep up with the “music of the spheres,” and the solar-lunar year of re-calibrating human conscious is beginning to close.

        Sunday, January 24, 2016
        More reason for optimism things aren’t looking good for the cabal: Sunday Full Moon electromagnetic gnostic astrological report

        The powerhouse Full Moon phase continues with massive astrological dynamics to shift the world. The time is ripe to forward any agenda; however, the advantage goes to the “good guys” (those who serve and honor life) over the “bad guys” (those who seek the destruction and dishonor of life). It’s the battle for consciousness, and the globalist Illuminati have to make what is left of their best moves now in order to try to imprint or control the future ( an endeavor that was doomed to fail as of April 18, 2015) . Their window of time to attempt this grows short, as it closes with the close of this lunar month on February 7.

        4- MARS moves to the degree of “an official embassy ball,” adding a political element and potential for political games. The political system is being turned on its back, and any games will quickly be exposed because only those things structured on the foundation of life and liberty are able to develop. A higher spiritual order is in effect to dissolve the oppressive power and control systems under which we have lived.

        Leaps of faith may be required today, but we land with sure footing, firmly grounded in a bigger plan.


  2. Lynn says:

    Hi Adam ….good to see you back!! We missed you. And Ian also Men Scryfa. Happy to see your contributions again. Yes it was very on here throughout January.

    • Aldous says:

      Hey Lynn, the ever effeminate Cameron Creature really does hate decent White folk doesn’t he? Of course he’s not White himself and far removed from it, as well as being fifth cousin, twice removed to his deranged inbred boss QE2:

      PM Launches Double Attack On Racial Bias

      David Cameron says racism “shames our nation” and insists universities and the legal system must do more to improve diversity.

      I heard about it earlier on UK’s ‘Global Newsroom/Liesroom’ online. What an unbelievable traitor the Despicable C*** is as this image points out:

      This is s very good read too:

      David ‘****’ Cameron

      I was going to that link in case it was inappropriate for family viewing – I’m sure young teenagers and even younger read because they’re sick of the msm BS – but what the hell, I’ll post them both:

      Rabbi: Jews are Jewish Not White & Must Fight “Racism”

      The always insightful author of the blog Chateau Heartiste commented on this very same Washington Post story earlier today by humorously noting that the Jews are now “giving up the burden of white privilege to ‘fight racism’, aka to ‘freely shit in the faces of flyover White goyim in perpetuity and pull the Eskimo card whenever there’s a faint whiff of wholly justified blowback against our machinations’. How magnanimous!”

      After reading this rabbi’s sermon, published in one of America’s leading newspapers, can there be any doubt that the organized Jewish community poses a very serious threat to the future well-being of White people in America and across the Western world? These Jews are morally, spiritually, and intellectually poisoning people with their anti-White attitudes and perspectives, which are entirely mainstream in American society now.

      • Lynn says:

        Hey Aldous – Why then isn’t Izrahell multicultural…I think that is the question people should be asking. Jews are not a race they are a religion. No more racist country exists on planet Earth. Why is this???? The Goys need to be putting some pressure on our Zionist establishment, regarding this racist dogma.

  3. ian says:

    Hi Adam, we meet again. Something else we don’t agree on, religion. I’ll admit that I don’t have answers, but I don’t go for the invisible man in the sky story. Many seem to like attacking Darwin, and I suppose it is understandable given the way he is promoted. I agree as I think would most people that things do evolve to suit conditions and natural selection seems real enough, but there are areas where it doesn’t seem to work, grey areas if you like. I always enjoyed Eric Von Daniken’s books when I was young, and it seemed plausible, that the God was an astronaut from another world, might explain these grey areas. He is as you know, ridiculed for his suggestions, but, that has never swayed me too much on anything. I like it on here, as the site brings together very different people with very different views but all who can talk together. Most people on the Tap, are way better educated than me, but as you know, I’m not big on conformity. It has made my life on so many levels difficult, but it’s still how I am. I do change my opinion on things, but with credible reason, not to cosy up with folks. Yes I’m rambling. Sorry.

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    Greetings Tap!
    Greetings Henry!
    Greetings Gordon!
    Greetings Jennifer!
    Greetings Aldous!
    Greetings RabbiT!
    Greetings Ian!
    Greetings Adam – Nice to C U back man!!!
    Greetings Lynn!!
    Greetings BeLIEve!
    Greetings DK!
    Greetings Dubz!
    Greetings Nollidge, Greetings NPP, Greetings All (including anyone else who maybe watching lol!)

    What an uplifting, informative and entertaining comment thread.
    Well done everybody!

    Aldous & Adam – Do we believe that the Quantas flight route is genuine?
    Could it be for show, do we trust anyone who has flown it and timed it etc etc?

    • ian says:

      Greetings MS always good to see your comments and everyone else’s comments for that matter. The great thing about the Tap is the high quality of the comment threads.

      • Lynn says:

        We are among like minded people here. All looking for some sense to the crazy place we live on. Who the enemy is and why??. Great to see all the debate and opinions joining up the dots. It is a very Human thing. Peace to you all.

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