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    • Hello Men Scryfa http://tapnewswire.com/2016/01/cameron-desperate-to-stop-scandal-as-secret-plans-to-sell-the-nhs-are-discovered/#comment-52581

      I think the aboves a great idea. For example, it would mean. Not such great exacting expensive emphasis, on correct waterproof roofing of the house.
      The greenhouse would do the waterproofing, which is a far simpler affair

      Home gardening. Tower gardening. Hydroponics. I must get into all this at some point. Even though I donbt have a garden. In fact, I have a huge garden. But im not in the life situation yet, to devote time, to focus my mind, onto all this.
      With a beautiful wife and family, nothing will stop my mental energy on this type of thing. I haven’t the time or energy to even do a brief goggle search, about growing things. But here are things in my head I sense are important

      – Assuming mains tap waters used to grow things, since too expensive to use spring
      – NO REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER FILTERS. It damages the water structure.
      Carbon filtered. And Doulton ceramic gravity filtered water that Queen Zionist Victoria used to create crystal clear water from the Thames. While her London subjects lived in abject toxic squalor. Why couldn’t she have made Doulton gravity ceramic filters availainble to all of London?

      – If one can afford, several Doulton filters in line, for extra filtering power

      – Then an inline UV light blaster. I think this kills bacteria and fungi and virus too. Must double check that

      – An ozone machine possibly bubbling into the water system that feeds the plants. Also an ozone machine filling the greenhouse. The O2 created will make a tremendous environment for vegetables to grow. If its like the article above, it would be a pleasure to sit outside ones home, in an enclosed warm environment, with all this around

      – Once the waters as clean as can be. I suggest it goes into a holding tank. Where Kefir grains are held, so the water that feeds the organic non GMO watercress, or whatever else. Is rich with trillions of diverse bacteria. Mimicking the way soils used to be. Before 1987 Bush Monsanto Glyphosate |Evil

      How GMOs and Glyphosate Impact Soil Biology

      Roundup Causes Buildup of Pathogens on Root Systems

      ” Glyphosate also acts as a mineral chelator, and minerals such as zinc, copper, and manganese which are essential cofactors in many plant and human enzymes.

      Chelating or removing these minerals from the plants is largely responsible for impairing their protein synthesis as the enzymes involved in syntheses require the minerals to function. This then opens the plant up to attack ”

    • Aside from all ive just said. A successful home based organic nutrient phytonutrient rich tower garden hydroponic set up that’s easy for any one to attempt…..still needs mineral rich nutrient rich feed added to the water. Not sure where that would come from. Seaweed perhaps.
      Don’t want chemtrail toxic metals finding their way into the vegetables and other nasties

      What im describing is my vision for how things have to, and will, evolve, what they’ll become. Like ive realised, so much that can motivate us, and fuel us, and inspire us. Comes from nothing more than interacting with others.
      Therefore I see in the future a spiritual interdependent society. Not a Dystopian Mad Max one.
      But certainly a Buckminster Fuller type interdependent one where skills get shared, and a spiritual community feel helping others exists, while one still feels independent and in control of ones own destiny too
      We just need basic Free Energy technologies added into this mix and then basic, good, village like, massive network communites spanning the globe full of happy people with needs met, realising spiritual needs are met
      And all the fake Rothschild Zionist consumerist Luciferian false Light shopping consumerism false values and aspirations…..exist

      I truly believe this day will come, and quite soon. I think we all can be the upholder of this new world coming, be the midwives helping it birth

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