Britain’s top Pantomime Dame’s got it in for Nigel Farage

We watched the pantomime at Shrewsbury over Christmas.  This year it was Dick Whittington, acted by a professional cast, which included the most highly acclaimed pantomime dame in the country, the hugely entertaining Brad Fitt (Pictured at foot of post).  He did not disappoint.

There’s not much politics in panto, but Brad clearly has a problem with the leader of the third biggest party in British politics, and its current leader, who came in for a bit of a going over……Nigel Farage.   No other politicians were mentioned in the script.  Why Farage, you might ask?  Maybe Brad Fitt will drop in and comment.  Is he a secret admirer?


Achieving 14% of the vote at election time, UKIP are currently polling at 17%, and are leading the country’s opposition to both immigration, which is the main concern of voters, and the European Union, the topic of the forthcoming referendum.  Nigel Farage sums up the current situation nicely in his latest address.   The media are writing UKIP off after their achieving only 1 MP from 4 million votes.  That’s funny, because, if the election happened today, they’d be at 5 million.  The Party could still take the country by storm, if the current growth trend continues.  In 2010, they were on just 3%.  The pantomime of politics would look very different if they sped on up to 30%.

Brad Fitt when not dragged up



3 Responses to “Britain’s top Pantomime Dame’s got it in for Nigel Farage”

  1. NPP says:

    I still fancy a Corbyn-Farage coalition!
    It’ll piss off everyone from BBC to alternative media… well, political parties are a silly, passe idea, so may as well enjoy their demise….

  2. Tapestry says:

    Corbyn went pro-EU as soon as he was ‘elected’

  3. Lynn says:

    It’s just a silly game of thrones..they are all in it together..or they are whacked.

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