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  1. Bardon58 says:

    Depressingly, despite several unacknowledged requests for the Tap to give a little publicity to Ken O’Keefe’s new World Citizen Solution initiative (and if you are bothered by the word ‘citizen’ see what Max Igan has to say in his latest video) all remains silent. So here it is: Remember, Ken is truly one of the good guys, get behind him. This really could be what we have been waiting for if only we cast egos aside for a moment and work together. True, at the moment precise details are by necessity thin on the ground, but all will be revealed when the time is right. Thank you and a happy new year to all.



    • beLIEve says:

      I suspect a lot of us are happy to retain our….UNALIENABLE SOVEREIGN RIGHTS…… pertaining to the Sovereign Nations we and, our hereditary line derive from.

      In fact, I think I can see a resurgence of Integrity Nationalism.
      People wanting to reconnect with and celebrate the Nation State.

      The problems of the world are meticulously and nihilistically engineered.

      When the ….CREATORS of CHAOS…..cease and desist and, ….RESTITUTE…. all the ….DAMAGE THEY CREATED…..mankind will be able to “pick up the baton”.

  2. Lynn says:

    The EU is a rogue Corporation…it has no accountability..to any of us…a way of centralising power to the Criminals put in place..we were lied to and scammed into this beauracratic cesspit. Time to get out.

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