TAP – Russians deny penetrating Turkish airspace.   Erdogan’s getting desperate that events are turning against him, and he wants to pitch NATO into a war with Russia, and regain the initiative he held before Russia deployed into Syria.  Cameron’s put his tiny force of planes into the latest scenarios playing out in Syria, claiming to be bombing ISIS.  I’m not sure he’ll want them all shot down by Russian S-300’s and S-400s.  Erdogan will be lucky to pull this off – his latest stunt to get the West to promote his dash for glory, and leadership of the Moslem world.  Putin will probably yawn and keep going with his attempt to clear Turkey’s terrorists out of Syria.



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Published on Jan 30, 2016

Sub for more: | In a move that will certainly lead to an all out war between Turkey and Russia, and push Nato to face off against the new axis powers in a global war, the Turkish air force is now on orange alert status. The move permits the Turkish Air Force to shoot down any Russian aircraft perceived to be violating Turkish airspace. This means that without direct orders from Ankara, Turkish pilots can strike at will.

Going on Orange Alert, is in response to new allegations against Russia for once again violating Turkish airspace on January 29th.

There are four stages of the alert system. White, yellow, orange, and red. Orange alert status means there could be conflict, and be ready to defend the attack.

Red alert means a high probability of conflict or war.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued this statement referring to the airspace violation quote, “This kind of irresponsible behavior could lead to grave consequences that may arise with Russia. We stress once more to Russia, not to violate Turkish airspace, as we have a clear call to act defensively regarding any violation of the NATO air field.”

Prior to the alleged airspace violations Turkey claims they warned the Russian pilots in the Russian and English languages stating quote, “This is the Turkish Air Force. You are approaching the Turkey Air Field. Turn your heading south.” After the warning Turkey reported the pilots changed course.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov, denied the event took place stating, no Russian or Syrian planes violated Turkish airspace.

This is a significant escalation amidst the already strained relations between Russia and Turkey since Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet late last year.

If Turkish pilots act on their own accord, and begin shooting down Russian jets who they claim are constantly violating Turkish airspace full blown global war between the new declared axis powers of Russia, China, and Iran against the United States and Nato.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    Last time Turkish planes attacked, it was not expected, and they had an easy kill. Next time, the Ruskis will be ready. Outcome might well be different.

  2. Lynn says:

    Yes, they are poking a giant now…Putin is no fool, he knows the game they are playing here. He knows the enemy and he is ready.NATO is an evil mercenary set up. The foriegn legion.

  3. ian says:

    The Russian Sukhoi is far superior to anything Nato countries have. Dirty tricks is their specialty though, I just hope Putin is too smart for them.

  4. Aldous says:

    Talking of war, the hopelessly inbred and mentally deficient 110% retard Cameron declared all out war on the indigenous true Brits today:

    Universities will be forced by law to disclose what proportion of ethnic minority applicants get places, David Cameron has announced as part of a concerted Government anti-discrimination drive.

    And Labour MP David Lammy has been recruited by the PM to review discrimination in the justice system, in particular why black [knife/machete/axe wielding and gun toting] offenders are more likely to be jailed than their white [truth seeking, cyber/keyboard activist aka New (World Order) Hate Speech] criminal counterparts.

    Well I suppose if you can’t earn your way in on merit, you can always buy your way in?

    Prime Muppet Cameron reportedly considering exclusive prep school for Elwen despite previous pledge of support for state sector.

    I wish it was much harder to fully despise Despicable Cameron I really do, as I now have nothing more to look forward to each day, try as I may, like despising him even more.

  5. Lynn says:

    Yes Aldous he will go down with his sinking ship….The most deluded hated man in power. Two faced back stabbing criminal liar. He is a monumental loser.

  6. Lynn says:

    P’s wouldn’t trust him with a child’s pocket money…

    • Aldous says:

      Lynn, talking of children, there’s something about Cameron and its effeminate ilk that troubles me, in that I just cannot imagine him ‘on the job’ so to speak.
      Can this asexual(?) Cameron ‘thing’ get an arousal for a woman? I very much doubt it.
      Osborne was allegedly his ‘fag’ at Eton and I have no difficulty imagining those two rogering one another every which way; but I cannot picture Cameron on top of, or under a woman. It’s very strange.

      • Aldous says:

        BTW, the same goes for his fifth cousin, twice removed QE2. Has Phil the Greek ever made the Earth move for her? I very much doubt it. What’s your bet that Queenie has had some of her best moments in bed with the butler or chambermaid?
        Princess Anne certainly had some of her memorable ‘in-outs’ with the royal protection squad before the Rots issued a Rot-Writ written for who they deemed a Rat for daring to commonly sully one of the holiest of royal holes.
        The police sergeant motor-biked out of existence I think.
        I always thought Anne was gorgeous as a teenager – I know I should have gone to specsavers – but then the horsey/hair-loss ‘Windsor/Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Curse’ started to kick-in, where it was difficult to know who was riding what when she was pictured on a horse.

        I still have a soft spot for her though, especially as she refused to ‘title’ her children, saying: “Their grandmother is the Queen but they are not royal.”

      • Lynn says:

        Here no thanks…no red blooded woman would go near these queers. Faggots and diseased bum bandits. They prefer each other and the women too that they marry..all a bloody farce to give them cover. They are not men in any shape or form. Disgusting depraved drugged up gay lords.

  7. Aldous says:

    How will this particular ‘history’ be written I wonder?

    Syria, the communal grave. Syria, where one NATO soldier died every minute while back in Downing Street, the lunatic Cameron with his swiftly deteriorating inbred mind screamed: “Fight to the last man and bullet.”

    But at last, the NATO Gentiles, realising that this was just another war for Jews, realising that the only way to win was not to play the Khazar’s game, realising that their own survival was the only thing that mattered, began the long retreat home, back through the corpse -littered desert sands, where the ‘glorious dead’ had already been reduced to skeletons by the Sands of Time, many pointing accusingly to the heavens as if it was His fault.

    And Satan hid behind a rock and laughed. And Jesus wept.

  8. Aldous says:

    “Turks On Orange Alert” doesn’t read correctly for me – a bit fruity.
    ‘Amber Alert’ would seem far better and what I’m used to back in the mil.
    On the other hand and considering the precarious nature of the Turk’s well-earned and deserved predicament, I would have absolutely no problem with ‘Vodka Alert’.

    BTW, I heard on UK’s Global’s Newsroom(sic) earlier today, the Russian Government referred to as ‘Regime’! Russian Regime(sic) to be exact.

    Can you believe that? Global conflict is definitely breathing down our necks.

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