Benjamin Fulford 11th january 2016. The cabal’s in trouble.

The record drop in most world stock markets for the first week of a year was just the beginning of a systematic attack to dismantle the Khazarian mafia’s Babylonian debt slavery based financial system, multiple government agency sources confirm. Most stock market indexes are expected to fall by 60 to 50% before this campaign ends, according to a a senior official at the Asian Development Bank, Pentagon sources and a CIA agent involved in the operation that bankrupted the Soviet Union.

The attack is aimed at bankrupting the large Khazarian mafia banks that have been behind so many of the world’s troubles. As a result, the Khazarians are running out of options as oil prices collapse, drug money is cut off and stock market manipulation is being stopped.

Richard Fisher, former head of the Dallas branch of the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate, admitted that “What The Fed did, and I was part of it, was front-load an enormous rally market rally in order to create a wealth effect…” and added “The Fed is a giant weapon that has no ammunition left.”

Make no mistake, when he says “front loading” he means distributing Fed money to Khazarian Mafiosi by artificially raising the value of the stock market. This is now being brought to an end which is why markets are collapsing. There will be more about the financial attack on the Khazarians below but first, we should mention the legal actions being taken against these snakes.

Most interestingly, Hillary Clinton is about to become the most senior Khazarian gangster arrested yet in the unfolding campaign to end their rule. According to Pentagon and other sources, FBI Director James Comey threatened to resign as part of an agency revolt against the Obama administration unless the Justice Department filed criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for multiple, proven crimes. Also, the capture of Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán last week means that he will be extradited to the United States to “sing to destroy” Wall Street banks, ISIS and the Bushes, according to a Defense Intelligence Agency source.

The takedown of Khazarian mafia politicians has already begun at a lower level. In particular, the NSA has compiled evidence against politicians who were bribed by Israel into opposing the nuclear accord between the US government and Iran. So far, Republican Senator Tom Cotton has been outed as having received a million dollar bribe to oppose the deal. Cotton convinced 47 Senators to sign a letter opposing the peace deal with Iran. He will soon go to jail.

Congressman Steve Israel, head of the Democratic Party caucus in Congress was also forced to resign over his opposition to the peace deal with Iran, the Pentagon sources say. He too may see the inside of a prison soon.

This is what a CIA financial expert who was involved in bankrupting the Soviet Union had to say about these politicians: “These are the rats that I have been taking about…This Senator should be taken out and hanged on the capital lawn for all to see what a rat looks like.”

Other rats are also being hunted now. Let us not forget as well that former French President Nicholas Sarkozy is under investigation for using his own plane to smuggle large amounts of cocaine. Also, a Saudi prince was recently arrested in Lebanon carrying 2 tons of amphetamines in his private plane.

In another very visible sign the worldwide campaign against the Khazarian Satan worshippers was proceeding at a growing pace, the older brother of recently resigned pope Maledict (Benedict XVI) has been outed as having sexually abused and beaten 231 choir boys.

In Israel as well, a “the world’s leading Kabbalist” and “adviser to billionaires,” Rabbi Josef Pinto has been sent to jail on bribery charges.

There were many other arrests of Khazarian mobsters last week that we will not bother listing here other than to say that many more arrests will come.

The situation in Israel and the Middle East is also now coming to a head. General Joseph Dunford, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon flew to Turkey last week where, according to Pentagon sources, he had a secret meeting with Valery Gerasimov, Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces. At this meeting, according to Russian sources, Dunford and Gerasimov discussed Russian demands that the “UN establish a Tribunal to investigate the involvement of Israeli intelligence services and the Israeli government in the creation of international terrorist organizations and interaction with these terrorist organizations.” Much of the terror was related to the now collapsing Zionist project to create a greater Israel over much of the Middle East, the Russians say. They have already presented the UN with ample proof of this, they say.

Turkish President ‏ Recep Erdogan was refused permission to attend this meeting, according to Pentagon sources. Instead the Russian and American top generals told the Turkish general staff they had to remove Erdogan, a Khazarian pseudo-Muslim, from power. Dunford also told the Turks to close their border with Syria or face “serious repercussions.”

The American general also told the Russians they had sent hellfire missiles to Cuba recently to help them shoot down drones being used by Khazarian mobsters to protect their drug operations in South America and Afghanistan.

TAP – The usual caveats about Fulford apply.  Some of this might be true.


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  1. RabbiT says:

    Here we are again “Khazarian mafia”. Don’t you mean International Jews?

    We all know Fulford is a Rockefeller stooge.

    Here is one such caveat:


    “Christians are idolaters, and you have to kill them, even if they do not oppose Jewish rule”.

    • bluefeather says:

      Thanks for the link, what an insight !
      I went on to watch brother Nathanael who said during on of his videos that even though he was born into a Jewish family, and expected to follow the ideology, as a child he was thinking and was aware that
      Judaism is a religion of death.

  2. RabbiT says:

    This might prove interesting but have not had time to read it as yet:

  3. RabbiT says:

    Having skimmed the above article my question would be – how many officials in the US have dual USA/Khazar citizenship compared to dual US/Israeli citizenship.

    How many claim to be Khazar compared to being Jewish?

    Someone is moving the goalposts.

  4. Tapestry says:

    The Jews were the Hyksos. They are the Egyptians, the Pharoahs. Read Ralph Ellis.

  5. beLIEve says:

    The financial collapse which …FINALLY….appears to be happening has been …FORECAST… many integrity pundits in the financial world; Peter Schiff, Max Keiser Jim Rickards for 8 years or, more.

    The 2008 financial collapse was not followed by a clean up of the FRAUDs that caused the crash.

    The SCUM who caused the crash continued their perfidious activities, filling their boots with as much BOUNTY as their RAT CLAWS could GRASP.

    Fraudulent money printing has assisted the SCUM in the “feathering of their nests” with high value “hard assets” bought with the FAKE RAT-PAPER gifted to THEM by the MALODOROUS “central banks”.

    It appears that the INEVITABLE is now happening.
    This CRASH is NOT INDICATIVE of a khazar TAKEDOWN, it is simply the system CRUMBLING UNDER the ENGINEERED THEFTS of the “EL-iteS” SATANIC-i’ll thieve everything SCUM.

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