America has been conquered. But good men and women are fighting back.

Jones sums it up well.  We’ve got lazy and let things get out of control.  I’ve been active 25 years.  We’re winning the info war.  We’re exposing them.  We’re foiling their operations.  They can only win by playing different groups off against each other.  Once the groups realise that, the games don’t work any more.  God working through you to say NO.  You can spread the word.  You can take action.  We can win.

People are ready to hear the truth.  Insiders say – all hell is being released right now.   These are epic times.  We know who the enemy is.  This is a big war for a Republic.  The rest is up to you.



6 Responses to “America has been conquered. But good men and women are fighting back.”

  1. Lynn says:

    This man is a Zionist shill. He is being used to whip up civil war.

    • Tapestry says:

      That’s as maybe, but it’s still interesting to hear him talk. The numbers of awake Americans has risen by millions because of him.

      • salty says:

        Alex Jones depends on Jewish advertisers and Jewish radio moguls for his livelihood.

        Many are of the opinion that Alex Jones (like most media personalities), is OWNED by the Jews.

        He has never once had a bad word to say about Israel.

        He has never once had a good word to say about Palestinians.

        He should be put on the list of Mossad suspects.

      • Mark says:

        Wasn’t going to post but – Salty, could you try and get this ‘Mossad suspect’ bombshell out and put some off Alex. I’m getting fed up with the what I assume is over crowded bandwidth in recent days on his live show feed, keep getting cut off. Thanks.

  2. Lynn says:

    Yes Tap…and has anything changed. The Globalists are all he will say. Name them Alex..didn’t think so. When ones children are to ones handler one tows the line.

  3. Gordon says:

    These type of people I call eggers in that they talk frantically to work people up to
    a state of frenzy in the hope of inciting action yet they are the first to shoot the bullet and deny any involvement once trouble starts. There are other ways of getting your message over, take for example Mahatma Gandhi.

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