Yale students want First Amendment eliminated

(NaturalNews) When activist filmmaker Ami Horowitz visited the Yale campus to see how many students would sign a demand to eliminate the entire First Amendment, he was shocked to find that they gladly supported the idea!

In this YouTube video, you’ll see Horowitz asking Yale students to sign his petition because “hurtful” speech shouldn’t be “protected” by the Constitution. And they not only sign the petition, they verbally endorse the idea with great enthusiasm!

This activism approach — made most famous by Mark Dice with his relentless series of hilarious videos extolling the absolute idiocy of American voters — reveals that even America’s finest educational institutions have become little more than anti-American indoctrination centers churning out complete idiots as graduates.

Signing away their most precious liberty without hesitation

Because you, the reader of Natural News, are an informed, intelligent citizen, you might recall that the First Amendment protects:

• Freedom of religion
• Freedom of speech
• Freedom to peaceably assemble
• Freedom to petition the government

That Yale students actively seek to eliminate all these protections by revoking the entire First Amendment is nothing less than astonishing. Watch the video here and see for yourself:


Health Ranger calls for Yale to EXPEL these anti-American students

In my podcast commentary on all this, I called for Yale to expel these students. Why on Earth would Yale want its graduates to be such anti-American morons that they literally seek to eliminate the First Amendment?

The fact that this sort of insane, anti-liberty “education” is taking place across America’s colleges and universities is much more than a warning sign… it’s proof that America is headed for total collapse as the very principles of its founding are being ripped right out of history and public education.

Believe me when I tell you this ends badly

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052352_Yale_students_First_Amendment_petition.html#ixzz3ucNeePSL


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  1. Hello Tapblog.
    I hope were all going to be ok. is it me, or do things feel somewhat different now? I can feel the screw being turned, generally.
    Surely alls not lost. The NWO would have hammered us down , both in this realm and in the spiritual realm too, long ago. matters would have been decided long ago. if there wasn’t some counterbalancing resistance force. The enemy would take us to the brink and hammer us down beyond recovery in a heartbeat, if they could. Instead they must resort to slowkill strategies, and deception, and relying on naivety and ignorance.
    Nevertheless the NWO (for want of a better term), is certainly being a nuisance.
    In light of what ive said above.
    We must stay strong. Not give in to despair, get weakened. That’s why I think theyre happy, and I thinkuse dane wiggington for example, to let the world know about chemtrails. They want us in fear, despair , weakened.
    And what happens then? Their agents in the other realms, demonic type entities, can prey on us, attach to us. This is important to note, because I thinkits real.
    Just like in the MKUltra type stuff, trauma based mind control for example. They upset and traumatise and its a form of black magic physics going on, it allows demonic entities to enter the skull and take up residence. Like viruses on your laptop, going in your files, tampering, meddling.
    My point is, in a much more general and I hope gentle sense. All the bad news, all the worry, its all geared to make humanity en masse, feel down and weakened
    Of course, the UN Lucis Trust Luciferians come in with a left jab as well (many left jabs really), but that of all the GMO crap etc etc etc. Because. A weakened immune system, a toxic deminseralised body. Is as well open to entity attachment
    I didn’t realise this. The human immune system doesn’t just ward off bacterial, viral, fungal infections in this realm. If its not working well, It means our Aura gets weak, and gets weak points, and holes, and entities can come in and attach and drain our Qi etheric energy. So stay well Tapbloggers, however you can.

    With regards the article above, so I don’t get accused of putting a totally irrelevant post up, lets see….
    – Ami Horowitz, suspicious name? Whats the agenda of this whole thing?
    – Mike Adams health ranger, is a limited hangout guy, loads of truths, the NWO are happy we know. But mike adams has shown himself for what he is. Be cautious with him.
    – Yale University? Yale University, I believe has connections with Nasa. The alive Challenger 1986 dead astronaut, Judith Reznick, is alive and well and teaching law at Yale. Its a very bizarre case, as is the other alive astronauts. I can only assume its an attempt to confuse, demoralise, and mindf*ck us all

    Yale university. Madison Wisconsin University. Nasa. Skull and Bones secret society bush/Kerry etc etc. Scottish Rite freemasons. Even, Veterans Today VT. Their PhD writers too. All have links to Madison Wisconsin and I don’t doubt Yale Uni either.

    Therefore this whole stunt above, is some kind of psyop by Horowitz

    • RabbiT says:

      I have pondered some of these issues too Adam and expected the NWO during the 1980’s however it appears there is still much they need to do to bring such about including many regime changes. The video proves dumbing down is working perhaps that is the point of it – hidden in plain sight, if you see what I mean.

      In the 80’s I had many dealings with church folk and church leaders and I concluded today by and large we had a church of dogs and swine (Mat.7.6 etc). It is the church spoken of in Revelation 3 referred to as Laodicea.

      This week I uncovered prophesy from a local prophetess whom I know to be genuine (she died shortly before I was born). A few excerpts:

      “Ministers and pastors, who walk crooked roads, having crooked brains, all twisted round, cannot see; their way is darkness, they knew not the way.

      What shall become of them, these men of God who think they are lofty?

      They have no faces, nothing is there. Congregations have nothing of the Kingdom there, blank are their faces, no eyes to see, what can bring light to them?”

      Such is the effect of Zionist infiltration of Christianity. these people are too lazy to discover the truth, they think they know but having the ability to think is far from having knowledge of the truth.

      It is not often I spend time with fellow Christians these days but recently I was asked:

      “Do you support Israel?”

      I calmly answered, “No.”

      The response was one of shock – They needed to pray for me. Told them to go ahead.

      Doesn’t seem to be working, but I have absolutely nothing against the ordinary kind individual living in Israel just as I hope kind Muslims will not hold anything against the ordinary kind individual in the west regardless of ethnic background or religion.

      Why can we not just be kind to one another?

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